Reform of the army was the prerequisite release a huge amount of weapons

In the process of reform of the sun free up huge amounts of military equipment and arms. At the moment this armament used in the acquisition of the resource mobilization teams. On Wednesday, told reporters, Army General Nikolai Makarov, chief of the General Staff RF.

"After the reform of the army remains a huge amount of military equipment and weapons. It was put in storage in the base for the mobilization reserve "- said the chief of staff.

He said that during the military exercises conducted in the past 3 years in RF, not counting the "active teams" were developed

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Reform of the army in Serbian

In Russia last protracted military reform, that you see no end to it in this regard is curious to see how reformed one of the most efficient armies in Europe (in 1990 year). The Serbian army was seen as the guarantor of the independence of Serbia. Its defeat in 1999, there were, left for political reasons, not the military.

Those who came to power in October 2000 as a result of the "color revolutions" that toppled Slobodan Milosevic, the policy of "new wave" of understanding of the purpose and objectives of the military reforms differently than the Serbian military.

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Reform of the army have gained the most painful points

The hatred of the officer corps to the Defense Minister Serdyukov to grow, and it is clear why: the two years of army reform fired more than 100 thousand officers, and far not all of them received the promised benefits. Another 40 thousand officers have lost their own posts and withdrawn from the staff: get only a small salary by rank and are awaiting the promised apartments, which, of course, would get far too many do not. In the military academy cadets set was discontinued in 2010, the year, announced that he would not set, and in 2011, and it

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Requiem for a dying army

Reflections on a 2-parades

Paradoxically, but according to the plan of the organizers, "the reality show" both the parade had to show a genuine victory parades. As chief, the capital — that the peripheral, Ryazan. Apparently, someone wanted to impress naïve Russians that army As before, our strong and invincible, that the "reform" of the Armed Forces, it is only for the benefit of … What came out of it still in effect? In fact, this is the purpose of this article. I realize that my reasons are not eligible for the truth in the last instance. Yet

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Rare army, or how to reduce short

That comes to an end of the autumn call 2011 which became not only the most not numerous at all conscious history of our country (of 136 thousand people), and, perhaps, the most controversial for the near future. In this scandal is not associated in any way with the number of recruits different types of troops, and with some amusing selective conscription. Conscription "selectivity" is that the young people of draft age from certain subjects of the Russian Federation were "behind the call." For example, from 3320 Dagestani young men decided to call only 121, and of the Chechen Republic

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Standing army mountaineers

Defense wants to come back to experience the creation of the "Wild Division", formed by a mono-ethnic and monokonfessionalnomu principle.

To take this step prompted Russian military command frequent cases of bullying on the grounds of ethnic conflicts. In fact, nothing new in this idea. In the Russian Empire practice recruitment of military units of the persons of the same nationality or a religion was extensively vserasprostranena. Together with how the historical experience shows, this kind of approach is fraught with the loss of maneuverability army.

From the memoirs of the royal cavalry officer of the Army Anatoly Markov,

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The cost of re-Russian army constrain economic capacity of the country, the director of the CAST

To re Russian Army needs more funds than defined the modern state program of armaments (LG-2020), but the economic capacity of the country do not allow waste to these larger goals, the director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) Ruslan Pukhov.

"Twenty trillion rubles, which is meant to highlight the purchase of arms and military equipment by 2020 — this is a small amount, necessary for rearmament, but all of this is very likely the amount of funds that can be spent on armament, based on the capabilities of the budget and the economy as

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Undercover disclosed Marshal Meretskova, which historians have lied

Only at this point, it became clear where missing on the second day of the war Deputy People's Commissar of Defense, the future statesman hero

In the FSB Central Archive declassified letter to the Army General Cyril Meretskova of Lefortovo detention center in the address of Joseph Stalin, dated August 28, 1941. This is, perhaps, the only officially promulgated a document confirming that a recognizable military leader first Lofty Russian war was arrested "authorities" and could be arrested, that would cause noticeable damage to staff composition of command echelon, which is already endured harsh "treatment."

It is now clear

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Division in the early to write off in store

The purpose of ongoing military reform now than the rest — the creation of a modern standard of well-armed (corresponding aspect of the "cost — effectiveness") and highly maneuverable ground forces general purpose. The main content of orgshtatnyh measures to reform associations and connections Army — the elimination of an army unit with a conversion of the armies in the operational commands (which probably advisable), and combined arms (armored and mechanized infantry) divisions — in the appropriate team.

RF inherited from the Soviet Union tank and motorized infantry divisions really bulky and have long finished comply with modern

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Reflections of a military conflict with Iran

Approaching March — the first probable date of a military strike on the Islamic Republic of Iran. Many experts believe that what is happening in Iran is a perfectly cooked theatrical presentation aimed at tightening international sanctions and forcing Iran back to the negotiating table. But the constantly rising concentration of NATO military forces in the Middle East says to us about working: preparing the ground for an attack on the Islamic government. This is no two-valued hinted as President Obama himself, and the U.S. military leadership — Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of

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