What was Sukharenko career?

But Sukharenko stood on its own post is substantially less than Leonid Erin whether Matskevich.Stepan Sukharenko own career almost everything must Chairman of the Security Council Viktor Sheiman. Back in November 1994, the emperor Sukharenka ranked unit of the Security Council. There he headed the fight against corruption.In 1997, Alexander Lukashenko announced his deputy chairman of the KGB on the fight against organized crime and corruption. Less than a year later, Alexander Lukashenko declared Colonel Sukharenko manage KGB Minsk and Minsk region.Just after, Viktor Sheiman appointed as manage the presidential administration, Sukharenko and headed the KGB.On Stepan Sukharenko many journalists

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In Gomel unknown tried to open the cabinet UCP NIGHT MODE

The other day in the office almost until midnight had guests. When the night attendant, UCP member, went to see them and come back in about 2 hours, go into the room, he was unable. In 2-iron door locks personal home leftovers stuck broken keys that form Tipo fits the lock, but not the original. "Maybe such makarom attackers want to disrupt the meeting favorites democratic coalition with representatives of the region. She was nominated for 14 hours on February 18, "- said V.Katsora. Meeting of the Governing Democratic parties: UCP — Anatoly Lebedko, BPF — Vintsuk Vyachorka and Belarusian

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Chronic gastritis: diagnosis and treatment

If you have pain and other unpleasant symptoms — contactGastroenterologist. In this case, do not waste time, because your "gastritis" may in fact turn out to be an ulcer. Peptic disease often accompanied by the same symptoms asgastritis, but much more dangerous.

Doctor must prescribe a esophagogastroduodenoscopy. During this procedure is sometimes performed a biopsy of the gastric mucosa for diagnosis of the bacteria Helicobacter Pylori.

In addition, ultrasound is assigned and, if necessary, X-ray examination of the stomach, and a study of gastric secretion.


If gastritis does not bother you — you do not need to

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Sannikov will judge Chatsvertakova, his wife Khalip — Bryhina

Society Pryznachynyya days of early trials of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov. Regarding the trial of his wife, journalist Irina Khalip know only the name of the judge who will hear the case. One of the founders of the BCD Seviarynets Paul learned the attack on April 11 from a prison television. Activist Pavel Vinogradov going to court to "say what he thinks."

April 20 it was reported that on April 27 appointed trial of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov and four other members of the Plaza — Ilya Vasilevich, Oleg Hnedchyk, Fedor Mirzayanavym andVladimir Eremenko. Andrei Sannikov told lawyers

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Undercover forgotten victories. Ural dragon

"Uralian dragon"Moniker head designer of intercontinental ballistic missiles for strategic submarines Victor Petrovich Makeev, thishim at the Pentagon. KB led them in the Urals city of Miass alone against U.S. naval industry. And if at first the 60s we conceded the U.S. in the range, accuracy and payload capacity, since the beginning of the 70's, we took the lead and never gave way to leadership, and the last rocket Makeev RSM-54, made in the middle of the 80s, up to now time is considered to be the most perfect instrument of the underwater world shipbuilding.

Undercover forgotten victories. Ural dragon.

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Nyaklyaeu Dmitrieva and do not give to part with Naumova

Society The leader of the campaign "Tell the Truth" has transferred the leadership of the KGB's request to allow him to say goodbye to a colleague and friend, political analyst Svetlana Naumova, who died on March 10, and the farewell ceremony is scheduled for March 12. On Friday late afternoon came the reply from the KGB: "Write to the prosecutor."

Another colleague Svetlana Naumova Andrey Dmitriev, unexpectedly appointed KGB Interrogation actually at the time of the funeral. A request to transfer Dmitrieva questioning the next day was refused.

Farewell to Svetlana Naumova March 12 will be held from

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March 1, 4 processes assigned to the Case of December 19

Society Just 4 trials of the events will be held on December 19 in Minsk district courts on the first day of spring.

Today it was announced that the designated trial of two members of the protest rally on December 19. Moreover, courts have held on March 1, the day on which are already assigned to two similar processes.

Thus, in the Frunze court Judge Tatiana Cherkas will consider the case of Staff spokesman Sannikov Alexander Otroshchenkov and the same process will take place over the youth activist from Baranavichy Dmitry Novik.

Court of the Moscow Region.


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Rogozin was appointed in charge of the military-industrial complex

Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the defense industry Dmitry Medvedev, president The Russian Federation, Dmitry Rogozin announced Russia's permanent representative to NATO. Who will Rogozin, namely, responsible for the implementation of the municipal defense order.

"Wishes to inform all of you that I have appointed you deputy. Prime Minister on condition that you coordinate the development of the defense industry, engaged in development Russian defense complex enterprises engaged respectively, coordinated the placement of state orders for the supply of equipment for the armed forces and hunted down of execution. Also engaged neuvvyazkami related to the coordination of relations on

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Reminded of Eliza Ozheshko

Society In Grodno marked the 170th anniversary of the Polish writer Eliza Ozheshko, who has lived most of his life in the city and is buried in the old Catholic cemetery.

In the event participated Consul General of Poland in Grodno Andrzej Chodkiewicz, who laid a wreath at the monument to the writer. In the yard of the house E.Ozheshko was an exhibition of her books. The building has been restored writer living situation, it is also part of the collections of the regional library named after Academician Efim Kara — foreign section and youthful. At the festival sound poetry,

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The commander of the Swifts plan to appoint a pilot of the Sokolov of the Russian Federation

RIA Announcements. Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondar wants designate new commander of the aerobatic team "Swifts" pilot of another group aerobatics "Eagles of the Russian Federation" of the Lipetsk aviation center Maxim Musatov.

Earlier it was reported that the first of October against the commander aerobatic team "Swifts" Valery Morozov was prosecuted. According to investigators, he Tipo sought to subordinate the means for a free visit to the service schedule. Defense November 12, without waiting for completion of the investigation, dismissed Morozov "for non-compliance criterion contract." Lieutenant Colonel appealed his dismissal in court.

A possible candidate for

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