The art of fashion

Under the artistic direction of Marc Jacobs, luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton has conflated the worlds of fashion and art through its collaborations with significant contemporary artists such as Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kusama. Gillian Serisier examines how these creative collaborations have helped to reposition the brand within the realm of artistic innovation.

Transforming the classic brown and gold monogram into a riot of 33 colours, Japanese artist Takashi Murakami exploded colour into the Louis Vuitton brand and prompted a cult of collecting.

In 2001 Stephen Sprouse’s emblazoned graffiti gave Louis Vuitton street cred, while, in 2005, French

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Stash it — or trash it?

Not sure whether holding on to that sentimental item will make cents or not?

Top value flamingo

Ronel writes: I inherited this sculpture from my father and I want to find out more about the artist and determine the possible value.

Kate Lagan of Stephan Welz & Co’s Paintings Department replies: The artist is Italian-based Alessandro Nicoletti and this work was produced in the ’80s. The artist says that the artwork is from an edition of 10 — the medium of which is ‘light alloy’. He advises a gallery price or value of 3 000 EUR (R40 000) for this

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If you’ve ever visited the decorative-arts galleries of a museum and dreamed of sneaking behind the guardrails to rummage through the bureau drawers and lounge on the beds, now’s your honey. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has invited the artist duo of Michael E l m g r e e n and Ingar Drag- set to infuse five of its stately exhibit halls with their puckish imaginations. The result is “Tomorrow” the re-created apartment of a fictional architect nearing the end of a long life and an unsuccessful career. Broke and disillusioned, he has put his home on

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Таrell Alvin McCraney’s ninety-minute drama (a Manhattan Theatre Club production, directed by Trip Cullman) is set in a prep school attended by boys of color. The headmaster (Chuck Cooper) demands that Pham’s identify the culprit, but Pharus won’t betray him. More soap Opera and the only thing that brings all the boys together is song: the prefab drama of gospel music. McCraney, who is thirty-two, is still building his career, but it is being built, increasingly, on his weakest work, which capitalizes on his apparent difference (McCraney is black and gay) but doesn’t anything of his soul as

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SHAH: Psychotronics IN ACTION

The first issue of Rock City we already wrote about the Moscow thrashers, calling themselves the Shah. Since then, enough time has passed to again talk with Antonio Garcia and find out what happened to a group of the above-mentioned period of time. Moreover, the group at the moment is really stabilized and any problems in this respect is not expected.

So, as we said Shah composition stabilized, and we can finally announce the names of participants, without using type definitions "young guy, etc. The core group has remained unchanged: guitarist / vocalist Anton Garcia and drummer Andrew Sazonov. Plus,

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A man with an accordion

Based on the story Anatoly MAKAROVA writer — Alexander Borodyansky director — Nikolai Dostal operator — Yuri Nevsky artists — Alexander Boim, Alexander Makarov composer — Alexander Goldstein sound technician — BORIS Vengerovsky

Roles performed:

Dmitry Gromtsev — Valery Zolotukhin

Lelia Glan — Irina Alferov mother Gromtseva — ARINA Aleinikova

Savely Mikhailovich — VLADIMIR Soshalskaya Uncle Kolya — Michael Pugovkin

Savka — Sergei Milovanov beauty Tamara — ELENA Pletnev

Kostya Elkin — Stanislav Sadalsky Aunt Fenya — LOVE Malinowski

Lopatin — Evgeni Evstigneev son Lopatin — Sergey Kolesnikov

Nina Vorobyov — Irina Shmelev

Kohl Prikhodko — ANTON GOLUBEV Prikhodko mother

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Artists countries — festival.

Moscow in festive attire preparing for the opening of the XII World Forum of Youth and Students. Moscow artists, masters of fine art of the Soviet Union developed the sketches of posters and banners, posters, souvenir badges, souvenirs, design projects of public buildings, streets and squares. After decorating the city should bear the ideological and political charge.

Particular attention is paid to the festive appearance of the Leninsky district of the city, its main thoroughfare of the Komsomol prospectus, which will be held on the column of demonstrators. Then — the Luzhniki sports center of the festival.

An extensive cultural

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Disappointment … That is the bitter feeling when you realize that the old idols do not correspond to your idea of ​​them (and perhaps never matched), when you suddenly hear music in their performance, which is completely contrary to what they were doing before, or simply do not express themselves without touching your soul absolutely no strings. In the life of music lovers to experience such frustration can occur quite frequently. But what is the background of profound changes taking place with musical groups? Why people are executed once profound, complex, interesting music, suddenly begin to play once outspoken pop

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Suzi Quatro

CALL heart or just business?

Cheerless thoughts visited me during the writing of this material … The fact is that every new read in the process of gathering information biography or a retrospective article made sure again for a long time in the well-known, it would seem, thought: Where the rights of the business, still too little space for this sincerity and creativity. If in the previous review still featured musicians in whose formation directly influenced by the cultural revolution of the 60’s — as I said in the introduction to the article, the creativity of its heroines still rooted

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Solo for the second violin.

What a child draws us to the theater, the arts, philosophy married mischief? Perhaps the brutality of real existence. Nature play something close to human — his life is limited in time. But did not get applause for fussy meal of past days, we buy a paper ticket entrance and go to the theater, as in the Emerald City, where he lives Goodwin Great and Powerful, it will fulfill all. And as well as behind the scenes turns out that the force endowing the Tin Woodman heart, courage, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow straw mind, born through the sometimes

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