Italy in the war with the Soviet Union

Hitler hid from its own ally — Mussolini, preparing for war with the Soviet Union until the attack June 22, 1941. Exclusively on the night before the attack Rome is known about this event. Italian leader (Il Duce) here instructed Foreign Minister Galeazzo Ciano said Russian envoy that Italy, in accordance with its holdings with the so-called Third Reich. "Pact of Steel" (German-Italian contract of alliance and friendship, signed in May 1939), declares war on Russian Union. Letter to Adolf Hitler with a proposal to send Italian troops to the eastern front of Benito Mussolini wrote personally. Immediately he gave

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Source: 160 generals and officers refused to move from Moscow

Until the end of 2011, more than 160 generals and senior officers of the main offices of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defence will prematurely dismissed from the Armed Forces due to the failure to move from Moscow to the new location, said on Friday, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry.

"By order of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation № 205 before December 1 of the year in the central organs of military administration conducts routine rotation generals and officers in the new location, including remote areas of the country. Over 160 generals and

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The history of camouflage

In the recent past is comparable, just over 100 years ago, the military odezhka was still catchy and colorful. The uniforms of all colors, shiny buttons, pyshnovatye aiguillettes, colored sling, glittering epaulettes, red and white trousers, the highest quiver with longish colored plumes, glowing in the sun copper breastplates and helmets topped with falcons. Fighter could be seen from far away, and mix it with a civilian man, and even more so with an inanimate object was unreal. This had two purposes: on the one hand, to intimidate their opponent stern look, and on the other — to enable

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Islamabad against Divide

India and Pakistan have a more than 60-year history of warfare, which is made worse by the presence of nuclear weapons in states and numerous, massive armed forces. In the past two decades, only increase the power of its nuclear forces and the ability of ordinary, arranging a regional arms race. Their confrontation was the second in the history of nuclear deterrence hotbed of confrontation after the Soviet Union and the United States.

India and Pakistan have not signed the contract on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and have no intention of late to join. According to the latest news,

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At the end with a step majestically Russian war weary main Russian tank IS-2 was made in 1943 by designers Chelyabinsk Kirov Plant (CHKZ). In the same year, the latest military vehicle to mass creation. Until terminated in the middle of 1945 was 3483 IS-2, with 60 of them gathered in the Leningrad Kirov Plant on reduced.

This car remained in service with the Russian Army just before the start of the 60s. The planned her replacement IS-3 had significant design flaws that hampered operation of the tank in the army. The heavy tank IS-4 has also proved difficult to

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As the Mongol-Tatars conquered Russia

The historiography of the Mongol-Tatar invasion (or the Mongols, or Tatars and Mongols, and so on, as you like) to Russia has more than 300 years. This invasion has become an accepted fact that since the end of the XVII century, when one of the founders of the Russian Orthodox Church, the German Innocent Giselle wrote the first textbook on the history of Russia — "Summary." In this book the history of his native Russian digging all the subsequent 150 years. But so far none of the historians have taken the liberty to make a "road map" campaign Batu

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Vlasov: one general — two armies watch online

The movie tells about the catastrophic death of the 2nd Shock Army and the Liberation Army of the disaster — the Russian Liberation Army.

Second global war

Iran shows new combat helicopter

Press TV reported that, according to the 1st of the senior military leaders during the upcoming exercises Iran show first battle helicopter its razarabotki.Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari (Kiomars Heidari), deputy commander of the Iranian army ground forces, said the helicopter Cobra Melli (State cobra) in the not to distant future, will be deployed in airborne divisions of the army, reported Fars News Agency.

"In the past the airborne division army is very dependent on the states that produce helicopters but thanks to the efforts of Iranian professionals … with that addiction was absolutely finished," — said Heidari.

"We currently

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The Iraqi army is preparing for war with Iran

The Iraq Army prepares to the potential for conflict with Iran.

As reported by the publication Strategy Page, a conflict may result in withdrawal of the last 50 thousand U.S. troops from the territory of the country.

Analysts emphasize the formation of chemical defense regiments that were previously in the Iraqi army was not reported According to experts, the possibility of forming new divisions appeared in the army Iraq due to increased revenues from oil exports.

Iraq was not only the most modern weapons, but the surplus stockpiles cool war from Russia and Eastern Europe.

In the armed forces

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In the Leningrad region is open robotic complex breeding factory Red Army

July 14, 2012 in Leningrad Oblast was inaugurated reconstructed Breeding Center Company PZ "Red Army", one of the most high-tech enterprises in the North-West of Russia.

Megaferma designed for 1,800 head of cattle. The project is unique in the fact that the process of milking animals is carried out by robots. His story is set in 1977, and during that time has undergone several stages of modernization of linear milk line to ultramodern automatic milking systems.

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