Proposals to revive the Russian Armed Forces (Poll)

There just are not words of criticism honored in the past 20 years, Russian army. Some were unhappy with its fighting capacity, others — Equipment, and others — total corruption, the fourth — choice of forming military units, hierarchical lines, the fifth — a thriving hazing, sixth — all taken together. And often the criticism and criticism remained, and any samples to reform Russian Armed Forces are also perceived with hostility. Sometimes there is an impression that many people rightly want changes in the army, waiting for these changes as a wave of a magic wand of some all-powerful: swing

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Betrayed Our homeland

Chunks of books

We are offering small, but very notable pieces from the book of Nicholas Starikova "Betrayed Our homeland. Our allies from Boris Godunov to Nicholas II ». It accurately describes the constant meanness and treachery that followed at least some contact with European Russes "neighbors." But the creator does not explain specifically why all those whom he refers to as the British, Austrians, French, etc. so treated rusam? He did not dare say that about anything else first wrote last century Russian general, Count Artemy Skull Spiridovich in the book "Hidden Hand. Hiding-world government. " Creator can

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Russia betrayed, betrayed himself …

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled (From Christ's Sermon on the Mount)

Actions of the first war in Chechnya is now diligently trying to bury, hide all the responsibility, which was to lie on the shoulders of politicians who have allowed these bloody actions. Materials related to the development of the "Chechen conflict," as it is called correctly so far, strongly enough and in fact they offer us only the official or "convenient" interpretation of what happened. In fact, self-Chechen campaign was a war.

From an interview with former

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Happy holiday in the army

Army — Is not only a drill, shtudirovanie statutes and combat duty. Army — Is a public reservoir, which has the typical cultural features and traditions. Virtually every element of the public exposed to specific interpretation here, which is not always clear to those who have never encountered a military life.

A special unit of army life — it prazdnichkom. The soldiers expect prazdnichkom quite expected because of their "in the civilian world." Army prazdnichek has its own characteristics. Almost always pre expectations associated with the dining room. Many hunt to behold gala table to be "laden with" such dishes

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Corruption in the armed forces

Volumes of bribery in modern Russian army as before is very high. According to Colonel Justice Konstantin Belyaev, the level of crimes related to corruption in the military structures is not reduced at all that there is growth in the number of bribes. In 2010, the armed forces of the Russian Federation noted 2,400 cases of corruption, so almost one and a half times increase in the number of bribes, abuse of greedy officials, came increasing the number of scams. All this is happening against the background of reduction in the army all other types of crimes. The fighters against

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Fundamental change in the Russian war fight Maloyaroslavets 12 (24) October 1812

A small Russian town of Maloyaroslavets was destined to fulfill a significant role in the Russian war of 1812. Here 12 (24) October 1812 the Russian army to stop the advance of Napoleon's troops en route from Moscow to Kaluga. French government, having lost hope of making peace with Alexander I, wanted to quit and move to Moscow. But he is not willing to retreat on the devastated areas, and in areas still untouched by the war, lying to the south-west of Moscow. The main forces of the French army planned to withdraw from Moscow on an old Kaluga

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Americans U.S. Army

Already known to you on our previously published article, Tim Kirby now says that is a modern U.S. Army. You will also learn why the American people and their interests have little to do with the U.S. Army, and whose interests it actually serves.

Bravo concept car was presented in Detroit

U.S. Army Base DETROIT ARSENAL, Warren, Michigan (April 26, 2012) — This week army presented its own latest concept car, designed not only to make significantly better fuel economy, but also be able to generate and provide electricity formidable fighter in places such as Afghanistan.

(Taking into account the level of crime in Detroit, this armored vehicle on the streets of Detroit looks very natural. Approx. Doctors)

After the festive opening of the laboratory-based instruments sverhtehnologichny DETROIT ARSENAL last week, the public was presented economical car Technology Demonstrator (version Bravo or FED-Fuel Efficient Demonstrator Bravo). This presentation was

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Constantinople peace treaty and its prehistory

July 3, 1700 in Istanbul (Constantinople) Yemelyan Ukrainians and the majestic Sultan of the Ottoman vizier Nicholas Mavrokordato exchanged texts of the Treaty of the Armistice between the Russian government and the Ottoman Empire. The armistice was signed on 30-year term, which ensured the freedom of Moscow acts on the Baltic Sea. Under this agreement, the Russian Federation withdrew Azov with surrounding territories, the fortress of Taganrog, Pavlovsk and Mius. Turkish fortifications were destroyed in the Dnieper. Already in the late summer of 1700 on the orders of Peter the country began to prepare for war against the Swedes.

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Kings Abode of Peace

Legends of the inhabitants of the underworld, there is almost every nation of the world. But until recently, they believed only mystically minded people.

"On the surface of the Earth and within the real space Agartty resisted oppression and coercion comes from violence and abuse. Library of the previous cycle were either under the seas that swallowed up the ancient southern continent, or in the underground structures of the ancient antediluvian America "- so wrote the famous esoteric Saint Yves d'Alveydr the mysterious subterranean land Agartte and its main stronghold known Shambhala. Shambhala

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