Solar halo in the United States. Video


27.06.11.Ispolzuya Keywords: Solar halo ring around the sun and the rainbow around the sun, I filtered by date of receipt of new material and put together this video response from Youtube videos shared on the downloaded 25 or 26 June 2011.

I often use different phrases to search for unusual phenomena in the sky, and I found it strange that in one day and in various places there are many of these unusual phenomena.

The list of authors and the location where the survey was carried out in order of appearance:

1. DanLiffick — Oregon, USA 2. bmanwyatt

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Unusual natural phenomenon in the Crimea. Photo


In Crimea, Chernopole Greek holiday sun marked "circular rainbow". Photo: Mark Agatov

6.06.11.Posmotrev in the sun you will never see a rainbow, but here in the Crimea Crimean paparazzi managed to capture a rainbow around the sun. But to start with some clever ideas of the rainbow from Wikipedia. Rainbow — atmospheric optical and meteorological phenomenon that is usually observed in the high humidity. It looks like a multicolored arc or circle, composed of the colors of the spectrum (looking from the outside — inside the arc of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. These seven colors

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Solar halo in Latvia


Photos: Reader

4.06.11.Mnogie Latvian residents this week saw a strange circle around the sun. The readers of the news portal photographed and filmed this unusual phenomenon. As explained astronomer Karlis Berzins, seen optical phenomenon — a halo. Christina and colleagues Janina noticed unusual during planting one of the Riga hotels. "We thought it was a UFO. Frankly, our boss said that, apparently, is something Americans have launched over Latvia. The other man told us that the explosion of the sun. "

Half an hour later the woman saw that the circle is getting smaller. Then he

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Japanese earthquake in 2011 still goes around comes around

Geological vicinity of Japan. The epicenter of the earthquake in 2011 shows the oval to the east of the islands near the Japan Trench. (Image AAAS / Science.)

A powerful earthquake that struck the east coast of Japan in March 2011, woke faults near the dormant plant "Fukushima-1" and "Fukushima-2."

"Strong earthquakes may occur in the fault Futaba only 5-6 km from the nuclear reactor," — emphasizes Dapeng Zhao of Tohoku University. This fault runs along the coast just past the two nuclear power plants.

Group, Mr. Zhao has analyzed data for more than 6 thousand earthquakes in the

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Watching the aura around objects is dangerous for womens health




This is the conclusion of Dr. Kurt Tobias (Tobias Kurth) of the American Brigham and Women's Hospital.

A new study shows that women who often suffer unusual migraine with "aura" may be more likely to get hit than women who do not suffer from this type of

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Awaken dormant volcanoes — scientists

Scientists around the world have seen a sharp increase in volcanic activity on Earth. Many of the "dormant" volcano began to show signs of life. Especially dangerous is the so-called supervolcanoes, the force of the eruption which is the explosion of several nuclear bombs simultaneously. The possibility of the eruption is 12 times more than the fall of the meteorite. The likelihood that it will happen in our lifetime — 0.15%, experts say. rating was hiding volcanoes, which can at any time to wake up.


In the awakening volcano this is not the worst. Located in

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Time factor


An excerpt from the story "In the melee CHIMTANY or who first stood — that and shoes" written by real events in Afghanistan. Frankly as far as the memory.

"We also felt that the time seemed to stop, or at least significantly slowed. "Spirits" moving like in slow motion, slowly moving his limbs, and something resembling a huge pile of crabs in a basket, which has long stood in the sun. All around, it was familiar, known and understood — suddenly changed so much though was in another dimension.

Vision has become so voluminous, as if you could see

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10 space sensations of the past year

The planet Kepler 16b two suns.

International experts ranked the events in space over the past year

1. Mars rover "Curiosity" went to the Red Planet to look for life

New-generation nuclear-powered was launched November 26, 2011 from Cape Canaveral. He is a self-contained chemical laboratory and several times larger and heavier than his earlier predecessors — the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. According to the calculations to get to Mars in August 2012 and to land in Gale crater with a diameter of 150 kilometers. The value of

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Halo in St. Petersburg. Photo


18.02.11.Ustanovivshiesya in St. Petersburg frosts have enabled citizens to witness the rare atmospheric phenomena. On Thursday, the sky could be seen the so-called halo.

Halo — an optical phenomenon, illuminated ring around the light source (the sun, the moon, street lights). Ice crystals in cirrus clouds in the lower atmosphere at an altitude of 5-10 km reflect and refract light, which causes the appearance of atmospheric phenomena. Sometimes in cold weather halos formed crystals is very close to the surface. In this case, the crystals resemble sparkling gemstones.

These phenomena are not rare, so on

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Mystery Lada. Fireballs then seen as something ordinary

September 7, 2012 12:03

Some residents believe the Volga: flying around the fire clots — the souls of dead people In search of anomalies of the Samara Bend expedition "AIF" went to the boom Tokhtamysh — mystical hill, the occurrence of which the researchers attributed to the battle on the river Kondurcha, in the fourteenth century largely determined the fate of Europe.

Where is a Tokhtamysh arrow?

"Look, what a flat wall, like a knife cut, — Oleg Warrior, vice president of the research group" Avesta ", shows the elevation, which drives up our car. — According to

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