Alexander Kozulin answered questions from the audience of Liberty

       "I’ve always been a supporter of European human values "

      Mr. Kozulin as your health‘e after the hunger strikes, feceseSRI, all family losses? How do you see your future?

      My state is healthy‘I obviously requests a certain survey. But at the moment it is not enough time. I see my future in the fight for their country, for their country, for their own people.

      Solzhenitsyn said, that would not be what has become, if not hit the Gulag. Bullpen you took very many, and that she gave to you?

      I agree with Solzhenitsyn,

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Blogger volja. Paslya19tae

Society We continue to publish impressions of the events of December 19 and the first comprehension. Blogger volja 19th was an observer at a polling station in Minsk. On the ballot, "counting" votes, as well as what happened after she left the station in the city, she wrotefor a blog site livejournal.

I do not know how things will develop in Belarus. The only reality is that over the last few weeks has come to represent a state of war. The ideal picture is cracked and some top soil away from under his feet. If before the power is somehow

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