Detained and later released Ales Makaeva

Militiamen been explained: they have information that entrepreneurs want to block the street. But such appeals were not, said the correspondent of "Freedom" A.Makaev.After identification and A.Makaeva A.Poklada released.About "parking" were about two hundred businessmen from different markets.Now they do not come to work and require the authorities to end the pressure on businesses.About "parking" on duty police cars pulled up paddy, conducted operational shooting. • In Salihorsk police and KGB look for markets, 2.10.2007 • Minsk Entrepreneurs gather at the shopping center "Parking», 2.10.2007 • In Moscow stopped work in major markets, 2.10.2007 • in Bobruisk on strike over

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Yankov started jogging around the field

Midfielder "Rostov" Chavdar Yankov started jogging around the field and gym. This is the official website of the club Rostov.

Recall that the 26-year-old missed his team's winning match against the "Anji" in the 20th round of the championship of Russia due to an injury he received in training the Bulgarian team.

Boris Khamayda fined 200 thousand

Administrative protocol Khamaida police drew July 10 — on the day he was arrested about of so-called "Blue house" — the house number 28 Lenin Street — and taken to the police station. At a meeting of the administrative committee Vitebsk opposition visited twice. First time on July 30, he claimed, that the commissioners debated with him in Belarusian or an interpreter. Now as an interpreter at a meeting attended by a white teacherRussian language Vitebsk secondary school number 21.The Commission considered that Boris Khamaida times violating trade rules, approved by the Vitebsk city executive committee — it distributes newspapers

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The problem of the Belarusian society — blind soul

Pavel Sheremet has published an article on the days of "The Catcher in the heresy," which raised moral nuance of the situation around the family Kozulin.Sheremet: The main feature of at least some dastardly deed — is the desire of the one who commits this act, to engage in sin as many people as possible to absolve themselves of responsibility for that sin, and pass it on to a huge number of people.We very often say that we have no idea of the state, that we clear who that Belarusians are divided into Russian and Belarusian, Eastern and Western, by

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The track Don has become a four from Moscow to Voronezh


December 30, in the Lipetsk region opened a new section of highway "Don". Land around the city Vanya (330-km — 355-km) is the backbone of the first category with four lanes separated by a counter current and interchanges at different levels. Due to the absence of "left" turns and intersections speed limit on the site is 110 kilometers per hour.

The opening ceremony was attended by the First Deputy Governor of the Lipetsk region Yuri Bozhko and director of the Voronezh branch of the State Company "Highways" Sergey Titov.

Thus, by the end of 2011,

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Construction of the resort Gorky Gorod

The lower part resort  "Hills City"At around 540 meters completed facade work is finishing and decorative trim interior, engineering networks are laid.


At the Olympic Games in 2014 "Hills City" will house the Olympic media village for 2658 numbers (1780 numbers at around 540 meters and the 878 rooms at around 960 meters) and the auxiliary media center for international journalists.


Just two parts resort "Gorki-Gorod" will be built 2.5 million apartments in apartment buildings and townhouses, 110 detached houses (villas, chalets), 9 hotels

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Stary Oskol (April 2012)

Long time since I have not shown you their city. Going for a run, on the way naschelkal "a couple" shots. They are now to you and show you. Designated absolutely ordinary, then ran past, then fotkal. And the sights that we have not really — a small town.

The weather is good. Green is all around!

Remember this house plan. They have a lot of different configurations. It's like a 90's design. I call them the "Tetris".

And here is my provider. Not bad for a small town of 30

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Created in Novosibirsk nanolasers make things disappear

Employees of the Institute of Automation and Electrometry created unique nanolasers. On this basis, scientists will be able to create a new generation of ultrafast nanoelectronics and meta-materials with unusual properties.

Physics, Siberian nanolasers produced in the form of gold nanoparticle size of 10 nanometers, which is formed around shestinanometrovaya silica shell filled with dye, said, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". Nanolasers placed in the pores of a thin solid film of so-called "photonic crystal", which significantly reduces the lasing threshold and generates a directional radiation nanolasers. This structure can be compared with bee-cell

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Hasidic wedding

Tens of thousands of Israeli and foreign Jewish ultra-Orthodox have participated in the wedding of two siblings Hasidic dynasties — Rokach and Pener, which took place on May 22 in Jerusalem. 18-year-old Rabbi Shalom Rokach, eldest grandson of Rabbi Balti, married Hannah Bate Pener. The wedding was attended by around 30,000 visitors, and it became the largest in the last 20 years.


The previous record wedding — parents Shalom Rokach, held in Jerusalem in 1993, then torzhetsvo also attended by around 30,000 visitors, who were able to absorb 3.1 tonnes and 1.5 tonnes of potatoes gefiltefish.

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Storm winds and strong waves crash around Ireland and the UK

Storm winds and strong waves crash around Ireland and the UK Natural Disasters

Storm to the north of Great Britain caused a storm winds, cold rains and waves in the Irish Sea. From 27 to 28 November strong waves was overturned cargo vessel "Swanland". As a result of the collapse of the two survivors, one was killed, five fate remains unknown.

Sea waves fall on the shore near Workington Cumbria, destroying everything in its path. In Scotland, because of the strong storm winds closed roads in mountainous areas, and ferry flights canceled. According to the weather station force wind gusts

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