Seviarynets — glyamurny Belarusian politician

Slonim are increasingly burning buildings and premises belonging to businessmen reports "Newspaper Slonim". On Friday, July 13, the building caught fire, which was placed in the personal store "SPRING". Was it the result of arson, employees learn Ministerstvva emergencies. Yet, July 4th burned some clothes shop "Caprice" belonging to another Slonim businessman Alexander Povuhu. Even earlier this entrepreneur had other problems with arson — 24 May burned his pavilion in a local park. Has confirmed that the fire was a prerequisite specifically arson. "Evening Brest" writes that in Pinsk during reconstruction Lenin Square builders excavated excavated old cultural layer. Earthworks

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The police can not find the smoking machine

While investigators seek out the underlying motives in the actions of intruders, psychologists draws the portrait of auto enthusiasts fireworks: someone so makarom protests against social inequality when someone "unjustly" richer, others do not care how fun and later become famous."Fire — sufficient ancient method or protest, or fun. It is obvious that something was missing people — education, culture. Even necessary to consider what they are looking movies, what books to read and read it at all — says psychologist Misha Dernakovski. For example, if someone burned the Russian times, you usually have people with disabilities on the mental level.

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Seven citizens of Belarus tested for involvement in the arson

Society activists were arrested Sept. 3 at about 6 am. They are suspected of involvement in the arson of an official vehicle "Mazda-3" on the territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk. Today it became known that the work begun for hooliganism reclassified to arson. The head of the press service of Minsk police Alexander Lastouski confirmed the correspondent of the "freedom" that the detainees' young citizens of the Republic of Belarus. " He said:

there was no explosion. It was in the form of hooliganism arson attempt …

"First, there was no explosion. Hooliganism was in the form of

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Court for setting fire to the KGB

Society Today in Bobruisk, the trial of Eugene Vaskovich, Artem Prokopenko Syramolatavym and Paul, who are accused of setting fire to the local branch of the KGB building (part 2 of article 339 of the Criminal Code — "particularly malicious hooliganism"). They face 7 to 12 years in prison.

Journalist "Bobruisk courier" Eugene Vaskovich was arrested January 17 in Mogilev.

Recall that the unknown in the night from 16 to 17 October 2010 Bobruisk made an attack on the headquarters of the KGB. At once was arrested activist anarchist movement Sergei Slyusar, his home was searched, but then

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Belarusian anarchists respond to one of the versions of the KGB

Society Chairman of the KGB of Belarus Vadim Zaitsev on April 12 announced the three versions of the terrorist attack in the Minsk metro. One of them — the relation to the explosion of young extremists. "There are representatives of radical extremist youth organizations. Now complete a criminal case on the anarchists. We do not exclude that in retaliation, primarily in respect of the KGB could have committed such acts, "- said Zaitsev.

Zaitsev has responded to the statement group of anarchists "against the state, against the capital!" Online Indymedia Belarus.

"We are confident can say, that anarchists had

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The court acquitted the psychiatrist. The prosecutor's office protests

Society Gomel Regional Court Judge Lyudmila Grin'ko acquitted former psychiatrist Eugene Grandfather, who back in 2009 he was convicted of arson Novobelitsky District Court to 4 years of imprisonment in a maximum security prison."I was very happy just verdict. Previously, I think I was punished because the need was raskryvalnasts arson ", — said Mr. Grandfather.

The criminal case against former psychiatrist Gomel regional psychiatric hospital for burning of farm buildings in the area Novobelitsky examined three times. The police "hung" on a psychiatrist even setting fire to their body armor — say, a he thrust Piramal.

30-year-old with

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