Four arrested activists on hunger strike in Grodno

Most of all — seven days — given the head of the regional branch of the United civilian party Yury Istomin, who came out of the October 5 bullpen after five days of arrest. Both times the standard charge: "neprelichnaya abuse."Managing regional organization BSDG Viktor Sazonov, chairman of the city organization Joint civilian Dmitry Slutsky party activist unionism journalist Ivan Roman condemned every 5 days.They uttered that symbol will protest hunger strike in jail. Arrested believe their insulated to prevent participation in the "European march".

Gomel UCP activist Vladimir Katsora arrested for 7 days

Vladimir Katsora promptly taken to the tribunal railway area. Kozyrev referee punished activist 7 days of arrest. According Katsora his arrest is connected with 2 political events, to be just after this week:Katsora: "At Actually, I think it is — a provocation. So I wrote. Another way, provocation. It is connected with the fact that arrived after EU states. I think this is the main reason. I owed this meeting to organize our side on Friday. And the second reason — it is the European March, held in Minsk. " This is the fourth arrest of activist recently principal political

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Mogilev police beat journalist — have beaten, no facts

In the verification process, as indicated in the ruling council, Anna Ilina took offense and her detention was competent, and the facts were not confirmed beatings.For the journalist did not answer police sudden:"I, of course, so it will not leave, I will speak with the lawyers, and will file a complaint to the higher authorities. Now I would expect prosecutor’s where lodged a complaint, and later, I already know the answer will be the same, just write, — and then I will submit to the court. "August 30 reinforced police patrol in the woods near Mogilev delayed group youth activists.

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The Tribunal dismissed the appeal on the Council of Ministers of the BHC

Three years reverse the Belarusian Helsinki Committee taxed on foreign assistance for the TACIS program there. Meanwhile, previously from this tax did not take care. The authorities explained to innovation changes in tax law that has brought Parliament. BHC arrested property, which evaluated 250 thousand rubles. But most importantly, they say human rights activists, the tribunal decided to collect from 155 million rubles organization taxes and penalties for non-payment. Since funds for this organization’s budget was not due to BHC arrested and brought against her control criminal case. Later it was closed, but the chairman of BHC Tatiana Protko not

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For the fact that at the stops were not flyers responsible wipers

Police on the streets in civil watching passers-by and detain those who, in their opinion, may be leaflets calling to participate in the "European march." In Minsk bullpen behind bars four activists detained on the street and after checking their belongings were taken to police. serving 15 days in jail Dmitry Barodka, Leonid Novitsky, Svetlana Gorokhovik and Vitaly Tikhanovich. Grodno arrest serving Eugene Skrabutan.At night from the police released Goretskogo Constantine, which together with other detainees in the evening on the street Kropotkin. Constantine said, "Freedom", which was further:"Delivered to the police department. Wrote what was happening, put us on

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Police arrested the newspaper’s circulation Free City

The arrest of the circulation of the newspaper "Free City" "Freedom," said editor Sergei Uneven. By him, operation run by a man in civilian clothes. Uneven Emperor does not rule out that it was KGB.According to the editor, at first the police made sure that both numbers written newspaper circulation least 300 copies of that permitted by law, and were about to miss the editorial car, but a man in civilian ordered the arrest of circulation.Circumstances of the arrest of circulation newspaper Sergei irregularities not been explained. He believes that the other day, a day or town authority tries to

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Martyrology of Liberty: Sergei Grakhovo

Grakhovo Sergei (12 (24) .9.1913, locations. Nobel Pinsk. Minsk province., Now Zarechanski district Rivne region., Ukraine — 11.12.2002, Minsk), poet, novelist and translator. In 1914, along with his parents moved to Glusk in Mogilev. First poem, taken in 1926. In 1931-32 he worked as a proofreader in Dyarzhvydavetstve BSSR, gas. "Red Shift." In 1935 graduated MWPI (newspaper-publishing literary department faculty that). Worked on the Belarusian Radio, teachers of literature at the Workers’ at BSU. 19/10/1936 arrested. Exiled for 10 years, logging in the Gorky region. In 1946-49 teacher in Slutsk area. In 1947, with G. overturned, but he was 05/19/1949

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Now about Baranovichi bullpen friends will meet Paul Sevyarinets

Now after serving 17 days in jail in Baranovichi bullpen freedom will Paul Seviarynets. This is the third in a row arrest after release from the "chemistry" of the small village Sitna where Paul was serving a sentence for a company of street demonstrations against the rigged elections and referendum 2004. Then, along with Paul tried Statkevich, devoid of registration of the party favorite "People’s Hulk." Now Statkevich will meet Paul approximately Baranovichy bullpen together with other democratic activists:"I came in Baranovichi, that meet Paul and someway pay homage to Paul. Certainly, I would recommend him to be careful, because

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The European Union considers the detention Ivashkevicha as bad signal

According to her arrest Ivashkevicha "causes great regret."She highlighted that the event is scheduled on October 14, once peaceful and aims to consolidate the wide circles Belarusian society, supporting the development of relations between Belarus and the EU. We are pleased that civilian society country sends accurate signal about his own willingness to engage in dialogue with the authorities on the subject, which is the main idea of the march — this idea emphasizes nekanfrantatsyynasts entire project "- said Christina Golyak.• Protocol sent back for revision, Ivashkevicha released 26.09.2007 • Ivashkevich will be judged for some flyers for the European

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Martyrology of Liberty: Flegont Volinets

Volinets Flegont (27.12.1878 (01.08.1879) Vileika — 27/11/1937, Solovki, the NKVD), sociopolitical. activist, writer, teacher. In 1900 graduated from training courses at national teachers Švenčionys national school. A teacher at Vilenschina. Over watered. deprived of the right to teach unreliability. Worked as an insurance agent. In 1916-17 he served in the military Minsk. With the letter. 1917 Mayor Vileika with the chairman of the City Council in February 1918, during the time of German occupation of the town residents elected steward. In 1920 more than once arrested by the Polish authorities. From 1926 to BSRG with snezh. 1927 member of the

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