It’s interesting. Holders of American 7-Eleven arrested for slavery

June 18, 2013  

Internal Security United States, together with the police raided the largest franchise network of 7-Eleven in Brooklyn. As a result of the raid were arrested 9 people who have been indicted in the theft of personal data and their use for hiring illegal immigrants to work.

As the federal prosecutor's office of the Eastern District of New York, more than a dozen people have been brought into the country illegally and, in fact, engaged in slave labor, and the suspects were appropriated part of their wages.

The audit was conducted

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Arrested on hunger strike

The fact that Paul Levinov starving in character protest that it is placed under arrest, a human rights activist told brother Andrew Levinov.Arrested asked relatives and friends that he had not passed any food or even drinking water.Ordered the arrest of Paul Lyavinau was issued on May 26. Pershamajski district tribunal found him guilty of disobeying police and small hooliganism during his arrest on March 27 near the apartment of journalist Vadim Borshevsky, in which KGB conducted a search. Levinov appeared there to provide legal assistance, and he categorically pleads not guilty rights violationsconcerning the order.The last six weeks defender

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Vitebsk: opposition outraged criteria in prison

Both activists said immediately going to write complaints about unsanitary conditions in Vitebsk temporary detention. Tovpyga Yang said that in each chamber insulator installed CCTV valuable instruments, but no soap, no other hygienic tools.Activist says that asked norms of detention and made sure that they are broken: for example, the camera is removed regularly arrested are not taken to the freshest air is unseasonably honey and help so on.Yang Tovpyga and Ales Pozniak imply send complaints to the Department of Health Executive Committee and to the prosecutor. Party members have expressed concern about the health of their own adherents who

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70 people were fined and arrests

Will a day police cordoned off the area Kolas, organizers planned muster. That group which was about the structure of the editors of "Evening Minsk" and consisted in the main of youth activists unregistered organizations, went to break the police cordon. As a result, the soldiers of internal troops surrounded the mass.

Thrashed back. It was just in shakalski

According to Interior Minister Vladimir Naumova, March 25 has been detained 88 people. During his detention, several protesters were injured. Detainees were tried in courts Partyzanski, Capital, Russian and industrial areas. As a result of litigation arrested 28 people for a

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Pavel Kuryanovich arrested for 15 days

Together with friends, he held a picket, demanding the freedom of Tibet.Several Young people holding a banner in the British language "Free Tibet" and white-red-white flag.In the dispersal of the picket police arrested 2 persons.Pavel Kuryanovich up a protocol for his role in an unsanctioned rally.This is the third arrest youth activist.First time he was arrested for stickers calling to participate in the European March on October 14.Later, he served 20 days in jail for his role in the action of solidarity.

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P. Sevyarynets: Mode is a moral failure

After the stock business on January 10, when more than 2- thousand people to protest against government policies in relation to small business, the police detained activists of youth organizations that did not participate in the demonstration. Most of those arrested — high school students.In the midst of those arrested — Chairman public organizations businessmen "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka, one of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Makaeu Alexander, Alexander Toustsik, businessman Vladimir Saligorsk Shiloh favorite Joint civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko, Siuchyk, youth activist Lyudmila Atakulava Dmitriy Fedoruk, Franak Vyachorka, Kasia Krasnov, Kasia Galician, Maxim Vinyarski and others.Several people went on hunger

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Either return the property arrested in opposition?

Activist PBC Svetlana Mikhalchanka Svetlahorsk returned from a computer that is selected during a search the other day Euro Marsha. "I took you computer for you and I connect" — was courteous to a lady officer of the local council KGB Alex Shahin. Security officer asked the pensioner forgiveness and explained to why the computer did not return more than a month — in fact were taken to check in Gomel. But, says Svetlana Mikhalchanka, her hitherto not given some written material including book Pavel Sheremet and Svetlana Kalinkina "Accidental President." According to reports, this and other "opposition" products currently

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The court arrested the head of the department ATIS on suspicion of taking bribes

Cheremushkinskiy Moscow court arrested the head of the Department of Philosophy of the Academy of Labor and Social Affairs Victor Baris, who is accused of receiving a large bribe, told the court.

Thus, it was granted the petition of the investigation.

Last Thursday, the court seized of the second person involved in the case — Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of International Policy MSU Michael Basharatyan. According to the SC, on Friday the two detainees were charged.

According to the investigation, in October Basharatyan Baris and demanded a bribe from a young man of 30

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New York has never felt the approach of Halloween …

Twitter-feed Russian Brooklyn. October 2012.

Illegal alien from Yemen for the first time in the store the Bronx was shot in the thigh after refusing to show the contents of the cash register.

Bronx: the police by mistake asking the 27-year-old man, mother of the deceased put on the $ 710 bill for the dents on the bumper and hood.

The Governor of the State of New York has signed a law allowing the brew to sell in urban markets. The license cost: $ 1450 per year per 132,000 liters. In Brooklyn, driven mainly from corn, and some even

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Bishop-pedophile-bugger arrested in England

British police have arrested on suspicion of pedophilia Peter Ball, formerly known bishop of Gloucester.

P.Boll was arrested at his home in the county of Somerset. Investigators suspect his motivation in 8 boys to join the sexual relationship between the mid-1980s. at the beginning of 1990. The youngest victim at the time was 12 years. As it became known, the Anglican Church cooperates with the investigation. Church gave the police a number of internal documents relating to complaints of behavior P.Bolla.

P.Bolla relatives refused to comment on his arrest.

"We want every one of our parishioners

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