So committed or not Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov feat?

"A quarter century back Russian officer Stanislav Petrov rescued the world from a nuclear war, but our homeland to this day prefers to ignore the feat of the hero" — a keynote speeches in the Western press, representatives of the so called "public international organization" — Association of people around the world.

In New York, UN Headquarters retired lieutenant colonel bestowed crystal statuette "The Hand holding a globe" engraved on it with the inscription "To the person who warned a nuclear catastrophe."

According to the president of the association of Douglas Mattern, 26 September 1983 lieutenant colonel Petrov,

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KAMAZ trucks for railway

"KAMAZ" to take part in the exhibition "Products Tatarstan commodity for enterprises — members of the Association of manufacturers of railway equipment." The exhibition will be held March 22-23 in Elabuge during a working visit to Tatarstan Vice-President of JSC "Russian Railways" Valentine Gapanovich. The exhibition was also visited by the non-profit partnership "Association of railway equipment" (NP "OPZHT"), which is composed of representatives of the largest industrial enterprises in Russia. It is on them in the first place, oriented representation "KAMAZ" exposure. Among the exhibits visitors will see a restyled side vehicle with the crane KAMAZ-43118-906078-24, shift buses

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CJSC Rusatom Overseas entered Association «Nuclear Industry Association» (UK)

CJSC "Rusatom Overseas" came into the UK Nuclear Industry Association (Nuclear Industry Association, NIA). This was reported July 24 in the Russian company.

NIA is a trade association representing more than 260 companies, is the nuclear industry in the UK Government, the Parliament and other structures, supports the commercial interests of its members in the UK and other countries around the world. As noted in the "Rusatom Overseas", Russia and the United Kingdom "there is tremendous potential for mutually beneficial cooperation in the nuclear industry, including the territory of third countries."

Recently, in the framework

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JSC BPO continues to build innovative roofing plant in Saratov.

1 December in Moscow, the VIII International Conference dedicated the 20th anniversary of the Association "Diana". Association opens its third decade of innovative construction plant for the production of roofing and waterproofing materials in the Saratov region.

Association "Diana" in the Russian market of building materials since 1991. With the continued sustainable development of the "Diana" deeply studied the technology of roofing materials, production processes and analyzing the possible consequences associated with the manufacture of the product. "Already in the first year of existence" Diana "has sold a soft shingles (MBCH) in a volume comparable with ten football

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KGB interest region free

Society Novopolotsk activist, one of the initiators of the public association "Free Region" Eugene Parchynskaga summoned to the KGB.

Mr. Parchynski told that he was summoned by phone. But to go in for questioning on March 18 activist refused, he learns from an entrepreneur and this day busy. KGB representative said that case send official agenda.

According to Eugene Parchynskaga, he immediately explained what will be discussed:

"The KGB officer said that he was interested in" Free the region. " What is this organization and how to Polotsk and Novopolotsk leaflets began to appear about political prisoners. I immediately said

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Engines manufactured by JSC Ufa Engine Industrial Association were presented at Aero India-2011

Production JSC "Ufa Engine Industrial Association» was demonstrated at the VIII International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition «Aero India-2011", which took place from 9 to 13 February in Bangalore (India).

Full-size engines AL-31FP and AL-55, manufactured by JSC "Ufa Engine Industrial Association" and exported to India, exhibited in the exposition of "UK" United Engine Corporation. " AL-31FP — turbojet engine with a tilt-jet nozzle is installed on the fighters of the Su-30. Thrust vector control engine provides aircraft maneuverability at low speeds. AL-55 is designed for training aircraft HJT-36 Indian Air Force. It has a high lifetime characteristics

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The opposition began to work on joint projects

Society Today in Minsk will be a meeting of the National Coordination Council of the democratic opposition. The participants will discuss joint work aimed at countering terror and repression by the authorities.

National Coordination Council of the democratic opposition, which was created by 9 January, has identified six areas where you can work together. One of them, for example, the restoration, creation and development of the structure. And indeed that may contain the active opposition if the government forced the Belarusian Popular Front Party to leave her office on Avenue Masherova? Other similar facilities in the opposition do not. As

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This will weather fishing in the Pacific Ocean in 2014

Scientists of the Russian Far East to discuss fisheries issues in the region and will yield forecasts for 2014 reporting session at the Association of Scientific and Technological Association Pacific Research Fisheries Centre (TINRO), which opens on Monday in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

"The meeting will bring together … Far fisheries institutions, representatives of the Federal Agency for Fisheries, fishing companies and associations, regional and territorial departments Rosrybolovstva enforcement authorities", — told RIA Novosti spokesman TINRO Center Konstantin Osipov.

According to him, the theme of the reporting session — "The state of the medium-term forecasting of fisheries resource base in the Far East

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Several UFO attacked the Yakut island. Photo


Unidentified flying object knocked mobile communications

Several tourists have photographed a UFO over Bear Island on the Lena River in Yakutia.

The appearance of an unknown object in the vicinity of the village Zhatay coincided with sensational observations Chinese, even when the UFO filmed on video.

— My brother celebrate their wedding anniversary on the island — said L! Igor Vilegzhanin. — Next was the second company, people were fishing and sunbathing. All were photographed. There was no audible rumble or buzz was sunny calm weather. Strangely there was only one:

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In Russia, a new winged Siberian Crane-10

In Russia created a new airfoil. As the chairman of the association "winged" Yuri Varakosov, project machine called "Siberian Crane-10" manufactured Company "Ekranoplanostroitelnoe association" ORION "commissioned by Industry and Trade Ministry.


The prototype machine is ready to be launched and for the first flight, which is scheduled for early August. The development of the prototype ministry has allocated 70 million rubles.

"The machine, weighing 10 tons is designed to fly at altitudes of up to 6 m and is capable of carrying up to 20 people. Thus the most

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