Exclusive interview with Julian Assange watch online

Wikileaks is concerned about the fate of the journalists who helped publish incriminating materials — this in an exclusive interview RT television channel said the founder and editor Julian resource Assange. He criticized the whitewashed house for abuse of power and violation of its own laws. Assange stressed that the Government of Barack Obama accountable for the Espionage Act was drawn to two times more journalists than in all previous U.S. presidents since 1917.

Modern history

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Destroy Assange

With such a headline article in the newspaper «The Washington Times», which was written by columnist Jeffrey T. Kuner newspaper. The journalist appealed directly to the U.S. authorities with a demand to kill Julian Assange as an accomplice of the terrorists whose activities poses a danger the lives of many people in both the U.S. and in other countries. Assange posted documents open people's correspondence of American diplomats, situation reports from the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq, open personality, cooperating with the U.S. in the fight against "al-Qaeda" and "Taliban."

Perhaps the columnist and right, killing Assange would have

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Controversial site WikiLeaks rewrite history

Website Wikileaks, to deliver this year a lot of worries the Pentagon and the U.S. intelligence community, is preparing to publish a new batch of secret data. On Monday morning, the official "Twitter" message appears, in which the creators of WikiLeaks promised to publish a collection of materials on the website, at seven times the famous "Iraqi dossier" consisting of 400 thousand documents.

"In the coming months we will see a new world, where global history will be rewritten," — said in its latest report on the current WikiLeaks. What kind of material is in question is not clear.

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Oddities WikiLeaks

Currently topic revelations website WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange has become very popular in the network. So I decided to send pochetaemoe society at some unclear point of all this business. And perhaps, to realize that after all we are waiting for.

So, the strangeness number 1. This is the number of documents diplomatically. Not to mention the previous publications on Iraq and Afghanistan, at the moment they were thrown 250000. Can such be the case, and some of their fighter against globalization Tipo provided. Honestly, not to be believed. For each piece of paper with the stamp —

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Wikileaks site is blocked as a result of a hacker attack

Website Wikileaks, which is scheduled on Sunday to publish 250,000 secret U.S. State Department materials were blocked users from hacker attacks, said Twitter organization. Wikileaks but states that in spite of the site blocking publication of the proceedings will take place, as they had previously been transferred to the media. As in the case of publication of material relating to military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, copies of secret U.S. State Department cables were transferred to an American newspaper «New York Times», British newspaper «Guardian» and German magazine «Spiegel». In addition, the materials were transferred to two other newspapers that

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Advocates Assange attack

Society Websites Mastercard, Paypal and Swiss Bank Post Finance were paralyzed after the attack, refused to continue as a service organization, Julian Assange WikiLeaks.

According to the newspaper The Guardian, the group is behind the attacks Anonymous, originated Online 4chan. Editions able to talk to 22-year-old member of the group from London, who identified himself only a pseudonym. On He said, to protect Assange joined about a thousand people on Worldwide, who share his ideas and want to be a force for "chaotic good". The Group does not have a defined organizational structure, it has been joined as teenagers who

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Julian against the truth-criticized U.S. support for the South American and Russian justice

On the days of the town of Guayaquil in Ecuador held a meeting of foreign ministers of the countries of the UNASUR. It is an organization representing the Alliance of American nations created about eight years ago. UNASUR has both political and economic status, and connects voedinyzhdy countries such as Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Suriname, Uruguay, Chile, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Bolivia. At a meeting of the participants expressed their unanimous support to the Ecuadorian authorities, who have offered to the creator of the infamous for its revelatory material from the website Wikileaks Julian Assange political asylum.


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