Nostalgia for the Light / Nostalgia for the Light watch online

In the Atacama desert in Chile annually attracts astronomers from around the world, because it is a perfect place to watch over the stars. Bright sky allows scientists to literally look into the most distant corners of the universe … At the time, the world-famous scientists rush their sights on sky, around their rages flurry of activity: land around observatories dug up and down the evil fruit of the ladies, trying to find the remains of dead relatives.

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

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Streets turned into rivers Labinsk

In the Kuban are trying to stop a wave of floods. There are flooded for 5 areas. That night, the water came in Labinsk. People had to escape to the upper floors of buildings.

Labinsk river left its banks Kuksa. Residents of flooded basements, through the yards rushing stream. But nobody is going to go away — fear of looters, protect the things that raised in the attic. Waiting for the water goes down, but it just comes. This woman lives by the river seventy years, and did not recall such a flood.

Now here wait another

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USA. The consequences of a tornado

Fourth day continues rampant floods in the central United States. On Wednesday night, the U.S. National Weather Service has announced the formation of the threat of tornadoes in a dozen states — from Texas to Ohio. According to the authorities, as a result of the disaster most affected central and north-eastern parts of the country, where the confirmed death toll reached 140. In Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas, two days after a strong series of storms and tornadoes killed at least 15 people. Disturbing news continues to come from Joplin (Missouri), where rescue operations are conducted after Sunday tornado, which has

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How to build a UFO?


One of the mysteries of UFOs is the way they move. Most often, eyewitnesses say that the object was moving soundlessly, with great speed, and instantly disappeared from sight. It is possible that these technologies are available and earthlings. Dozens, if not hundreds of lone inventors, as well as quite serious experts tried to find the "secret UFO." And, it seems, have achieved some success in this. Passion for Ukrainian Vassily Mikhailuk technique began after a mysterious event that happened to him in his youth. "July 11, 1968, about 1 hour the night,

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In Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region after reconstruction opened the Palace of Sports Flight

August 30, the eve of the city, in Rybinsk was inaugurated sports palace "Flight".

February 8, 2013 SK "Flight" was closed for renovation, which was completed in a very short period of time — 6 months. The cost of the reconstruction of the Palace of Sports was 450 million, these funds have been allocated from the regional and municipal budgets.

The total area of redevelopment — 16,000 square meters. The facade of the building was thoroughly insulated. Fully updated roof with energy-efficient technology, replaced utilities — water, cold and hot water supply, ventilation, electricity.

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Today, the freedom to come out of about 150 people

Society January 3 at liberty to go about 150 people convicted of involvement in the actions of the opposition December 19, 2010.

Absolutely no accurate lists of those arrested, but, according to preliminary estimates, 103 be released from prison in Zhodino, 28 people will come out of the detention center in Akrestsin and 7 girls come out of the prison of Minsk district.

Human rights defenders seek the help of volunteers, because it will be necessary razvezli freed from house to house. All calls coming into the office on the street Masherova BNF, 8 am to 10 am.

Also in

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Floods continue to repair damage around the world

Floods continue to repair the damage to millions around the world. So, in the south-east Avstraliidesyatki thousands of people homeless, and in Ecuador, 20 people were killed in a powerful stream of water.

In the south-east Australia streams of water and mud washed everything in its path, and the water level in the rivers rose up to 11 meters. According to local media, emergency services warned people whose homes are in the area of flooding, so they left the house. More than 25,000 people in this region of Australia were left homeless.

Flooding in several provinces of

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In Canada, found a Chupacabra


Unusual animal found on the shore of a lake in the Canadian province of Ontario, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the site of the city Kitchenuhmeykusib (Kitchenuhmaykoosib), whose residents have photographed wild animals.

Two local nurses in early May were walking around the lake, when accompanied by their dog jumping into the water, pulled out a strange creature. The animal was dead.

Frightened his appearance woman took some photos, and then hurried back to the city. When returned to the

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The Englishwoman in Nottingham photographed ghost executioner


Ghosts exist and they are not good. This writes the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. The journalists met with a woman who saw a ghost in the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. The place is a very dismal: there in the Middle Ages was tried and executed in the same criminals.

Now tourists say they feel the presence of the souls of sinners. Christine Spies says that, going down to the basement, I almost fainted from fear. Well, when I looked at the photos from the phone,

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Journey to Kailash


Many legends mysterious shroud top. The impressions Vertical split head-EC Vertical Tour and Sergey Kovalev. Is it true legends? Is committed bark shed karmic burden of the past and gone over the pass Dolma-La begins life with a clean slate? Dissolves a lake off the water all the obsolete and outdated in soul and body, and is it true that out of the water of the lake with the release of updates, as if born again? These and many other questions were expecting an answer, and we expect the return of the expedition.

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