6 more generals stung by corruption

Chief military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky July 21 at the extended meeting of the board of its own departments told to increase the growth of crime in the army. The list begins with the ordinary level, with conscripts, who in the first half of 2011 have made every second sin. (In 2010, there were fewer — one in three.) States Fridinskiy and an increase in the number of crimes in the army by force, from which six months have suffered more than two thousand people.

We must assume that sheltered more atrocities, including extortion and other goods (especially popular mobile phones).

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In the Voronezh region installed smart lights

Traffic lights will help avoid congestion. Special sensors analyze a transport stream and if the number of vehicles per unit time exceeds the programmed value, the sensor sends a signal to increase the green phase. If the flow is reduced, then the phase is correspondingly reduced, and more traffic is switched. The system also takes into account the phase of the next set of traffic lights in order to create a "green wave".

These lights are equipped with improved lenses and LED lamps, so the sun does not "glare" and not misleading drivers. New traffic lights

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Do you have tanks future

"Do you have tanks of the future or they have outlived their own age? Can they still play an important role on the battlefield, and if so, what specifically, and what types of tanks are needed?Over the past 40 years naikrupneyshie military experts at more than once proclaimed that the tanks have outlived their own age or become obsolete. But every time the war began, the tanks came out of the place prepared for their graves, and their actions denied such prophecies. I remember the 5 examples of death sentences tanks … "It is written not now and not

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Do we have the officer corps?

It seems that now the military elite has no political weight or authority in control of the country

Welfare has always depended on military affairs to his government and society. This is the case in at least some armies in the world. But those who devoted his life military service in Russia, particularly keenly felt by themselves for the destructive power of political maelstrom of recent years. Now Russian soldiers and officers are the most unprotected and vulnerable part of society.

The state of the officer corps of the country's most significant way affected the destruction of Russian Union discredit

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If tomorrow the war?

Military experts continue to open a discussion results of the reforms carried out by the former Minister of Defence

"The scale of corruption and theft to the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov is amazing," — said on Friday, December 7, a member of the State Duma committee on legal support of organizations of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation Anatoly elbow. According to him, "We have always criticized the command of the former minister of defense, but imagine for themselves the scope of corruption" could not. Protect Serdyukov and his "markitanskim baggage" after the opening of the facts "and

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In the Armed Forces of Russia celebrates the Day of Engineering Corps

In Russia now has the 312 day in a row Corps of Engineers.


The first piece of legislation in the field of military engineering was the decree of Peter I on January 21, 1701 on the opening in Moscow of "School Pushkarsky order." In 1797 was formed the first engineering regiment composed of two minernyh, two demining companies and two companies of workmen.

Warriors Russian engineering troops took part in all the battles to defend the Fatherland: World War II in 1812, the defense of Sevastopol (1854-1855), during the Russian-Japanese War

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In the Armed Forces of Russia celebrates the Day of army air defense

Today constitute the basis of army air defense anti-aircraft missile (SAM) of the compound, military units of the Ground, Airborne and coastal forces of the Navy. They are designed for reconnaissance and reflection enemy air attack of the enemy, the protection of troops and facilities from air strikes in all kinds of combat operations, the implementation of the rearrangements and the location on the site.

For the period up to 2020 the main directions of development of the military defense are consistently increasing the number of military units of permanent readiness and equipment of the latest high-performance

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If tomorrow the war, if tomorrow a campaign …

Military archives of documents it is clear that the beginning of war 1941 brought different feelings and actions of the Soviet population — the willingness to defend their land, relatives and loved ones to fear, confusion and panic.

From the memoirs of veterans, books, movies, we know a lot about the political and economic criteria of the prewar Russian Union. Filing rules TRP (ready for work and defense) for youth was not so much a duty as the need to justify their physical and psychological preparedness for life, protecting his beloved homeland. There is a general training of the

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In the Armed Forces of Russia celebrates the Day of Army Aviation

October 28 marks the '64 since the creation of the army aviation of the Air Force (IAF), Russia. On this day in 1948, was formed by the first aviation squadron, equipped with helicopters. It marked the beginning of army aviation as a separate genus Air Force.

Helicopter aviation first was called auxiliary — in her task was to transport of goods, the adjustment of fire, exploration and sustainable communication on the battlefield. Over time,

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Yemelyan Pugachev — an agent of foreign intelligence agencies?

On this day, exactly 239 years ago in Russia began the most ambitious in the history of anti-state mutiny — Pugachev rebellion. September 17, 1773 Yemelyan Pugachev, pretending to be the ruler of Peter III, published a manifesto calling on Cossacks swear "real emperor" bestower all his subjects have different privileges and freedom.

V.Nepyanov. Painting Yemelyan Pugachev oil on canvas 1981 1993g.g.

About the Pugachev rebellion (Farmers' war led by Pugachev 1773-1775.) Written hundreds of historical monographs, 10's literary works, filmed documentaries and feature films, but the specific treatment of these catastrophic events, there is so far. In Russian historiography

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