Now a day army air defense

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is now celebrated day army air defense (AD). As reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defence, the same day in 1915, an order was Chief of Staff of the Supreme Commander of the formation of individual chetyrehorudiynyh light batteries to fire on Air Fleet. Specifically, they have become involved in the next cover for troops on the battlefield.

During the Russian war majestically units and air defense brought a significant contribution to the defeat of the enemy, destroying more than 20 thousand aircraft. In the days of our database army

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North Korea is willing to undermine Seoul

Requests from South Korea Korea apology for the "innuendo" about the costs of Pyongyang's Kim Il Sung centenary. In the unlikely event North Korea promises to start a "holy war" and undermine the Seoul.

Command of the Korean representative of the state of readiness of the Army said North Korea "to subject Seoul destruction "if between South Korea not received a formal apology. According to estimates of its southern neighbor, to celebrate pyshnovatye management DPRK izderzhalo 350 million dollars, which would be enough to feed 24 million people in the country for 100 days, "Interfax".

Earlier, the President of the

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Great Northern War: Campaign 1708-1709 gg. to Poltava

As previously mentioned in the article the Swedish People's resistance to the invaders, Karl XII was planning to seize two strategic Fri Severskaya region — Starodub and Novgorod-Seversky. But Lagerkrony squad sent to take Starodub, Russian conductors brought in dense forests and he was late — Russian troops occupied the city. Swedish vanguard was defeated and fled. It has further worsened the food situation for the Swedish army. The Swedes have braked Kostenich for 16 days — until October 10, Karl wanted to rest the weary army and put it in order.

Peter, in order to keep under

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Sevastopol Stories. Snow White Guard. The last stronghold

In the winter of 1928 at the Metropolitan Art Theater was a reading of the play, MA Bulgakov's "Run." KS Stanislavsky took the play very well and brought her to the repertoire began to assign roles. But it ended quite unexpected way: the product carried on the meeting of the Central Committee, and later completely forbade. In this time model of cerebral character Bulgakov's play, Roman Hludova, quietly lived in Moscow and taught at the main military courses. Not clear at the time loyalty to the former Wrangel General … It was a big-name Jacob sweeter. In the 20th

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Do any resignation, an army sokovyzhimatelyu SALAMATIN?

Unfolding in the near future about the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine action clearly confirms the trends that emerged with the advent of the post of Minister Dmitry Salamatina, and which immediately followed by the destination indicated "Hvilya."

Specifically, we wrote about the fact that immediately after the mission as minister without going into any aspects of the operation of the Armed Forces, Salamatin "from the start" on the latest post ignited a desire to spend in the Armed Forces inventory so that all that is possible, implement. First order as a new management structures prescribed heads of Defense

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The most important — Petty

In May 1998, the country's annual day is celebrated on August 1 Logistics of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Even in the far 1941 USSR People's Commissar of Defense established General Directorate of Logistics of the Red Army. It was headed by then Andrew Hrulev.

In the current time of the RF Armed Forces Rear Services include various kinds of special (auto, road, pipeline) troops, honey compound units and establishments, transport commandant, connections, and part of the real software with stationary bases and warehouses for the storage of material supplies, commercial, domestic, livestock, repair and other

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The greatest myth — the South American army

First, in March 2012 told news agencies that the United States possess super-weapon, which is some bomb weighing about 13 tons, which has such a powerful charge that can penetrate underground bunker with a concrete layer width of 65 meters. South American military lozhut enormous expectations that the use of this bomb will allow a more effective outcome in the bombardment of Iran's nuclear facilities.

At the current time, the U.S. and did not hide the fact that the South American army is able to solve virtually any difficulties that can not be settled by means of diplomacy.

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The most numerous army in the world

The army of which country is the largest and powerful in the world?

Army which countries are on the planet stronger and countless? On the question of the efficiency of the army of any country exactly is hard to answer. It should be a lot of reasons, in particular their behavior in the criteria of real military action.

Even easier to assess its army on quantitative indicators. Although, for example, the Indian Army (India — the second most populous country in the world) in this nuance is not even the most efficient in the world.

So, the best

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The most efficient armies now

Today's reality is that the slogans of peace, demilitarization and the brotherhood of all people do not even gone to the second plan, but somewhere even further. As if the war ended and the cool, well or, at least, we are so pronounced, and the growth of armaments in the world is in full swing. Once a year, the budgets of the military-industrial companies springing up like mushrooms after a rain warm. Only here we talk about the fact that our native army is becoming a real stronghold of the country does not have to have which year. On the

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Self-propelled mortars, Nona-SVK on Venezuelan Service

Army Venezuela began to take on arms-propelled mortars 2S23 "Nona-SVK". The first batch of mortar was obtained by Venezuela in January 2012, and was later shown in a military parade, held on February 4.

The entire batch of new mortar placed at the disposal of 412 armored battalion under the command of General Bermudez. This battalion comes in the 41 Tank Brigade 4 Armoured Division, equipped with Russian BMP-3 and T-72B1 tanks.

The system of "Nona-SVK" is armed with 120-mm 2A60 cannon in the turret mounted on the chassis of armored personnel carriers BTR-80 8×8. Auxiliary tool: 7.62-mm machine

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