In Russia, the occupation army will create

"A foreign citizen can no longer be a cause of failure for contract service in the Russian army. Published on the website Defense draft amendment requires "mercenaries" knowledge of Russian consent to fingerprinting and a willingness to conclude the first deal for five years. The plan may be innovations in rescuing a failed plan to transfer the army to the contract. … Service in the Russian army is entitled to Russian citizenship after three years. "

The idea is different: to be, to whom the Russians to drive on the reservation. One police is not enough, and an army of

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The European Union introduced new sanctions against Syria

From Syria there are conflicting data. Damascus reports that recently the approaches to the town of Nahal and he had been occupied by foreign fighters, and police and army released city and put things in order there. At the same time, the Syrian opposition knows that in fact there there was a shot of a peaceful demonstration, and that the Nahal blocked the Syrian military. The EU Council has apparently decided to believe the opposition and impose additional sanctions against Damascus. Namely, to freeze the bank's assets and prohibit race to the European Union on May 30 representatives of the

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European veterans of the second World War: reconciliation

South American photographer Jonathan Alpeyri izderzhal year the shooting of Veterans 2nd World War. Participants of the project are its including veterans of the Wehrmacht and other Nazi connections in Europe. Many of them admitted that for the first time since 1945 donned their combat service.

Curiously, Jonathan — half Russian (by the Pope, his mother a Spaniard). He was born in 1979 in Paris, but the boys moved to the Pope in the United States. Alpeyri chosen profession Photographer hot points. He visited the rebel Subcomandante Marcos in the Mexican state of Chiapas and the Maoists in Nepal,

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Hitlers Jewish soldiers

Jewish fighters Hitler: The Untold Story of Nazi racial laws and people of Jewish origin in the German army.

Bryan Mark Rigg's book (an Israeli citizen), which states on the basis of documentary evidence that 150 thousand Jewish fighter and officers waged war in the Nazi army.

The study was based on Rigga 400 interviews with veterans of the Wehrmacht, 500 hours videopokazany, 3 thousand photos and 30 thousand pages of memoirs of Hitler's soldiers and officers — those whose Jewish roots allow them tomorrow to immigrate to Israel.

Werner Goldberg

The term "mishlinge" in the Reich called people born

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Prof. Evgeny Fedorov on army

The deputy of the State Duma Yevgeny Fyodorov talks about why Professor army incapable solve all the problems that may be in front of Russia. Prof. army needed along with an appeal for military service, which aims to teach every able-bodied men to handle the instrument. Prof. army can assist solve Local prepyadstviya, for example, such as the conflict with Georgia in 2008. More global challenges in today's world can solve Only the militia. That is why the Russian Federation needs and Prof. army and emergency service.

The soul of the army can and must grow

Without the spiritual renewal of the armed forces have acquired a new kind of

Russian armies generally famous for the highest morale, Ratna art, patriotism. Russian military leaders have always believed that the main force of the army — in the people. Developing the person, they did a victorious army, spiritually strong, believing in God, capable of small forces "to create majestic works."

The creators of this article is represented by "view of history," a number of the highlights of modern military reform. The idea was that the latest Russian military force necessary to see with the "old covenant", "not

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Russia is trying to keep Belarus in the orbit of military interest

Society Alexander Lukashenko refused to sign a new plan for the use of regional forces of Belarus and Russia. He called for deliveries to Belarus Russian weapons at discount prices. "No documents in due course I will not sign. So pass the defense minister and the president of Russia — quoted Alexander Lukashenko agency BelTA."

Today's guest night of freedom military analyst Alexander Alesina and he's with us on the telephone from Minsk.

Hanna Sous

Sous: How important regional grouping of the armed forces for Belarus and Russia? Who needs it more?Alesin: It seems to me that now

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Friendship in exchange for helicopters and armored vehicles

Have you ever heard of such an incredible phenomenon as "humanitarian aid from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation addressed to anyone." In-the-by … And she (humanitarian aid), it turns out, happens … And not just happen, and people can relate to, even in foreign countries. And the police still can our "humanitarian" assist foreigners? — Asks the interested reader. — Neuzh a rubber batons or police suhpaykom? But irony aside, for approximately the expected manner and real support from the Russian law enforcement agencies of their own Kyrgyz colleagues.

At the end of last week from

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Dragoljub Zhivoinovich: The British were never Serb collaborators

Just placed a serious work of academician Dragoljub Zhivoinovicha about the events in front of Thessalonica (Nevoљni ratnitsi, with power and great Solunski front. Beograd, 2011) seriously stirred up the whole (in this case not only Serbian) modern historiography. Collected under one cover to anyone unknown documents leave no stone unturned in the still prevailing views of the allies and friends of Serbs; destroy many illusions and delusions and clearly indicate that the UK, starting from the moment of the attack of Austria-Hungary against Serbia in 1914 g (in other words, from the beginning of the First World War) led

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Dear U.S. Army

Military construction in the United States may be seriously affected due to the financial crisis. The United States has made for itself a rather big dilemma, deploying most of the theater (theaters of war) in Asia, on the other side of the globe. So Makar, the main advantage of America — surrounded by the ocean, protect against outside intrusion — played against them, becoming a problem of transportation.

If you take into account that the South American army and so has a lot of shortcomings, which are manifested in the conflict between tactical and strategic mobility and combat stability

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