Asthenopia (eye fatigue)

Stinging and pain in the eyes, tearing, redness of the eyelids and eyeballs, pain in the forehead, fatigue. All these are clear signs of the so-called asthenopia, often emerging in the computer users.

Asthenopia (Asthenopia; Greek. Asthenes weak + ops, opos an eye) — quickly coming eyestrain during visual work, especially at a small distance from the eye to the subject. Asthenopia— It is not a disease but a border state. However, if she did not pay attention, eye-strain can progress to a more serious disease. It is therefore important time to tackle this problem and fix it.

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The word "astigmatism" is from the Greek "stigme", which means a point, andparticle-denial "A." Thus, astigmatism— Is an eye disease in which the completely "missing the point". In astigmatism after refractive index in the optical system of the eye the light rays do not converge to a single point, and projected onto the retina in several points, segments of different lengths, circles or ovals. As a result, instead of the normal image is obtained something deformed and unclear. Moreover, a person suffering from astigmatism, the same difficulty seeing both near and distant objects.

According to eye specialists, almost

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