Allergies to work (asthma)

When choosing a profession or place of work, few think about how it will affect the decision on health. However, harmless at first glance working conditions hairdresser, a beautician, a librarian, a pharmacist or a seller may contribute to the pet store quite a serious disease — asthma. Researchers around the world have come to the sad conclusion — one in five asthmatic disease owes his profession.

Why did this happen?

What materials are most often the culprits of asthma caused by profession?

Allergens of animal origin — silk, wool, animal hair, feathers, bees, vegetable flies, worms. Since

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Prevalence of asthma with allergic component

If the cause of an asthma attack is a reaction to thesome allergen (Allergens), a similar disease called asthma prevalence allergic component or predominantly allergic asthma.

Risk factors:

heredity; frequent finding in dusty and smoky environment; tendency to rise to allergies; maternal smoking during and after pregnancy.

Common allergens:

house dust; pollen; foodstuffs; drugs; pets (cats, dogs, etc.); industrial dust; various fungi, bacteria and parasites.

Often allergic asthma is seasonal, which is associated with the period of flowering plant-allergens. Provoke attack Asthma can also be harsh odors, neuro-emotional overload, smoking, cold, exposure to polluted air.

Predpristupny period

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World Day of asthmatic

While medical science does not stand still, disease does not become smaller. On the contrary, more and more days in the year, the World Health Organization and the United Nations is withdrawn to fight in some terrible disease. Previously, the most dangerous for human illnesses were infections — from anthrax and plague to ordinary pneumonia. Then there were antibiotics and vaccines, increased life expectancy and average income, and replaced the old diseases have come new.

Among them are infection: day AIDS is celebrated on December 1 and March 24 whole the world is fighting against tuberculosis. No less threatening

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S.Parsyukevich thanks for medication, but feels bad

According to her, Sergei Parsyukevich complained that its content remand extended until April 30. Such a decision recently adopted referee Metropolitan Court of Minsk Vladimir Avdeenko, who will hear the case.That at the moment clear health Sergei Parsyukevich whose asthma worsened in prison?"He feels unwell. At the moment, the street became warmer in the chamber was even hot, and he can not breathe properly, he prepyadstviya breathing. He needs special medications, and perfectly that he was not so long ago passed. He asked for it to convey his gratitude. "In the chamber, where Sergei Parsyukevich, 13 people — only 10

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Diagnosis and treatment of asthma


After the first manifestation of bronchial asthma should be examined by apulmonologist, that collects detailed information about the course and duration of the disease, conditions of work and residence, the patient's bad habits, and holds a full clinical examination.

Sometimes asthma symptoms are difficult to distinguish from symptoms of other diseases. For example, pneumonia, bronchitis, heart attacks, thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, a disease of the vocal cords, the tumors can also cause an acute attack of shortness of breath, breathlessness and wheezing.

Establish the correct diagnosis helps pulmonary function tests (spirometry): it needs to breathe the air in

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How to beat asthma

I do not often write about alternative ways to treat people with serious diseases. Most of them are practically inactive, the effectiveness of a few of them have been confirmed by clinical studies. In these studies, patients assigned to one or more courses of treatment and to evaluate their effectiveness, and neither the patients nor the doctors who assess the effectiveness of treatment was not reported exactly which courses have been assigned.

Now, however, talking about an alternative method of treatment of asthma, which in our country is not yet received high marks from the official medicine (although it

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Non-allergic asthma

Called non-allergic asthma, growing without contact withsome allergen. More often than non-allergic asthma occurs on an underlying airway diseases. Patients and their relatives are usually no propensity to allergies.

The causes of non-allergic asthma:

chronic airways infection (chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, maxillary sinusitis, etc.). Asthma attacks are the result of acute or acute exacerbation of chronic inflammation of the respiratory system. Even between attacks in most patients cough persists. Some patients first attack choking occurs after a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, including influenza, and sometimes the disease in such situations becomes very hard for. Neuropsychiatric load.

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What is asthma?

Asthma — a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways manifested by attacks of breathlessness, often accompanied by a cough, and may develop into asthma. This occurs because of that airway excessively respond to different stimuli. In response to the irritation they narrow and produce large amounts of mucus, which disrupts the normal flow of air during breathing.

Asthma occurs in people of all ages, but most often occurs in children — half of them then "outgrow" their disease. Now more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from this disease and their number is constantly increasing.

Due to the

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