In the teaching of Army Aviation Southern Military District for the first time involved helicopters Ka-52.

In-flight tactical exercises of Army Aviation Southern Military District, held these days in the Krasnodar Territory, the first involving the Ka-52 ("Alligator") arrived at the air base two months ago.   Flight crews Squadron "Alligator" will work in the sky several tasks. They will carry out the relocation and land on unfamiliar airports, air reconnaissance, detection and elimination of ground and air targets, as well as perform a live fire and destroy manpower and firepower imaginary enemy.

During the week, the pilots will make about 30 helicopter sorties links and couples. On the doctrine attracted more

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Putin claimed punctuality re Russian army

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday held a meeting on the implementation of State programs from weapons, made a demand punctuality re Russian army, which is set to 2020.

Namely, Vladimir Putin sent attention to the fact that the realization of the supply of equipment and weapons to be carried out on schedule in full and at the agreed prices. He also said that the military equipment is a complex product, its manufacture are participating in the 10's, and at once and hundreds of subcontractors. In this regard, even breakdown of the 1st contract can "derail the work." Thus, according

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Putin put out the Chief of Staff to retire

President RF Vladimir Putin extended for two years contract Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Army General Nikolai Makarov, reports "Interfax". Makarov already headed for the age limit for military service, which at the current time to the rank of generals "Gen. Army "is 60 years old.

Nikolai Makarov turned 60 Oct. 7, 2009. Then Dmitry Medvedev, who was then president of Russia, extended contract with the Chief of Staff for three years. Each new contract extension to curry favor with your own life voennosluzhschim certainly made the decision of the Supreme Commander. Makarov headed

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Bullet-fool, the bayonet-fellow

All foreign military writers, historians and journalists, fiercely critical of the Russian Imperial Army, always had a tribute to the art of war, which the Russian army possessed in perfection. This is the art of bayonet fighting, it our forefathers had no equal. This glorious military tradition is reflected in the label's famous aphorism, the leader of the AV Suvorov's "Bullet — a fool, the bayonet — well done", which justifies the importance was given to bayonet fighting in the ranks of the army of the Russian Empire.

Bayonet — a symbiosis of strength, ability, fencing, martial arts, and

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Machine-gun armament of the enemies and allies during the second world

After the occupation of Czechoslovakia, the German Wehrmacht was able to significantly increase the saturation of troops automatic weapon. Wehrmacht got 43876 different guns. German Infantry Division before the attack on Poland on 1000 was about 7.8 and 21 heavy machine manual gun. Before the war with the Soviet Union — 7.6 and 31, respectively. Eastern Front during the period from June 22, 41 on 15 March 42 was 27.1 thousand machine guns. Infantry platoon had 4 single or light machine guns, of infantry Battalion — 70 submachine guns, 36 light machine guns, 15 mortars and 12 heavy machine guns,

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Machine-gun armament before the First World War

Guns before the start of the First World War, had to prove its value. They be successfully applied in the colonial wars, Russian, Japanese, Anglo-Boer, 2-Balkan wars. During the Russian-Japanese war machine guns were used very actively, which served as the impetus to accelerate their completion (including in terms of ease). In the years 1907-1914 guns were introduced in various countries. But by World War I, virtually all military powers were armed with machine guns only as a special artillery means "close combat" brigade and regimental submission — a typical version of the "regimental artillery." Firepower of the infantry were

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Prof. sergeants in the Russian army shines the wages of 35 thousand

The newspaper "Military News" published a fascinating information that may intrigue the young guys who have served in the military. Military educational institutions of the Russian Federation that prepare professionals for the Land Forces, the coming year will hold a set on a course for infantry sergeants, auto repair and troops, as for the preparation deputy commander of the paratroop and intelligence platoon. Prospective cadets will, not counting the results of one of the municipal exam in Russian language and arithmetic, to show his fitness for military service in the examination of physical training and show excellent results in

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Prof. liquidation troops

In the last days of the past, the new Minister of Defence Pavel Lebedev made a sensational statement: in 2013 the country will end the call in the Sun In accordance with the previously approved plans of the number of Armed Forces of Ukraine in the coming years will be reduced to 70 thousand people. In the end, get one of the most malehankih armies in the world relative to population (45 million).

After the collapse of the USSR Ukraine received a truly wonderful army — three very strong military neighborhood of the second strategic echelon and three air armies

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Pentagon worried about the progress of the PLA

Last Wednesday Pentagon reported to the South American Congress on the situation of things in the Chinese armed forces. Namely, analyzed the merits of China's military development in the past year.

The report is an obvious concern that the Communist Party of China leads systematically to the financing of the PLA (People's Liberation Army China) With the aim of upgrading and modernization. It is not that South American military establishment fully accepts the Chinese army as a potential enemy of its own, but also the inherent Yankees alertness evident. For example, a Pentagon official told Congress the platform that

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The failure of the Swedish army coming to Moscow

In autumn 1706 after the release of the war Saxony Our home was left alone. The Swedes could concentrate on Moscow their main strength. In December 1706 in the town of Zholkieve (Lviv region) held a council of war, which was a question — to fight the Swedes in the Commonwealth or in the Russian borders of the country. In the end, all the participants were of the world view that it is better to give a general struggle in Russia, so that in case of trouble to have the ability to retreat. In Poland the left separate units,

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