What is it?

Stroke — an acute circulatory disorders of the brain, leading to damage and death of nerve cells. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain is either blocked (by plaque, thrombus — an ischemic stroke) or ruptures (hemorrhagic stroke). Once part of the nerve cells die, the body loses one of the functions for which the dead cells responded: paralysis, loss of speech and other serious violations. The larger the area of necrosis in the brain, the more serious the consequences of a stroke.

According to the Framingham study, and Rochester, the

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Stroke: how to recognize and what to do

    Mostthe first symptoms of stroke are:   Sudden weakness in the arm and / or leg; sudden numbness in the arm and / or leg; sudden violation audio and / or understanding; Sudden loss of balance, violation coordination, dizziness; Sudden loss of consciousness; severe headache with no some apparent reason or after severe stress, physical stress; sudden numbness of the lips or the side of the face, often with a "tilting" of the face, and all this against the background of an unusually low or, conversely, high blood pressure

When you see you, your family member

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Adrenal Tumors

Tumors of the adrenal gland — a focal proliferation of cells of adrenal glands. Most of these tumors are benign, and they occur infrequently.


The causes of adrenal tumors are unknown. Presumably, a role played by heredity.

What's going on?

The adrenal glands produce hormones that regulate metabolism, blood pressure, as well as the male and female sex hormones. The main clinical manifestations of adrenal tumors depend on what kind of hormone it produces in excess.

With tumors of the adrenal gland are the following symptoms:

1. Increased blood pressure. It is noted for:


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Terms of measuring blood pressure

An important element of diagnosis of hypertension and its adequate control — self- measurement his patient Blood Pressure (BP). In order to measure as accurate as possible, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules.

How to prepare for the measurement of blood pressure?

Before measuring a pressure of about 15 minutes did not change the position of the body. Try to relax completely. The cuff should be approximately at the level of the heart. Lower the air out of it try to slow. Fluctuations arrows and audio tones to be guided which is often not the

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Risk factors for stroke

Morbidity and mortality from stroke remain in Russia among the highest in the world. In Russia each year about 400,000 strokes. Among them are more common ischemic (cerebral infarction) — about 80% of all strokes are fewer hemorrhagic strokes (bleeding in the brain) — about 15%, and subarachnoid hemorrhage (sub arachnoid brain) — about 5%.

Stroke prevention is the actual problem, not only for medicine, but also for society as a whole, because the mortality of stroke is high (20-40% die within the first month of the disease), and among the survivors, more than half have persistent disability.


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