Intervention or peacekeeping?

The Hungarian revolution led to inter-ethnic strife and bloodshed

Peacekeeping, as part of international policy, came after the second world war. But peacekeeping operations were carried out even earlier. In history, there is a lot of evidence, when the armed forces of a third party shared the warring parties. Something similar happened in 1849 in Hungary and Transylvania. Obviously, this was not the peace-making in the modern comprehension of the word. But one of the motivations of semantic role of the Russian army in the war on the territory of Russia is not been in the protection of the

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India plans to change Arjun

India began work on its next generation tank. It is called FMBT (The future main battle tank), the purpose of its creation is high-quality replacement last tank of Indian development, Arjun.

This worries many Indian taxpayers and the military, because the government has only recently ordered an additional 124 units of tanks Arjun. Competitive tests between the Indian Arjun and Russian T-90 brought a surprise victory Arjun. The Indian Army has had to conduct comparative field tests under pressure proardzhunskih politicians. They competed with the local tank Arjun, which was previously recognized prakicheski bleak and Russian T-90, currently being considered

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India began to find substitute Russian Wasps and cubes

Army India gave the start of the tender for the supply of new anti-aircraft missiles short range, which will have to change the outdated 9K33 "Osa" and 2Q12 "Cube" Russian production, reports the Indian agency 8ak. Most of the Russian air defense system used by India, hopelessly outdated and are not applicable to the use of state.

Under the terms of the Indian tender army SAM needs to able to storm targets at ranges up to 20 km long and filled with passive and active systems support aircraft. With all this new missile air defense system should be able

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Indian Arjun tank Mk.2

India is naikrupneyshim partner of in the sphere of military-technical cooperation. But what do we know about the Indian plans and prospects? Is there anything in their place the Russian Federation? This was said in a very fascinating stuff Indian blog LIVEFIST. Now we want to offer the reader his Russian translation. Honestly, after reading there is much to consider not only the usual petty bourgeois, and Russian officials, decision-makers in the field of military-technical cooperation, development and production of ground weapons.

Indian Arjun tank Mk.2

Chennai, Avadi. After 3 decades of design, Indian MBT "Arjun" practically reborn like a

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In the Krasnodar Territory are the teachings of Army Aviation Southern Military District

In the Krasnodar Territory are the teachings of Army Aviation Southern Military District. In the exercise for the first time participated entire squadron "Alligator" — the latest Ka-52 helicopters. Machines entered the air base just three months ago, and now pilots show they have mastered the new technique.

The latest attack helicopters, has only recently went on duty, landfill near Krasnodar attacked by several groups. Come in pairs at the target and shoot simultaneously.

Immediately an entire squadron of attack helicopters Ka-52 performs common tasks. Here, in the south, these modern machines are learning to

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Serbian authorities raised an army to fight with snowfall

Serbian authorities raised an army to fight with snowfall that struck the region over the weekend, the press service of the Serbian government.

By order of the Defense Minister Alexander Vucic soldiers are actively involved in care in different parts of the country to eliminate the effects of the weather. Army machinery in the past day required on many highways, where due to the significant amount of snow were coming down the road buses and heavy trucks, bringing traffic is paralyzed and there were many kilometers of traffic jams.

In the northern part of Serbia, where the situation on the

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The imperatives of the new century

On the eve of New Year in Moscow saw the light of a collection of articles entitled "New Russian army", edited by MS Barabanova. This brand new work of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) is dedicated to the passing of 2008 radically reform the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and their transition to the ranks of the newcomer. These problems cause excessive enthusiasm in Russian society, as a collection of articles, which were the creators are independent experts (DE Boltenkov, AM Hayday, AA Karnaukhov, AV Lavrov, VA Tseluyko), can not to attract attention.


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Army Style in the modern Russian Federation

Recently the presidential election, Vladimir Putin, then the last prime minister, published in the Russian newspaper another pre-election article, which touched on the difficulties of the Russian army and state security of the Russian Federation. In particular, we are talking about increasing the prestige of military service.

Certainly, this is the burning question now asks a quick solution. Of course, that started back in 2007 military reform does not bring the expected results so far. Recent scandals in the sonorous Rosoboronservice, corruption and theft in the ranks of senior military officers, reports of hazing, a failed missile launch —

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The Israeli army is undergoing a profound crisis (Haaretz, Israel)

Model of the "people's army" of David Ben-Gurion, in accordance with which was created by the IDF, has always played a central role in the state and Israeli society. Defense of the country was based on the concept of mass permanent service, long reservist training camp and the perception of the army, as a factor that promotes the convergence of immigrants from different countries, the inhabitants of the center and the periphery, rich and poor, secular and religious, Jews and Druze.

Ben-Gurion believed in what army service formoobrazuyuschiim can be a factor which transforms into a new civilization immigrants Israeli

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Israel found in Hamas portable anti-aircraft guns

At the disposal of the Palestinian extremist group Hamas There are portable air defense systems (MANPADS). This was said in the command of the army of Israel.

Last week, an Israeli military aircraft was launched from Gaza rocket class "surface-to-air", which took off target. According to Radio "Liberty" refers to the type of rocket SA7 ("Arrow"), or an equivalent, able to shoot down planes and helicopters. presence of MANPADS in the hands of Hamas Israel is legitimate fear: missiles of this kind could be used against civilian aircraft.

According to the Israeli newspaper "Yediot Ahronot" army for the first

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