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Artificial gravity.

Plans for long-duration manned missions mean that we have to tackle the problem of coping with reduced or zero gravity.

Ever since the Skylab missions in the Seventies it has been known that living in zero gravity causes muscular wasting and loss of calcium in the bones. Exercise and medication alleviates some of these effects but some form of artificial gravity is necessary in the long-term. The easiest solution is to spin the spacecraft on its axis. Physicist Gerard O’Neill suggested that space colonies could consist of giant cylinders that would rotate to create artificial gravity. However, such cylinders would

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Outpatient dialysis center opened in Yessentuki

Outpatient dialysis center opened in Yessentuki, Stavropol Territory. Thirty vehicles "artificial kidney" will treat up to 180 patients daily. This greatly relieve the situation of patients with chronic renal failure in Caucasian Mineral Waters. In the future center will equip ten other vehicles.Price monthly rate per person — from 50 to 70 thousand rubles. Due to the Fund of obligatory medical insurance is vitally important procedures in the center will be free of charge.

Primarily due to the lack of "artificial kidney" had to refer patients to Stavropol in neighboring regions. Now for the residents Kavminvod such a

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Football pitch in Votkinsk

June 28 in the city of Votkinsk (Republic of Udmurtia) at the stadium "Banner" opening ceremony of the new football field with artificial turf. This project was carried out within the framework of federal program "Development of football in the Russian Federation, 2008-2015 gg.", Developed at the initiative of the RFU.

The first field tested senior players and Udmurtia Votkinsk: the stadium was a friendly match honey teams of the Government of the Republic and the city administration.

"His labor successes, high civic activity you deserve such a wonderful gift, — said the President of Udmurtia Alexander

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Carbon tape FibARM (Composite): The second phase of testing for earthquake resistance

Specialists Institute of Defense Emergency summed up the second phase of tests on seismic stability of fragments of brick buildings, and to enhance the external reinforcement using carbon strips FibARM.

According to the study artificial earthquake of 9 points did not cause any harm to the model enhanced carbon materials.

In mid-August, the results of the tests were carried out on the seismic stability of the fragments of brick buildings: the conventional and enhanced The reinforcement system of carbon ribbons FibARM. The technology is developed Holding company "Composite". It is designed to enhance the buildings and structures,

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Hitherto the 1990s lies shoes in the closet

Lida shoe factory in 1990 producing slippers. Mrs. Valentine then worked in the factory and received part of the wages of the native products of the enterprise: "Some percentage of earnings issued funds, and the rest is transferred to the slippers. Would funds — go to the market, sell. Not be able to realize — eat slippers. Imagine two thousand people, and each was given 10 — 15 pairs of slippers, whom they zbagryts? Until now pulling out of the closet, and when mol not eaten shoes themselves. Earlier, the 90 lies shoes at us. " Valentine recalls how funds

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Gomel: the smell of the New Year with a live Christmas tree is associated

On the ground near the Central Market Christmas trees and decorations to offer him about fifty merchants. And even hard to find immediately what herringbone Gomel prefer — natural or artificial?Lady: "Artificial comfortable — and got set. A forest … Wild later needle fall. "Lady: "From the forest need — real spruce, greenish, lovely, lovely."Lady: "Once paid for artificial — and the rest of life."Artificial Christmas trees are made in Poland from 50 to 260 thousand rubles, regardless of height. On offer people staring philosophically:Lady: "Well, if you want a Christmas Tree, priobretesh money on at least some value."And yet

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Experts have released more than a million sturgeon fry into the main tributary of Lake Baikal

Experts' Baykalrybvoda "completed planned for 2012 work on artificial reproduction of Baikal sturgeon, releasing a main tributary of the lake — Selenga River — more than a million young sturgeon, as reported on July 30 representative offices.

According to the representative office, in the nature of natural enemies in the Baikal sturgeon is not, and it is limited only by the number of man. Now Baikal sturgeon is listed in the Red Book and its fishing is prohibited.

Bona fide fishermen always catch an accidental release it at will, but poaching remains a serious problem.


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The experts of the British Ministry of Defense, after consultation with scientists and engineers said: the next 30 years of supernormal person will become a reality. In whom we have become? Upgrading a secret Wish list is quite extensive super-powers — the ability to move quickly through the water or air, more security, increased focus, vision, hearing, endurance, memory expansion, the ability to process more information, go without food and sleep. All this is available only until the heroes of

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Can artificial volcano cool the Earth?

Can artificial volcano cool the Earth? Save the planet

The first study, associated with the utility of controlling the level of solar radiation, has shown that the assumption is not without tide. Lower the temperature of the planet by creating a volcano effect, which consists in the fact that the artificial products of the eruption overshadowed the earth from hot sun.

Idea, the U.S. aerospace company Aurora Flight Sciences, believed to meet the challenge, raising 1.5 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere at an altitude of 30 km. Sulfur dioxide is to create a kind of shadow on

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Winter tourism in the United States suffers a loss due to global warming

Winter tourism in the United States suffers a loss due to warming weather and climate

According to the report of the Council on the protection of natural resources of the U.S. and the "Protection of our winter" due to warming winter tourism in the country suffered a loss of $ 1 billion. This also resulted in the loss of 27,000 jobs in the period from 1999 to 2010.

In general, tourism has suffered because of the sharp reduction in snow cover change induced rainfall regimes in the winter season towards reducing them. Volume of snow fell because warmer

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