Rainbow around the sun, the capital of Ecuador


13.10.11.Segodnya morning, residents and visitors of the Ecuadorian capital could see a clear bright circles around the sun bright in the sky over siyavshego Quito.

This is an interesting natural phenomenon associated with the optical refraction of light, due to the large number of ice particles in the upper atmosphere. Consisting of a range of perceived bright colorful spots, iridescent and merging with each other. Facebook users on Twitter were quick to put a rainbow around the sun hundreds of reports, explanations and photos of this beautiful and rare atmospheric phenomenon, which had a good view from the windows

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Hurricane of Yekaterinburg. Video


22.05.12.Silny hurricane hit Yekaterinburg. Gusts of wind tore down a sheet structures, which killed builder. Wind power can be assessed by how easily at the height of the twelve houses circled mats and pieces of foam.

Storm covered the city without a trace. What was a street Serova resembled heart of the storm. Of dust could be seen or neighboring houses or the park. Picture of the day on internet forums carried over directly from the screens metoeosluzhby Koltsovo. Storm front closes around Yekaterinburg.

And the repair and machine shop was blown away to one of the

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Around SP-40 in the Arctic formed many cracks


MOSCOW, November 8 — RIA Novosti, Anna Yudina. Around drifting research station "North Pole-40" (SP-40) in the Arctic, some days there is an increased formation of cracks appear hummocks of ice, but the threat to the base camp to the ice yet, the press service of the Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Hydromet Research Institute (AARI).

"The ice core, where the station is located, it's okay, nothing extraordinary happened — everything is in place, do not split off. Crack directly in the camp there, but the situation around the station is really complicated — there is hummocking. However, such processes

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Begins the search for planets similar to Earth




In the near future, astronomers will begin a new project to find planets like Earth around other stars. To do so would be to use the network of telescopes located in different countries.

An international group of astronomers led by Jean-Philippe Beaulieu (Jean-Phillipe Beaulieu) of the

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Ball horror




"Evening Moscow", 16.03.2004, Moscow, n48, p.4

Author: Natalia Leskov

_ * He suffered from Moscow Olga Ponizova Fryazevo * _

Pensioner Olga Ponizova from Moscow Fryazevo never in the newspapers did not address: felt his modest lady does not particularly notable. A change of heart after the

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Unusual natural phenomenon occurred in Ecuador and Peru


16.03.11.Spetsialisty Institution of Oceanography and Cartography Ecuador (Inocar) commented on by the official reports on the strange rainbow circle around the Sun, observed on Tuesday residents of Lima (Peru) and the southern part of the coast of Ecuador and caused considerable concern in view of the recent explosions at the nuclear power plant in Japan after the earthquake last Friday.

Experts believe that this phenomenon is due to an optical illusion caused by the presence of a large number of particles of moisture in the air, which, falling into the troposphere, refract sunlight, creating

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Nearly 10 years in the WTO — and was founded in Moscow WTA

Nervous not watch 🙂

At the 1998 Conference in Japan, it was decided to establish an international coordinating body of toilet culture and infrastructure, and already in 2001 in Singapore was officially announced the creation of the World Toilet Organization (WTO)

In Moscow, discussed its charter and, on the eve of graduation from the Moscow summit, Jack Sim Duck publicly announced the formation of BTA.

BTA was finally formed in 2007. Property and equipment at its cozdanie were isolated from the treasury of South Korea, what is the main merit of the head of

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In Krivoy Rog earthquake. Updated


14.01.11.Slabye tremors occurred in Krivoy Rog January 14 around 7.05. They have been particularly acute in the area of the stop Pioneer Square it. Artem and the Boulevard Tonight.

As reported IA "Kryvbas On-Line» in the Krivoy Rog terupravleniya Public Service Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine, cause mini-earthquakes could be blasting at the enterprises of the city. Related to the management of large industrial plants of the city, Gosgorpromnadzora inspectors found that the planned blasting around 7.00 am on that day were conducted on only two mines. But their explosive power could not lead to

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The drought has led to fires on the Atlantic coast of the U.S.


20.02.11.Silny wind, relatively warm and dry weather has led to the emergence of a Saturday dozens of fires in rural areas of the central part of the Atlantic coast of the United States.

In addition, tens of thousands of residents of this area were left without electricity, and Washington — no grand fir on the lawn in front of the Ellipse south of the White House facade. The latter is considered the main Christmas tree of the country, where the lights every Christmas is traditionally lit the current U.S. president.

According to reports, in Virginia, Delaware and Maryland fire

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In the depths of the ocean reduces the amount of cold dense water

Antarctic bottom water layer, the temperature is below zero (dark blue areas indicate very thick, white — a lack of water), cover the bottom of the ocean around Antarctica (center, highlighted in gray). Shows the rate at which this layer waned during the study (meters per decade). Plunge pools separated by thin gray lines. Note: sea water remains liquid even at temperatures close to -2? C, because of the high salt content.

A significant decrease in the number of cold deep water — the so-called Antarctic bottom water — in the Southern Ocean in the years 1980-2000.


Sara Perks

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