Cemetery military equipment in Eritrea

Very fascinating place, in my opinion — one of the best in Eritrea. Such apofez war. In one pile piled in the back of the town lined, captured and inherited a legacy of Ethiopian military vehicles. Went a typical open-air museum.

Despite the fact that the place is called the Cemetery of tanks, tanks here not so much. More trucks and other "service" cars, but the scale is impressive. Interestingly, it seems that here and got totally working (as can be judged by the whole-bodies) of the machine. The fact that regularly serves in other African countries, I'm not talking

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Small battle big war (Syria, part 3) watch online

Lasts liberation of the town of Dairen, with the support of Syrian tanks and infantry fighting vehicles army releases for the fight at once 3 houses. But at one point in one of the houses of the basement there are rebels, they are squeezed by storm Syrian military group of 20 people on the second and third floor. 3 day or last sample kill militants and block tunnels in front of the band. In the end it works out. Used punch of seized from the militants camera, commander of the Syrian army in detail knows details of the 3-day

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In Russia decided to create the most powerful in the world of heavy bronetraktor

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant and the Army Corps of Engineers developed and adopted terms of reference for the establishment of heavy bronetraktora, which should be the most powerful in the world, according to bloggers. As reported in the specialized in armored vehicles and authoritative in this environment blog Gur Khan (author Alex Khlopotov), it was announced during a visit to Chelyabinsk, on the CTZ, Russian presidential envoy in the Urals Federal District Igor Kholmanskikh. It was stated that as a base to be used bulldozer loosening unit T-75.01 (T-800). This machine is an industrial crawler tractors of 75 with dozer

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Chinese military cars

Growth in the number of equipment of the armies of the Far East now attracts to itself rather austere enthusiasm. If we talk about the countless army of not only the designated region, but also the world, the first place is undeniably the Chinese People's Liberation army (PLA). At the disposal of the army is around 6 million so-called military labor units, with all this purely military staff of around 2 million people.

PLA is now well equipped and armed with a new weapon and military equipment. Not least then take the car. When it comes to quality, in

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Chinese contemporary ACS PLZ-52

In 2005, the Chinese company North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) Exhibition at the Beijing International Aviation Expo introduced a new 155-mm self-propelled howitzer PLZ-52 (also known under the designation Type 05 and PLZ-05).

Howitzer artillery was developed by improving the systems of PLZ-45 and PLL01 caliber 155 mm, which were developed initially 1990s. These self-propelled guns were in service with the People's Liberation Army of China, and were exported, priemuschestvenno in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait (the latter ordered the supply of 2-parties on any systems 27). But the manufacturer in the process of market research found that modern buyers prefer an

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The Chinese army has surrounded the Tibetan monastery

2nd in 5 months monk self-immolation arranged.

China army surrounded Tibetan monastery in the south-west of the country, where not so long ago made a self-immolation one of the novices. Daofu County in Sichuan closed for arrival of foreigners, local residents told reporters by telephone AFP. Monastery surrounded by about thousands of soldier and police. 100 people are inside. They are cut off from electricity, water and edy.Pravozaschitnaya organization Free Tibet, whose office is in London, said the other day, an act of self-immolation of a monk Tsewang Norbu arranged. He shouted slogans in support of the Dalai Lama and

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China vs. U.S. — simulation of a military clash

After the disappearance of the Soviet Union from the political map, the main topic of debate for the people close to the military theme, was the question: who will overcome the confrontation between the United States and in China? However, the need to immediately recognize that these disputes are almost always sensual coloring in the spirit of "Uzho the hour — and presumptuous Pindos Chinese can fight!", The seemingly partly in revenge for the blame in the breakup of the Soviet Union the United States. But is it true these expectations? So whether China is strong? Let's deal on Wed.

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China has expressed strong protest

The Chinese side expresses its strong protest against the publication of the U.S. Department of Defense report on the development of the armed forces of the PRC-2010, which "ignores the reality of an impartial, condemns the common defense and army building China, inflates the so referred to as "military threat" mainland China against Taiwan and the Chinese side blames the fact that it stopped the exchanges of military delegations and thereby made an obstacle to the development of cooperation between the armies of the 2-states. "This statement was made on August 18 the official dealer of the Ministry of Defence

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China vs Our homeland: the military might of the East opponent grows

Rating weapons placed not so long ago, yet removes the RF 2nd place (immediately behind the U.S.), but the situation could be exchanged.

GlobalFirepower published international ranking military power as of 2011. In it, he placed the Russian Federation in second place. First row took the United States, and the third placed China. In the framework laid rating 45 characteristics that reveal military potential. It is based on data from the CIA, the U.S. Defense Department and the public domain (statistical reports, military publications).

In 2011, the ranking of the 55 states increased at the expense of new members:

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Kim Jong-un: a head to a brighter future

Over the past few months in North Korea came out, perhaps, more events than in its entire history since coming to power of President Kim Il Sung. But even amidst this change either, speak out so that the application for a change the last few days look very colorful.

So, last week the world's news agencies said that the favorite of North Korea's Kim Jong-un has decided to hold a series of economic reforms in the country. He is concerned that in the past 2-decades people DPRK Most live in their own little hand to mouth, that we have

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