Март 2018
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Solve the mystery of the giant eye

Not so long ago we wrote about the amazing discovery Gino Kovači Florida — making the usual jog on the beach, he found incredible size eyes. Eyeball the size of a soccer ball was passed to scientists for examination today, October 15, published its results.

Official representatives of research groups on marine life said that, in their opinion, a giant eye belonged swordfish, and was cut and discarded catch her fisherman. As reported by Joan Herrera of Florida Institute Commission for the Conservation of wild species and a variety of specialists directly and remotely studied eye, based on

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A new leaked on TV Fox News: NASA video of UFO recognized reliable


On TV U.S. National broadcaster Fox News were shown footage of unidentified flying objects (NLO), produced by American amateur astronomer and was given confirmation of the authenticity of NASA surveyed.

Then the story took off TV station off the air and removed from the Internet page.

It is suggested that the material gets into the secondary air in late November 2012. Also one of the guesswork consideration is that this story is part of a NASA program that tries to psychologically prepare the world for the confirmation of the existence of extraterrestrials. The

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