Will the new charter of the Russian army

Russian army long time did not meet the current challenges. This is not a trivial fact once said and military analysts, and representatives of imperative structures. But no truly harsh steps for large-scale reform is made up to this time was not. What was needed was some external impulse that would force the military department was able to make faster decisions on the modernization of the Russian army. And the momentum is really manifested itself. In this case, it is a manifestation came in the regions where it is least expected. It is a question of North Africa, the country

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Treason 1941 (Part 2)

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Produced the directives of Moscow?

The very first big capture of Russian troops known 3 and 10 of the Army of the Western Front were located in Bialystok salient. Right there in the 10 most powerful army was placed on the number and quality of tanks, trucks perfectly rich 6th Mechanized Corps Gen. Hatskilevicha. Army stationed in the border fortified area, namely 10 army relied on Osovetskaya SD. In 1915, the Russian troops in the fort Osovets made themselves famous long heroic defense. It seems to be the story itself appealed to the retention of the

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Treason 1941 (Part 1)

One of the more mysterious moments in the history of our country is 1941. Mysteriously, not just for us, and for a fighter who passed through this year. Year paradoxical. The heroism of the defenders of the Brest Fortress, border guards, pilots who had committed several air rams already in the first day of the war — in stark contrast with the surrender of the masses of the Red Army. What is the problem?

Contrasts in 1941 give grounds for a variety of interpretations of what happened. Some they say that Stalin's purges stripped of the usual army commanders.

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From the military to the police

The deputy of the State Duma Arkady Sarkisyan proposed change of school leavers officers, who usually get the post of district officers in the military, being reduced as a result of the reform of the army. President Dmitry Medvedev took a fancy to the idea, and he recommended it specifically to work. Arkady Sarkisyan truly believes that the main failure of the Interior Ministry — the corruption, because it offers its proposal to strike at the very foundation of the pyramid of corruption in the country, to bring order to the lowest echelons of police. In his view, this can

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Why did the army find Caucasians problem?

State Duma deputy from Dagestan called upon the Ministry of Defense with a request to increase the conscription of the Republic to 3-5 thousand people in 2013. The authors of the initiative argue their request that in Dagestan military service is honorable, besides an army of young people lack experience makes it impossible to continue to work in the security services. However, it is believed that in the Defense Ministry did not take much long for the service of the republic. According to the military, Dagestanis poorly controlled, they have problems with the implementation of the orders.

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Igor Korotchenko: Our homeland rearm Kazakhstan and Belarus army

Vladimir Putin's initiative concerning the creation of a Eurasian Union, will allow to enter the wonderfully new level of military-technical cooperation between Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus — this during a round table on "Military and political results of the 2011" held in Moscow, said Igor Korochenko, Member of the Presidium of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense RF, editor in chief of the magazine "National defense".

Our homeland, according to Korochenko, re ready to fulfill all-encompassing armies Kazakhstan and Belarus by supplying modern weapons the widest range at prices lower than global. The nomenclature will include combat

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Ratibor childhood. Animated cartoon

Served as an epigraph citation of valor and courage of Rousseau and Rossich allegedly belonging Zacharias Rhetor (VI century).

Cartoon begins with a lullaby, lulling Ratibor newborns, but then comes the news: Aneyushke have to ride a horse in another village, treated the boy Rastislav. Passing through the obstacles and dangers Aneyushka gets to the village and the prayers of the Slavic gods heal small Rastislav.

Ratibor growing and exploring the world. His father, the great hero, teaches his son to ride a horse, shoot a bow, tells the story of ancient Russia

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Victory grain of the 41

Sad to read, hard look, it is hard to think about the initial weeks of the war — so all up to the enormity of improbable catastrophic, bloody …

Such a pattern. Among the summer — under the sparkling sky in the middle of fields mleyuschih — tank, smoky black flap sticking out of a young man on the face — cheeful killer grin. He came dominion. And some knock his teeth out.

We are rich in the rear mind. When those days are suddenly discover a lucky break, dashing heroic impulse, military fortunes — guessing in the grain

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Anti-aircraft gunners of the Eastern Military Area preparing for large-scale air defense doctrine and aircraft

In East military environment (OIE) over training on the organization of exploration and reflection of shock means air attack imaginary enemy. It was another step in preparing for large-scale air defense doctrine and Aviation Area with live missile launch, which will take place under the control of the commander of the troops in the spring of this year, the SBI by the specific site in the Republic of Buryatia.

The event attracted anti-aircraft missile (SAM) units of combined arms units, the Air Force and Air Defense neighborhood, the Pacific Fleet.

During the training perfected the organization and maintain relationships air

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Gladiators of World War II. DVD 4 / Gladiators of World War DVD 4 watch online

BBC TV series about the troops of special purpose and militias second World War. Because the show filmed melkobritantsami — the real favorites of fascism never words. There is a series about ss-sovtsev, valorous lords of the Anders Army, the French soldiers 'resistance' and even the Australian and New Zealand kangaroo. About soldiers of the Russian army is nothing.Because the accuracy of the disk imaging presented in the television series, raises serious doubts.It is recommended to take series as an example of how to make documentary films. And under no circumstances should you be aware of film

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