Difficulties with the rearmament

The current situation in the geopolitical arena remains very difficult. The United States authorities announce its own modern military doctrine, reducing the level of funding of its own army. The Obama administration has said that it is time of the U.S. Army to make more compact mechanism, which will be able to solve any military prepyadstviya in the world, without spending all of this is so large-scale resources as it is now.

At the same time the last sample of reforming Russian armed forces. The president said that in recent years the army expects virtually 100% of rearmament, to

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Problems with training military specialties in Russia

Has long since ceased to exist Russian army, volumes of which were enormous, but the system of training officers to continue to lead all on the same principles as 25-30 years ago. The number of members of the armed forces of the Russian Federation is only one fifth of the size of the Russian army of times, but it looks like it so far not imposed a military officials on the idea that training in military universities must endure some changes. In 90 years, for obvious reasons training Officers went to inertia, getting the momentum back in the Brezhnev years.

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The call from the Caucasus reduced

Public Council under the Ministry of Defense has decided the question of the disposal of the army of ethnic hatred. In general, he learned "Work", the officers found the noise without the typical solution to this problem: much reduced call with Caucasus, because in recent years the army scandals erupt constantly because of challenging behavior of recruits from the North Caucasus. In the web constantly revolves around the 10-ka videos, which depicted scenes of bullying fighter Caucasian colleagues over-Slavs. Namely, in one part of the Baltic Fleet Company southerners in uniform forced guys Slavic dance on the parade ground lezginka,

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Call and / or contract

In Russia has again begun autumn conscription. At this time the army must go "only" 135 thousand recruits, ie two times less than last fall. V. Smirnov, deputy chief of the General Staff to this reduction plan that, and 135 thousand is enough for all the needs of the armed forces. However, it must be admitted that, due to the specificity of everyday work very hard military offices to gather more recruits. But they say the Defense Ministry official statements that the main task of the present appeal does not collect the required number of future fighter, but the score

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Privatizers War

In the twentieth century, the main purpose of mercenaries was Africa. Its veterans have flooded the second World War, the Korean, Vietnam and other wars as an instrument to control the situation in the colonies. Later in the process of decolonization of the continent is awash with blood, and for those in the main were "dogs of war". From the abyss of war, Africa is not going to make it: the slaughter on religious, political, ethnic based in Algeria, Djibouti, Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, Rwanda, Central African Republic, Chad, Darfur, millions of victims, 10 of millions of refugees. And therefore

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Baltic special: the first hours of the war

In late May 1941 IF Kuznetsov reported to the Chief of General Staff of the Red Army on completion of the formation of anti-tank brigades and WEC neighborhood. With all of this commander of the district bitterly noted that completing the airborne units made of the personnel, which has not passed even a primary education, and part of the personnel and units were recruited "from the indigenous peoples of the republics of Central Asia and the Caucasus, ill or have general non-Russian language. Body parts are equipped with a broad substitution of specialties. " Anti-gang neighborhood because of this

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When conducting operations in Homs, the Syrian army has detained the French military

During the counterterrorist operation in Homs Syrian army detained the French military. According to local media disk imaging, the interrogation French uttered that the militants took them captive. But a view to finding a Syria French did not say anything. Need to see that Paris and Damascus had no immediate information on the Comment out the French military.

But here is the opposition from the Syrian Free Army urged the United States and France provide them with air defense weapons and guns. The possibility of future supplies of arms and discussions are constantly in PAH. The other day in Cairo,

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At the head of the Libyan army attempted hurt

At the head of the army of Libya have made attempt in Tripoli.

According MIGnews.com, attack escalated into a gunfight in the hours-long highway that leads to the airport.

Recall that in Tripoli November 26 Abdel Rahim Al-Kiba, the Prime Minister of Libya, was committed attempt.

Abdel Rahim al-Kib and accompanied by a group of his party in the suburbs of Tripoli were attacked by terrorists in front of the building of state. radio station.

In time assassinate the Libyan prime minister was not injured, but two people from his escort were killed and 5 — were wounded.

Security forces

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Initially worried about bullying

According to a survey conducted by the All-Russian Research Center public opinion (polls), social scientists have learned that the Russians continue to consider the main problem of the Russian Armed Forces hazing case. The fact that they are worried about bullying in the army, said 33% respondents (For the last two years of such fraction increased by 2%).

Other difficulties of the Armed Forces are not so important for the Russians. Questions of national defense trevozhut 9% (in 2008 — 14%), lack of discipline — 7%, prepyadstviya training — 6% (in 2008 — 13%), bad living conditions — 5%. By

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Pre commander of the Strategic Missile Forces statements

Not so long ago in the Russian armed forces formed a brand new exciting tradition. For a few days in order to prazdnichka or other kinds of troops held a press conference with the role of the commander of these forces. At similar events commanders say committed deeds and plans for the future. December 14, in anticipation of days of the Strategic Rocket Forces mission commander spoke to reporters in this kind of Colonel General S. Karakayev. As SRF is one of the parts of the nuclear forces engaged in deterring possible enemies, this type of armament is given a

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