The defeat of Poland in September 1939

According to the accepted opinion, September 1, 1939 began the second global war — 3rd Reich invaded Poland, although in China are counting from 1937. At 4 hours 45 minutes at the mouth of the Vistula River an old German battleship "Schleswig-Holstein" opened fire on a Polish military depot at Westerplatte Danzig joined the Wehrmacht coming across the border strip.

Poland at the time was quite artificial public education — actually made of Polish territories, the debris of the Russian Empire, the German Empire and Austria-Hungary. In 1939, 35.1 million people of the population of Poland Poles were 23.4

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Divorce with General

Alexander Frolov, a former Minister Serdyukov and his patrons

With the generals are held not only Chekhov's marriage, but there are divorces. This assured me again last television interview with Prime Minister Medvedev praises abandoned Defense Minister Serdyukov. Medvedev obviously wants to marry the latest by the Minister after the divorce. And Putin does not want to. Although Serdyukov, in accordance with the designs of the Supreme Commander, lowered the conscription service term up to 1 year and increased the foreign exchange allowances for servicemen and military pensioners increment apartments providing officers, etc. Maybe Putin does not believe in luck

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The development of martial arts in Russia

In the near future are increasingly began to hear the word of the revival army sport in Russia. After our country won the right to take the Universiade 2013 (Kazan), 2014 Winter Olympics (Sochi) and the football world championship in 2018, it became clear that the authority of the Russian Federation in the sport has been appreciated throughout the global community. It remains to show that Russian athletes can not perform just fine at international competitions, and indeed our homeland can organize such competitions at the highest level of the property. Do not stand aside and the Ministry of Defence.

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Deploy an army of invasion of France and a strategic plan to combat

French ruler Napoleon Bonaparte had a long and painstakingly prepared its own campaign in Russia. He realized that our home has a great military power, because Napoleon gathered a huge army at the time — so-called. "Grand Army." Napoleon wanted a crushing blow to break the Russian army, forcing Alexander to fulfill the conditions. French emperor took two years to mobilize forces for the invasion of the Russian Empire.

Concentration of the French armed forces began in 1810 and was carried out in a major secret. Their movement to the east facilitated by the fact that after the

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Scouts of the Eastern Military Area beginning field studies

About 1.5 thousand military intelligence Eastern Military Area started their studies in the field criteria.

Feature workshops, which take place under the control of the Joint Chiefs of combined arms associations in landfills in Buryatia, Seaside and the Trans-Baikal, Amur and Sakhalin regions, is the diversity of tasks solved by military personnel. They will learn how to do tasks as fighting in the criteria of modern combined arms combat, and in the fight against terrorist groups. The emphasis in the training of professionals will be made on the development of practical action on patrol and ambush, the attack of the

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IL 2 watch online

About the Movie A movie filmed movie-Department of the 4th division of the Air Force Institute of the Red Army, 1943 In the documentary movie with a key action shooting attack aircraft on the Western Front made movie-a group of Red Army Air Force Institute


Slaves in camouflage

Conscripts bring measured income fathers commanders

The introduction of the conscripts for the personal benefit of the team — an ordinary practice for the Russian army. And in the Volgograd region is no exception. With all of this earlier if the men were carrying combat watch for accidents generals' dachas, but now their "sale" has become a business for the officers measured and profitable business.

Eugene C. had been in the Army 18 months, but the service is specifically taken from them only two months. After completing the course the young fighter with a few of his colleagues were

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Correction of mistakes: the General Staff decided to adjust the reform Serdyukov

Abrupt change in the course of army reform should not wait, said Tuesday at a meeting with military attaches in Moscow, the chief of the General Staff, Colonel-General Valery Gerasimov. In the coming years, the life will remain unchanged, army one hundred percent of the contract and will not be, but some transformation of its predecessor, Army General Nikolai Makarov, the Chief of Staff, has promised to correct the same.

Aspects point

At a meeting with military attaches in Moscow at the Cultural Center of the Armed Forces Chief of Staff of the new wave of public raised the

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5 thousand MANPADS destroyed in Libya

December 11, on Sunday, according to the assistant Secretary of State Andrew Shapiro South American (Andrew Shapiro), Agence France-Presse reports that in Libya was neutralized more than 5 thousand portable anti-aircraft missile systems (MANPADS), were armed army Libya during the reign of the government of Muammar Gaddafi. Shapiro also highlighted that due to the NATO bombing had destroyed thousands of similar complexes.

Because of fears that gun, located on the ground Libya, may pass into the hands of terrorists, "Al-Qaeda" in the past few months the Libyan and South American spices, united in a group of sappers, engaged in

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5 circumstances to acquire or not to buy Abrams

1.Segodnyaschaya defense industry of the Russian Federation fully defected to the market economy, with a wild plant in the market. Prices for its products fully comply with world standards, which naturally can not be said about the quality. Using its monopoly position, turn up their business rates and pull terms without shame. Well, see for yourself, the T-90 and the "Abrams" with "wholesale discount," according to Col. Baranez, are prototype. A workers' wages? In our company and in the South American differ significantly. "Abrams" and also heavier than 15 tons, and the weight is not on durnosti designers and

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