Huge monitor lizard was found in the heart of California campus

In the U.S. emergency number 911, as well as in various animal protection organizations often receive calls with messages about the "huge" reptile found people in my house, in the yard, and so on. Most often rescuers arrived on the call, instead of seeing a "huge reptiles' small snake or lizard. However, there are exceptions — the other day in a townhouse in Riverside California was discovered monitor lizard and a half meters long. Jenny Selter, a member of the local animal control, said she had never seen anything like it.

Jenny arrived at the call after call from

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In the Krasnoyarsk region launched a Centre for Remote ECG analysis

In Krasnoyarsk, on the basis of the Regional Clinical Hospital in test mode began operation Centre for Remote electrocardiographic counseling. Portable cardiograph which will be used by physicians around the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the modules are equipped with data transmission over cellular networks.

As part of the regional program of modernization of the health districts of the region will go 196 portable cardiographs and M2M SIM-cards that can be transmitted via the mobile network of electronic data cardiographs. Subsequent processing of the ECGs will be carried in a specially created Center for Distance electrocardiographic counseling. Proper diagnosis of disorders

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Military secret. Aired 4/23/2012


— Crime and punishment. Does Russia need a death penalty — Unique military developments African designers — Ordinary terror. How the U.S. and spreading democracy around the world — Viruses — unexplored neighbors of people — Small arms of Russia. The best examples of — Mysteries of History. Who actually first planted the flag on the Reichstag — Code man. Why intelligence agencies around the world, conduct genetic experimentation? — Eldorado. Where is the oldest country? — All the secrets Aykibodo, from the founder of a unique style

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Storm warning announced in the Kursk region due to the wind

Storm warning announced on Monday in the Kursk region due to the strong wind, precipitation in the form of sleet and sudden temperature changes, according to the Kursk MOE.

"The next day, December 3-4, in the Kursk region is expected worsening of weather conditions: strong winds with gusts up to 22 meters per second, the precipitation in the form of rain and wet snow, the temperature drops from seven to four degrees Celsius heat," — said in the message.

Such adverse weather conditions, warns MOE, can cause damage to transmission and power lines, collapse slaboukreplennyh structures, including billboards, light roofs

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Opinion: The experts on the situation around Syria watch online

3rd Global war imminent, it breathes us in the head. Despite the fact that England and half of the members of NATO against military intervention in Syria, the U.S. is still planning to this operation. Obama: U.S. ready to strike Syria without international support. Bashar al-Assad in the 2.5 years of the war had a huge civilian efforts to modernize the country. Adopted more than 200 laws democratic content, that's a whole other country. Currently around Syria develops situation "Political deja vu", similar to the one that preceded the invasion of Libya and the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi.

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In our galaxy seen strange mist microwave


European spacecraft captured new images of the Milky Way, confirming the existence of the mysterious veil of microwave fog around the galactic core. This image shows the entire sky space distribution over the sky of the galactic fog at 30 and 44 GHz. The picture received February 13, 2012.

New Images obtained with the Planck spacecraft — the European Space Agency, which is the study captures a strange mist that was, as previously thought, not a spot of cold gas where new stars are formed.

Energy haze received previous mission NASA has just

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Maria Hesse dismissed

Third day of September of this year as chief editor of "Around the World" was fired Mary Hesse. The dismissal was due to her disagreement with the owner of the magazine, she wrote in the evening in his blog. Although they occur repeatedly, it became one of her last. Dismissal occurred because the owner of the magazine in the form of an order Hesse said go on a trip with Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit and report on rescue cranes. Siberian Cranes — is an endangered species of cranes in the Red Book. Mary found it such a charge interference

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Thermal catastrophe is inevitable

Scientists from around the world have provided strong evidence that global warming continues to worsen and, obviously, can not be stopped by the measures which are now accepted. Not all are sure that his cause — the greenhouse gases emitted by industry and automobiles, but all agree that it is becoming warmer and warmer.

80 years of the last century was the warmest decade on record at the time. But 90 years were even warmer, and the first decade of the new century was warmer than the 80's.

The ice around the world are melting and sea levels rising.

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In the north of St. Petersburg heard strange explosions

Residents of the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg this morning, feel the vibration and hear the distant sounds, like explosions.

As "Rosbalt" eyewitnesses, clapping and vibration started around 11:00 and continue to this day.

Recall that in late September last year, residents of St. Petersburg began to complain of strange explosions that could be heard throughout the city. Neither the police nor the MOE did not know. In the department confirmed "Rosbalt", which calls on the unknown noise comes a lot, but even the security forces did not have any information.

September 30 was reported by the head of

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Power Frets

Magus Rod Veleslav of Alexandrovsk.

In this life there are no coincidences, all natural. Here we are on the first day of new year came not by accident.

We, that is charge of the Slavs, from different cities of Perm region, gathered at the ruins of the ancient Vedic temple, which for a long time looking for. (If there is Vogulsky shrine — a place of great power, which hosted the initiation — POSVYASHENIYA, temple Yar Russia — funeral complex, we should be for the Vedic Temple.)

The purpose of review, activate a place of power, turn ladovanie. The

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