U.S. order for artillery radars was 900 million dollars

The armed forces of the United States of America signed an agreement with the American company Lockheed Martin in the amount of 881 million dollars. According to the agreement in the U.S. Army go mobile radar AN /TPQ-53 Firefinder.

Performing criterion contract is for three years. In the first year Army States receive 12 artillery radar Firefinder cost 166 million dollars. In general, according to the contract provides for delivery of 51 radar AN/TPQ-53, including here comes their testing and training of professionals in the U.S. Army.

The main purpose of the radar AN/TPQ-53 Firefinder is the detection of

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Zadar is not bad fighter not find

The consequences of large and weighty avarice error

The development of a modern army in Russia by Western Swatch permanently rises our community and Russian media almost two years, the 10-ka. Boris Yeltsin was still in the early 90's, said that we need the other armed forces. And in 1996, going to the presidential election, confidently promised that by 2000, Russian troops would be absolutely staffed by contract. And of course, the need for recruits disappear. But what a shame it did not sound …

A couple of years after the premature voluntary resignation of Boris Nikolayevich was put into

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Involve all the polygons

The main and final event on the operational training of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the current year will be strategic command-staff exercises "Caucasus-2012", which will be held from 17 to 23 September. This was stated by Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation — the first Deputy Defense Minister Gen. Nikolai Makarov.

According to the Chief of the General Staff, the plan provides for testing of the teachings of combat training tasks for the preparation and use of troops (forces) to provide military security in the South-West region of

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Detachments in the Red Army. Terrible, terrible parable

Who drove to the front to attack the enemy at gunpoint own guns

One of the most terrifying legends second world war due to the existence in the Red Army detachments. Most modern television series about the war can behold the scene with gloomy personalities in blue caps of the NKVD, shot the wounded soldiers with machine guns coming out of the fight. Demonstrating this, the creators take the soul of a great sin. None of the researchers have not been able to find in the archives or the 1st to prove this fact.

And what was that?

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Forgotten feat Russian fighter — Battle of Fraushtadte

One of the little-known pages of Russian history is one of the tragedies of the Great Northern War — a fight with Fraushtadte. Saxon-Russian army suffered a crushing defeat, and hundreds of Russian prisoners of war fighter were simply destroyed by the Swedes.

As previously mentioned in the previous article on the topic of the Great Northern War (Grodno maneuver the Russian army), to winter 1704-1705, Karl shared power in Augusta Polish and Saxon cavalry remained in Krakow, and Saxon infantry and the Russian Auxiliary Corps were pushed back across the Oder. With the start of the campaign in

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Forgotten Commander

Under his command the Russian division in June and July 1941, courageously and bravely fought in the Ukraine. Then for two weeks, were detained enemy near Smolensk, not allowing the move to take over the city and continue coming to Moscow. In October, dying under the tracks of German tanks, more than a week chained to discover significant force under the Nazis Viaz'ma.

The general himself, all the torments of the past, tests and temptations Nazi captivity, even as a cripple, remained faithful to the oath. During his recovery in rank and the service after the war, looked the

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Forgotten Battle of the Great Northern War: fight at Golovchin

Swedish Lord of Karl XII in summer 1708 the army moved from Grodno to march on Moscow. Swedish troops 7 (18) June without a fight took Minsk, 14 (25), crossed the Berezina River. Then around town Golovchin (or Galovchin) in the Mogilev region 3 (14), left battle in which Russian troops were defeated and retreated over the Dnieper. Western sources believe that this was the last significant victory of Charles. Although the majority of Russian historians consider this non-personal fight the battle of local importance.

The enemy looked cavalry under the command of General G. Goltz. Between the

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The forgotten past … Khalkhin Goal

Flying the flag over the river Halkin-Gol

The war may have different consequencesamong savages, promoting the selection of a strong and agile,but civilized nations most devastating impact mediocre:it leads to mutual extermination very best and bravest.A. Fouillee

To the chagrin of bolshennomu, Russian history is often also addressing the fundamental actions that must be remembered descendants. One of these historical facts, unfairly excluded from school curriculum is war with Japan in 1939. Meanwhile, to teach this event just need in order to understand the prerequisites out of the land of the rising sun on the attack

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Forgotten component — Army Air Defense

By bringing together all the information available about the weapons program there, producing orders and procurement, maintenance programs from defense contracts, you and I actually do not see any suggestions and solutions for military defense.

Place in the SunEveryone has heard the priority development of air defense. All willing and unwilling to know the extent of this development — re-air defense S-400 and S-500, also one hundred percent clear about the value of these solutions.For some reason not many who are confused that such information is available though what the person. It is not so long ago, this information was,

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During that trial Kvachkova?

The arrest of Vladimir Kvachkova for the next day after the final justification in the case of the so-called the "assassination attempt on Chubais" for more ludicrous and absurdly accused brought wide circles of the patriotic public in some confusion.

On the one hand, it became clear that the system of Kvachkova not so easy to fall behind the other — many have the courage to condemn the indomitable Colonel for "adventurism and recklessness", taking at face value the frank information stuffing (Tipo based on secret investigation materials), carried out a number of media.

This is an unfortunate event

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