Ivankovskoe reservoir has long been one of the popular places for fishing competitions at various levels. The reason is simple: First, it is located relatively close to Moscow — the intersection of the main routes of the modern land and air transport, and secondly, even when a relative proximity to the capital of the local nature is not experiencing such a powerful anthropogenic impact as other reservoirs near Moscow. In this case the role played and the consent of the hotel complex «Konakovo River Club» to take their possessions in a large group of anglers, who were to find

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Wind tunnel and SLALOM …

In some sports, it turns out, there is a limit beyond which no «jump». Here, for example, slalom. What advantage will manifest one competitor over another, if both skiing the same company, both the same height, weight, reach the maximum perfection in overcoming obstacles. However, one of them will win, and the other — no. Why is that? It turns out that preparing for the championship, not only athletes, but also designers, technologists, working to improve sports equipment. Here is the latest example.

Dummy arms athlete «purged» in the wind tunnel, and it turned out that a special aerodynamic

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AIR Flair

Kick out the blahs

My assignment? To capture Michael Jai White, a martial artist and Hollywood actor, in mid flight for Muscle & Fitness magazine. This was back in 2006, and it wasn’t exactly an easy shot to bag, but I bet most Pop Photo readers could pull it off with equipment they already own. Here’s how:


Find an athlete. You need one who’s accomplished and fit enough to strike a clean pose repeatedly. Besides the perfect form, an accomplished athlete will minimize the chance of someone—or some thing, like your lights—getting hurt.

A skateboarder flying through the air,

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Belarus has become effective anti-doping laws

This was made possible after, as now House of Representatives configuration brought it to the law "On Physical Culture and Sports."As the Minister of Sports and Tourism of Belarus Alexander Grigorov, "At the moment, will be punished not only for doping, but even for such sample implementation. This will allow the sample to suspend respect and athletes use doping substances."Midst of Belarusian athletes, which international organizations at different times was disqualified for doping, such famous athletes as Yanina Korolchik Vadim Sashurin, Gennady Oleshuk and others.

Cheerless day Belarusian Olympians

I would not like to think that even a day for the Olympics will be Belarusian athletes same bleak. To success can be attributed quite small — winning tennis. Beating Australian Casey Dellacqua, Victoria Azarenka came in eighth end, where he met with American Williams. But not with Syrynay that knocked out of the tournament Belarusian Olga Govortsova, and her younger sister Vines. Yes, and that is at the Hall of Fame on the 8 steps above Azarenka. Azarenka also now paired with Tatiana Poutchek Estonians beat Kai Kanepi and Maret Ani: In the eighth end Belarusians met with American

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China opens Olympics

By tradition, the 7 days before the start of the Olympic Games and competitions throughout the military action must be stopped — acts as a general principle called "Olympic reconciliation."But just a day of the Olympics weapon exploded conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia. Our homeland accuses Georgia of violating this principle. Yet at the Beijing Stadium "Bird’s Nest" celebratory opening of the XXIX Olympic Games. At a ceremony attended by many first person from all regions of the world, namely the presidents of the USA, France, several Arab states. The other day, accompanied by a younger sibling Nicholas went

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What results are expected from the Belarusians in Beijing?

How do you assess the development of Belarusian sports during independence or observed some progress? Why in Belarus so often observed doping scandals? How are bureaucrats to the sports community of the country? These and other questions are answered by three-time Olympic favorite Parfenovich sports columnist and the online newspaper "Solidarity" Sergei Olehnovich.Tsigankov"As you know, now, spending Olympians in China, Alexander Lukashenko set no clear medalevyh tasks. Only Sports and Tourism Minister Alexander Grigorov said in Beijing Olympians should speak not worse than in 2000 in Sydney, when the Belarusians have gained the best Olympic results. According to your opinion,

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Olympics with Chinese characteristics

Vice-President of the State Olympic Committee, three-time Olympic favorite in the fight against free Alexander Medved states that, in connection with the Olympics-2008 need to consider very very Chinese factor. Very highest willingness owners today Olympics forcing adjust scheduled services even in the headquarters of the universally recognized winners of the major launches chatyrohgoddya. Well, most experts converge in outlook: the Beijing Olympics will literally be a Chinese person:

"As they say, the Olympics — it’s the Olympics, it is unpredictable. Always accompany athletes difficulties, especially at the Olympics. Here a schematic mental preparation, as who can get together and

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Up to the Beijing Olympics only three weeks

Not all of the Olympic teams atabaratstsa in China. Some countries, for fear of rumors about a very dirty Beijing air, hired their athletes apartment in South Korea or the land of the rising sun. Such countries settled their own athletes in China for a period of one combat sport, which will continue from the 8th to the 24th of August, or will be there to deliver them only on certain aircraft competition.For example, in Seoul in South Korea have already flown a baseball team in Cuba. By the time the Olympic competition will be friction Cubans playing matches with

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Kharkov became the first Ukrainian athlete, who won the gold stage Diamond League

23-year-old from Kharkiv became the first Ukrainian athlete, who won the "gold" stage "Diamond League" report "Facts".Enchanting summer season began talented Ukrainian high jumper Bogdan Bondarenko. In the first stage of the prestigious commercial series "Diamond League" prize fund is $ 8 million, 23-year-old won gold Krarkov. In Doha, Qatar, where launched "Diamond League", Bondarenko set a personal record and a record of competitions, breaking the bar at a height of 2 meters 33 centimeters. For the first time in the history of Ukrainian athlete rose to the highest step of the podium, "Diamond League". 

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