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The town began construction waste recycling plant

Regular fires that occur in the interior of multimeter debris, were the last straw that broke the patience of city officials. And at City Hall hosted a presentation of the new production, designed to receive 200,000 tonnes of waste per year. By the way, the Eagle produces only about 140,000 tons. Just plant was built from the perspective of the regional center. At full capacity the plant will earn at the end of August 2013. And in the Eagle will be about 300 jobs. Although a significant part of the waste segregation could automate — no manual labor can not

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Belarus has refused to register an organization that protects gays

MINSK, February 14. Belarus Ministry of Justice refused to register the national youth NGO "Human Rights Center" Lambda ". As the site of the project "GeyBelarus", the reason for the denial was the absence in the statute center "provisions, which indicate that the statutory activities of the public association will seek to provide a comprehensive social formation and development of young people."

Meanwhile, as reported in the statute, "Lambda" states that "the purpose of the association is to provide the necessary assistance and support for homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender people to protect their rights and interests."

Manual "GeyBelarus" intends to

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In the Kuzbass started to produce the sorbent for oil spill

The production company "Vertical", a member of the Association of Kuzbass waste recyclers, started the production and release of a unique product — oil sorbent "VD-1." This innovative new development in technology spill oil and petroleum products, BelTA A REGNUM the Association of Waste Material Recycling. The sorbent is a composite of silica powder gray or mustard treated by special trains. Used to collect diesel fuel, oils, fuel oil, crude oil, gas condensate, cleaning of oil and petroleum products and solid bodies of water, foreshore and the rise of petroleum products, settled on the bottom of water bodies.

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In Kostroma region commissioned two roads

This road "Bui-Kurebrino" in the Bois area and the road "Approach to Petushiha" in Manturovsky and Mezhevsky areas.

The cost of reconstruction of the road "Bui-Kurebrino" — more than 50.2 million. Of these, the federal budget is 45.7 million rubles, the regional budget — more than 4.5 million. Work on the reconstruction of the contractor performed Grodno Industrial Leather Association, "Bui DEP-35." More than 61.7 million rubles was spent on the reconstruction of the "Entrance to Petushiha." Federal funds to carry out works were 47.25 million, the regional treasury funds — more than 14.4 million. The works

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Brainstorming. "GMO: unidentified object" watch online

GMO — is genetically modified organisms. If you buy a product in the store, which is designated "non-GMO", it means that the product is created without introducing any foreign genes.Why are they being implemented? To better preserved tomatoes, strawberries so that could be sold in the winter, so plants grow better and resist diseases. But there is another side. It is unclear how modified plants can affect humans. It is unsafe to use them? That is the main question of our current applets.Guests: Alexander Golikov — Director of risk management policies genetically engineered organisms, a professional in

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In Izhevsk, a kids and teen club Yugdon

May 23 in Izhevsk, the grand opening of children's and teen club "Yugdon" (street Pushkin, 157) of the Municipal budget educational institution of additional education "Center for Children and teen clubs" Policy ".

The club "Yugdon" since the start of the school year young citizens can engage in choreography, theater, arts and crafts, playing the guitar. In addition, when the club will work association "Young Family" and the youth association "Dialogue". Also in September of this year, is scheduled to open are table tennis and wrestling.

The club can take to their circles and sections up to 200 children

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In Zarechnoe started production of robot manipulators

The first three of the manipulator, having the form of a human hand and fully reproduce its movements, assembled at the production association "Start" in Zarechny Penza region.

According to news agency «PenzaNews» Acting Deputy Director General for Civil enterprise products Dmitry Kudryavtsev, on the creation of robotic engineers and designers association worked for almost six months.

"E-arm length of 1.5 meters and a width of 40 cm is attached to the wall and is controlled from an adjacent room by means of a computer keyboard," — said Dmitry Kudryavtsev.

According to him, the "Start" will gather 32

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Minsk City Court refused to motorists

Society November 30th Minsk City Court rejected the appeal of the public association "For Auto", which vainly sought registration.The founders of "For Auto" is sent to the court against the decision of the Main Department of Justice Minsk city executive committee, which two months ago, motorists refused to register a public association on the grounds that a "statute Public Association no purpose, "and is a violation of applicable laws.

The letter Minsk city executive committee says: "According to the traffic police in Minsk, the main tasks of the NGO" For Auto "will actually be a consultation of citizens on the

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In Bashkiria created radio-electronic cluster

The Ministry of Industry and Innovation Policy Bashkiria and a number of national companies and organizations have signed a cooperation agreement on the formation and development of the electronic cluster. A cluster is created for the cooperation of producers of telecommunications equipment, communication equipment, electronic equipment and microelectronic components, according to the ministry. Cluster members were JSC "Ufa instrument production association", JSC "Ufa aggregate production association", JSC "Ufa Scientific-Production Enterprise" Lightning "," SRI "Soliton", "HE" Promsvyaz "," NPP "Polygon", and Chamber of Commerce of Bashkiria. Special Organization Coordinator to conduct the common affairs of cluster members appears NP

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Belarusians began to produce in Ukraine shale oil

Specialists Production Association "Belorusneft" started service work on the Ukrainian fields.

It is reportedBELTAwith reference to the press service of the company.


Provides oilfield services subsidiary of "Service Oil", created in December 2012. In the summer 2013th Belarus oil obtained permission of the State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine to carry out hazardous work and operation of machines and mechanisms for hazardous production facilities. There were also certificates of state registration of the hazards each chemical ingredient used by the company in the implementation of hydraulic fracturing.

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