Wushu Brief historical information about Taijiquan

VL Asmolov

Fitness training Tai Chi is a series of interconnected complexes of psychophysical training that are based on a combination of slozhnokoordinirovannyh movements and breathing exercises, amid physical and mental relaxation, with a deep and sustained concentration. This is one of the most popular and very widespread in China today schools of traditional Chinese art «quanshu» («fist art», «wrestling and pugilism»), a component of the «martial arts» («the art of arts», «martial art»).

Given the important role played in Taijiquan hardening and development of internal defenses, the work of «internal energy» qi and management with the help of special

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Secrets of Damascus steel

Not all steel designs — Bulat!

Peter Anosov, Russian mining engineer, to rediscover the secret of Damascus steel

Bulat appreciated. He was a big fan of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. He strongly encouraged the search for ores and device «receiver-mill» plants. In the Moscow Armory kept many weapons of that time with Damascus blades and ornate, which is listed in the description as «Moscow business.» We came to us and some documents that allow even mention the names of armourers forged Damascus steel swords of Indian iron. «Akatov, Maul — saber business owner — did damask two swords in the second

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Rare footage

Video art artists Antonina Baever and Dmitry Venkov wins Biennale of Contemporary Art in Moscow.

With a light and risible Antonina Baever its serious and thoughtful co-author Dmitry Venkov, too, begins to smile. «In Russia there is a fear of ephemeral things that can not be put on the windowsill — says twenty-five Muscovite Antonina. — So that art — a thing useless, and even video art … «-» … It giperbespoleznaya thing «- a phrase ends thirty Siberian Dmitry.

Video art does not hang by the fireplace, it almost did not sell at auction, and he does not bring

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Discussion of the article «for the creative development of problems of linguistics», placed in the «truth»

17-18 January 1952 session of the Academic Council of the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss published in «Pravda» December 15, 1951 article vols. Sukhotina, Serebrennikov and Dzhikaevoy «For creative development problems of linguistics.»

Opening the meeting of the Academic Council, Director of the Institute Academician. Vinogradov said that the present meeting of the Academic Council is a response to an article published in «Pravda». A serious mistake of the Institute is that the Marxist errors in the work of the Institute prof. VIAbaev were promptly

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At the edge of time

The history of humanity is inextricably linked to wars. For centuries, weapons (cold) has played a huge role in people’s lives. It gave an opportunity to defend against enemies, to produce food for hunting.

Since ancient times, respect for weapons was reflected in the custom of decorating it. Decorated weapon was of more ceremonial and symbolic character. Lavishly decorated swords, daggers always been the privilege of kings, priests and military leaders. It was a religious thing.

Nowadays, when the functional significance of bladed weapons largely lost its aesthetic, artistic content continues to excite people, forcing more closely to peer

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Master of book illustration.

Many of us know the feeling of meeting with the beautiful one experiences at the sight of the publication, where the title is a line — «Figures B. Dehtereva.» And do not be tempted connoisseur to know at a glance the book, illustrated BA Dehtereva, whether massive or elegant brochure that gift edition. More than fifty years of life given by the artist complex and interesting case — the art of illustrating books.

Becoming a master took place in difficult times for the country and our art time. All kinds of fashion trends, supernovae and over bold theories do

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Beauty of the Earth — the beauty of heaven.

From century to century Russian same — or very similar — built homes, manufactured tools and household utensils, trying whenever possible to decorate any household item. At the same things that belonged to people of different social classes, different income, they differed only in material (wood, metal, precious metal), and more or less high cost of finishing (to have a bucket, covered with enamel, could afford only very rich people). But the shape of the object, the very principle of the organization of living, home of the space, the interior of the house had no class differences: the artistic

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What will be the art of the 21st century.

At the end of XX century. What are his epithets not only awarded: a violent, tragic, avant-garde, catastrophic. But the same definition, likely to be approached century XIX, and XVIII, if you look into them more closely. At the crash site, wars and conflicts, each time marked not only destruction, but also the creation, the great discoveries in science, art. In XX century, the passage of time has accelerated several times, especially in Russia. The October Revolution, the victory over Nazi Germany, flying in space — these milestones of the XX century will forever in the annals of humanity

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Home Agnes Barto career coincided with the formation of children’s literature in our country. After a major change in the political structure of the huge state, many writers did not understand how and, most importantly, what to write for young readers. The works were traced feeble attempts to adapt to the new reality. Soviet time between needed patriotic books, raising the reader’s sense of love of country; exciting, but at the same time close to reality.

With laughter

The main example for aspiring writers and poets Vladimir Mayakovsky then became, in 1925, wrote «The Tale of Pete, fat kid,



O. Chernikov

In early 1992, the club «Omega» (created by the Association of UNESCO Clubs) in the house of Culture. Serafimovich, where lectures on psychology, philosophy, and non-traditional methods of treatment, the seminar «On the calligraphy as a method of psychotherapy.» The group conducted a master of calligraphy from Japan, who brought all the necessary facilities for training in the writing of kanji (brush, ink, rice paper). Every participant had to choose close to him in spirit and character to improve his writing, being in different states of consciousness.

The interest in calligraphy is not accidental. It occupies an

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