Messier 42

One of the most famous nebulas in the night sky as you have never seen it before

Also known by its designation NGC 1976 or M42, Messier 42 is part of one of the most famous and best-known sights in the night sky, Orion the Hunter. Which is why this particular shot of the constellation is all the more special.

Taken by the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX) – which is based at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) site in Chile’s Atacama Desert and a collaboration between three different organisations including the ESO – this fantastic image shows a blazing trail

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Flooding in the desert

Flooding in the desert Natural Disasters

In one of the driest places on the planet, in the Atacama desert, fell a record share of rainfall, provoking a flood. Flows of dirty boiling water up to 2 meters high flooded the northern Chilean city of San Pedro de Atacama and Tonokao. Generally, any water flow, come down from the peaks of the Andes, by the evaporation turns into a trickle or completely disappears without reaching the limits of these cities. Almost all the water is absorbed by the salt marsh Salar de Atacama, located at an altitude of 244 meters below

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In Mexico — Hurricane in Chile — snow

August 27, 2013. Hurricane in Mexico and the snow in the desert of Chile. Mexico on Monday hit a tropical storm. He brought destruction and loss of life. Meanwhile, in Chile's Atacama Desert for the first time in decades, the snow fell with the rain.

At least 13 people were killed after a Monday the Mexican state of Veracruz hit tropical storm "Fernand." He brought torrential rains and massive landslides.

In the city of Martinez de la Torre has dropped about 30 inches of rain. As a result, Bobos local river burst its banks and the stream rushed

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In the Atacama Desert Earthquake recorded at 6.1 points

In the Atacama Desert Earthquake recorded in 6.1 points Natural Disasters

In northern Chile earthquake of 6.1 points caused panic among the local population. People make purchases and tried to leave as quickly as possible retail space, thinking that an earthquake will be stronger.

The epicenter of the earthquake, which began at 22:23 pm, is located 79 km north-west of Vallenar, Atacama region, 80 km south-west of Copiapo, Atacama, and 234 km north of Coquimbo, Chile. According to the U.S. Geological Service (USGS), the depth of the epicenter was 15.6 km. According to the University of Chile, the force of

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Egypt mummy that 9,000 years!




Usually associated with the concept of mummies of ancient Egypt, where mumifitsioranie widely used for high Egyptian nobility, as the process of mummification was very expensive. However, in the Atacama Desert in Chile, have been found mummies of ordinary people, which were taken out all the innards,

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In Chile's Atacama Desert hail

February 10, 2013. A rare phenomenon in the Chilean desert Atacama. In the driest place on the planet hail. Torrential rains have been going there for several days. Washed away roads. Destroyed dozens of homes.

Local residents and the many tourists were left without running water or electricity. For people arrange temporary shelter.

Forecasters predict a new storm. Though Atacama considered to be the driest desert of the Earth. Usually rain there is a once in ten years.

Source: Channel Five

Chile’s Atacama Desert seen an unprecedented season of flowering plants



9.11.11.Santyago de Chile (Terra Chile). Unprecedented in the last 20 years, flowering plants can be seen in the driest desert in the world.

At 600 kilometers north of Santiago de Chile, along the road leading to the National Park Llanos de Chales (Llanos de Challes) in the Atacama Desert, spread endless carpet of flowers — is extremely rare for this region.

Climatic phenomenon El Nino coming to the Pacific coast of South America every six or seven years, brought this year in the driest desert in the world rains needed for germination of bulbs and rhizomes, which

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Chile. Atacama Desert. Is this not is Curiosity?

Sometimes you do things creates a strikingly similar nature on different planets. I want to introduce you to a place under the title: Atacama Desert, located in Chile and having an incredible resemblance to the Martian landscape, photos which gives us Curiosity.

Some areas of the desert have not seen a drop of rain for hundreds of years. These areas are characterized by orange and red. Other areas have no shortage of moisture. It meets shrubby vegetation, and even cacti. On the horizon, one can see the majestic Andes and

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In the driest desert in the world took a shower (video)


In the driest desert in the world — the Atacama — held shower. This phenomenon is very unusual, precipitation is not seen in decades.

According, the rain was so abundant that formed the whole of the river in the middle of the desert. Chileans and tourists are not confused and excitedly took pictures on the background of the rapid flow. It is the only pleasure of an unusual natural phenomenon.


(According to wikipedia)

Empty? AEs attack? Ma(Spanish: Desierto de Atacama) — Desert on the west coast of South America, in Chile.

Peru Current cools the lower

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Watch the documentary Sirius (Full Version)

For more than a year UFO researcher Steven Greer keeps the tension the public release of his documentary "Sirius", which tells the story about a creature: Humanoid Atacama, found in October 2003, the Chilean Oscar Munoz in a ghost town La Noria in the Atacama Desert. The world premiere took place on 22 April 2013. And now I invite you and watch online documentary Sirius (The Sirius Documentary)

I shall warn that Video English. On Russian online now, just no, but will be sure to lay out.


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