Object with the Saturnian rings discovered outside the solar system

American and European astrophysics first discovered a gigantic system of rings, similar to the rings of Saturn, a planet outside our solar system.

The study authors Mamazhek Eric (Eric Mamajek) from the University of Rochester (USA) and his colleagues from the Netherlands and the UK presented their findings at the American Astronomical Society in Austin (Texas). Astronomers have studied data from international projects SuperWASP (Wide Angle Search for Planets) and ASAS (All Sky Automated Survey), concerns a young sun-like stars in the stellar association Scorpius-Centaurus.

This stellar association — sparse and intermittent group of young massive stars — the closest

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Roads appear Berdsk meter dips

Karst holes

1.09.11.Provaly in the land and the destruction of the roadway residents associated with the critical condition of utilities and unfair implementation of road repairs.

Land out from under the feet — Come every day — inviting passers friendly employee Combine municipal public services, looking out of the hole on the road in the city center — we are here for a long time now. The failure of the road surface on Lenin Street at the intersection with the street Herzen occurred, according to the inspector's supervision Alex Taygarova Road, in the afternoon of 30 August. Area around the

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Still not tired of our weather and climate disasters?

Our agriculture is officially in the zone of risky agriculture. Spring floods and frost, hail and drought in the summer, in the winter biting cold and heavy snow, storms at any time of year.

We tasted these delights in full each year on their own plot in a collective garden near Sverdlovsk. Frost always arrive just in time to flowering apple, cherry, strawberry, pear, choosing the sacrifice on your taste, sometimes some of the victims. But the tomato and cucumber seedlings destroyed almost always. Our resentment, helplessness and counting irreplaceable losses expected yield had no way out.


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Map of Milky Way needs urgent correction




Australian astronomers have discovered a new branch of the giant Milky Way. This means that the urgent need to change the map of our galaxy.

Gas "process" has a length of 77 thousand light-years wide — a few thousand light years away. Hydrogen mass runs along the

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A huge asteroid hit the planet from orbit

European astronomers have found the cause of the anomalous behavior of the first planet of the solar system — Mercury. According to them, an unusual orbit a celestial body received following a collision with a large asteroid.

The closest planet to the Sun rotates on an unusual orbit — For two turns around the lights Mercury performs exactly three turns on its axis. Modern astrophysics believes that Mercury had to rotate synchronous orbit — rotation around its axis and around the sun would apply in such a way that the planet would always be looking at a star party.

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NASA plans to send a probe to Uranus — to explore a large and strange magnetic field

October 16, 2011 17:01

NASA plans to send a probe to Uranus — study "a great and strange magnetic field

The space agency NASA is discussing the possibility of sending a robotic device to Uranus — the seventh planet from the Sun in our system.

Until now, Uranus close range only saw the probe Voyager 2, which flew by the planet in 1986.

Proposed mission provides for a machine that rotates around Uranus just as it does around Saturn Cassini and Galileo around Jupiter in the past, reports CyberSecurity.ru.

Flight automatic probe to Uranus is proposed for

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Ocean warn about earthquake

Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), University of California, San Diego (University of California at San Diego), U.S., has received a grant of one million dollars for the development of deep seismic network. A grant allocated by the National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation), the Associated Press.

The ships usually placed in the ocean seysmochuvstvitelnye sensors that collect information over time. New deep seismic network more efficient. The new project information from the sensors embedded on the bottom, will be transferred to an autonomous unmanned sized surfboard, located on the surface of water. This data then will

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In Moscow snowfall broke 13,000 trees

In Moscow, from the beginning of snow fell around 13 thousand trees and large branches, "Interfax" referring to the press-secretary of the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Public Works of Igor Pergamenshchikov.

According Pergamenshchikov because of snow and ice continued branches and trees continue to fall. In this regard the utility of Moscow urged the citizens to be cautious. It is noted that most of the fallen trees and branches were sawn and removed.

In addition, as noted by Igor Pergamenshchikov, from the beginning of the winter season was removed and disposed of about 7 million cubic meters of snow,

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In Latvia, the raging elements


Photos: Reader TVNET

12.06.11.V Saturday in many places in Latvia could see lightning and hear thunder, rain and hail and strong wind gusts in some places piled trees. In the evening, the wind knocked a few trees in Olaine, his impulses were particularly strong in Riga, the element has left its mark on Plyanivekah. In many regions was hail, including around Kuldiga Saldus Ventspils, Riga and Sigulda.

Especially heavy rains hit the Kuldiga and Saldus, reports Latvian Centre Environment, Geology and Meteorology. Lightning was visible in Vidzeme and Courland and around Daugavpils. Some customers "Latvenergo" experienced temporary shortages

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Today Krasnoyarsk can get to 1908




Today, on the eve of the International Day of Museums Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum, a presentation of the new interactive exhibition "Tunguska doomsday." As the press service of the museum, the exhibition is devoted to one of the great and mysterious accidents on the memory of our civilization:

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