Fascinating journey through the astral plane

Many have heard of the existence of astral travel, that the soul goes to the astral plane. But few understand how it happens. The word "astral" means "star". This term is an infinite information-energy component of the universe or another dimension. Ancient alchemists used the term and talked about astral projection on physical matter.

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Earthly wars provoke parasites podselentsy

All of human history is based on constant wars. And wars are as global as a confrontation involved a lot of countries, and local, local, when at war, for example, a neighbor to neighbor. And the passion in these small conflicts often flare up is not human.

Often, wars are between employees and some firms. There is another common example: the war women for the man. And often some of the competitors running to a magician or fortuneteller. And then begins Astral War. But in principle, it is believed that any of the

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The method of access to the astral plane to the astral Kanata

November 6, 2012 4:42

This technique is so named because of its key component is the imaginary invisible rope attached to the ceiling of your room. He used to have a pulling effect on any point of the astral body and thus cause it to separate from the physical body.

This technique is more effective than other, passive and indirect ways — in anticipation of a relaxation of vibration or visualize yourself outside your own body. As for the vibration, they are a side effect, not the cause of astral projection. When the astral body is enough pressure to ensure

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Fasting, sleep and astral

Fasting increases the flow of cosmic energy. Of the three sources of energy (food, breath, sleep) sleep is the most important: it is easy to see that with proper breathing and nutrition sleep decreases and vice versa. In the beginning of fasting during sleep increases. And this is one of the reasons why the post helps astral projection. While fasting is one of the secondary sources is disabled.

In order to keep the system the necessary amount of energy, the astral body departs from the physical to the "farther away" and thus receives more energy. That's why people

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To get out of your physical body etheric, emotional or astral double can cause the following factors: asceticism, fasting, isolation, sexuality and sensuality depression, shock, stress, drugs, prolonged meditation, samogipnoticheskie suggestion, chanting hymns, mantras, vortex dancing dream the awakening of Kundalini.

At first, it will most likely unconscious outputs, but there may be conscious. In the early stages of a thin twin outputs can be heard strange sounds inside the head: crackling, ringing, chirping, clicking, voice, sound, which will eventually turn into a lingering or ringing note. This cacophony usually scares the student if he fails warned. Sprouted


Astral plane — a plan visualization

December 27, 2011 22:44

Considering the hierarchy of worlds, we did not say a word about the "astral realms" of which so much has been said in the beginning. As we shall see, this was some evidence, and yet the place of these "sheets" and related "worlds" occupy the so-called "astral worlds"? First try to find out the traditional use of the term "astral". Analysis of occult literature shows that representatives of different schools have invested in this concept different content.

Thus, Paracelsus, and after him, and other representatives of the school of the "northern initiation" called the

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Astral travel and danger

December 13, 2011 21:00

Today Paranormal and psychic abilities of human gradually become commonplace in our lives. If before such a condemned and conceals, now known to the public permanently become different kinds of information that go beyond the usual attitude. One of the most mysterious supernatural manifestations are astral travel. Scientists still have not come to a consensus about what is actually astral and astral body of man, but completely deny the existence in our world of such phenomena they can not. In order to penetrate into the essence of astral travel, you first need to understand

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Output in the Astral

Output in the Astral.

Each time after the physical body sleeps, the astral body is projected in the physical world. At that time, as the energy body is in the open state, the astral body floats just above the physical, within the sphere of influence of the field of the energy body. Within this area (also known as scope "silver thread"), the astral body, wrapped ethereal matter, is held close to the physical world. During a conscious astral projection it may appear that you are projecting straight into the astral plane. However, there is always an intermediate phase in

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