The richly coloured stained-glass front door of Ann Robertson’s Edwardian home is just the starter to the menu of vibrant rooms, paintings and artefacts within. ‘This is not a minimalist or neutral style of house,’ she says, opening the door to a wide, tiled hallway. ‘When we bought it, we were incredibly lucky that all the original features were intact: the pediments over the doors, the fireplaces and even this floor, which was only discovered when we lifted up the old brown carpet a week after moving in.’

Ann moved here from a smaller house round the corner when her

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SPACE CROSSROADS: What to look for? (Part 2)

In the summer of 1976 fans, fishermen found on the banks of the taiga river Vashka (Komi Autonomous Republic of the Russian Federation), a strange piece of white metal fist-sized adult. One of the fishermen accidentally dropped the discovery of the hands, and it struck the rock, sprinkled with sparks. When the sample attempted to cut it with a hacksaw, from her teeth began to take off the whole sheaves of white sparks. In the end, the discovery fell into the hands of scientists and has been subjected to various analyzes and studies in a number of

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