Assyrian civilization and its fate

Assyria — one of the most powerful nation of antiquity. It existed somewhere beyond the years 1500 -2000 BC The vast territory belonged to the State (from the Caspian Sea in the north to the Persian Gulf in the south). The king of Assyria and Babylonia was able to conquer the rest of the numerous tribes.

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The Assyrian army In

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Magic Crystal Assyria


Despite the fact that the ancient civilization of Assyria left on the memory of himself and the edification of posterity a lot of clay, stone, copper, silver plates, chronicles, we are aware of its historical evolution is not so much. The reason is simple. Ruling circles of the city-state of Ashur and the cities of Nineveh, Harras, Kerkemish before in 609 BC. e. destroyed their implacable enemies, Babylon and Media, which for centuries engaged in varnishing reality, exposing it to the mythological and mystical light.


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