Russian army will change clothes in the Concept

In the Russian army all the same have decided on the newest field form. The news, which had previously walked the Web only as unconfirmed rumors, last Thursday, December 13, announced the deputy defense minister Dmitry Bulgakov. In addition to himself, and the rest of the "cornerstone" question about placing shoulder straps. In the near future on this score has been said so not a little of everything to create memories that shoulder strap placement on the form — this is one of the important problems of Russian army. In general, anyone who Radel for the return of shoulder straps

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Russian army recruits will fill all year

Recruits in the Russian army will call on virtually all year. The bill amending the terms of the recruiting campaign, was admitted to the State Duma last Friday. According to the document, call in troops will be carried out practically all spring (April-May) and summer (June, July, August), and autumn (October-November) and winter (December). In this regard, evade military service will be more difficult. This writes the "Nezavisimaya Gazeta". According to the publication, the bill will undergo consideration of parliament and signed by President Medvedev before April 1 of the current year, in other words before the vernal appeal.


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Russian-US counterterrorism exercises

May 12, 2012 Russian military delegation flew to the U.S. Navy for a role in the first-ever 2-of US-Russia Counterterrorism doctrine, which will take place on the territory of military base Fort Carson (USA, Colorado).

From the U.S. side to accept the teachings of the role of special operations forces unit of the Army U.S. Army, from the Russian side — a special intelligence unit of the destination of the Airborne Troops of the Armed Forces of the Navy military unit stationed in Kubinka and a control group of Airborne Command.

Plan of teaching at the preliminary investigation stage

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Russian General: Army collapsed and NATO understand it …

On the eve of the election our president and the Supreme Commander Dmitry Medvedev and the "national leader" Vladimir Putin attended including the state of the army and the military-industrial complex in the country and assured of in the naive people that will do everything to make our Armed Forces meet modern requirements and time to get new standards of weapons and military equipment.

For those assurances intensely connected and controlled by the government and the president, Russian media. Thus, in the final program there on NTV on October 9 Kirill Pozdnyakov a news section was devoted to the

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Special forces. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) watch online

"Troops special purpose "- South American documentary series in 1993, dedicated special forces of different countries of the world. Israel defense force (IDF).

Weapon, weapons,Army

Military-industrial company expands production BTR-82A

Military Industrial Company (MIC) announced that construction of the new BTR-82A for the Russian army. Expected construction from 200 to 300 units per year. About this ARMS-TASS spokesman MIC. 

Compared with the BTR-80A new machine has a number of advantages: it is set 300-hp turbo-diesel engine company "Kamaz", which allows you to reach a maximum speed of 100 km / h, which is 10-20 km / h more than the previous version BTR-82. Improvements have transmission and suspension, resulting in a mass of new armored personnel carriers rose to 15.4 tons.

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Animals in War watch online

Elephants, horses, dogs, dolphins, seals, pigeons were used in the war with davneshnih times, tormented and killed no less than men. Animals are the focus of the military and participate in the most hidden transactions. In the tenth century, Princess Olga of revenge for the destruction of a spouse, destroying the city with the help of birds, which have been tied to the foot smoldering tinder. First War of the Red Army lacked effective means to combat tanks. Rescued dogs kamikaze units that existed prior to 1943. They killed a division of German tanks. And in 1944 a group

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Landfill 6-10 series watch online

In the program "Ground"Will not tarpaulin boot and combat training. But is all what every real man dreams from early youth — lots of guns and harsh military equipment.

Issue 6: Bio cannon mounted grenade launcher, the Army of the future, military-league boots

Issue 7: Soldier's farm. A tool for groups of detention. Homing missiles. Cloak of invisibility.

8 issue: BrahMos, Unmanned deck aviation, The killer submarines, underwater life

Issue 9: The most powerful army the world, the second deterrent, complex tactical aircraft, Flying Saucers

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Russian military reform does not stand on ceremony with officers (The Washington Post, USA)

When is the last furniture salesman Anatoly Serdyukov was suddenly appointed Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, it caused a smile in many career officers. Now, after ten of thousands of them lost their jobs as a result of his reforms, jeers gave way to murmur, they say about the ability of the military rebellion.

Veterans Alliance of airborne troops — the most professional industry, pride Russian Armed Forces — announced on Sunday a protest rally against Serdyukov. While it is unclear whether it participate regular officers, but a meeting in Moscow in front of the Ministry of Defence

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Russian army: slimmer and tidier (Foreign Policy, USA)

Army military Institute of the United States (US Army War College) released this month, a collection of articles under the title "Can Our homeland produce reform: economic, political and military perspectives» («Can Russia Reform: Economic, Political and Military Perspectives»), prepared by the Institute to its strategic research (Strategic Studies Institute), edited by Dr. Stephen Blank Institute (Stephen Blank). Doctor of the New York Institute Mark Galeotti (Mark Galeotti), which in many years engaged in the study of Russian armed forces and security services, has published a collection of articles on reforming the Russian army. According to the views of

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