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The old world. Atlantis. South of this continent inhabited by race, which reached a high level of civilization — Atlanta. In their hands — a big magic power. But gradually people Atlantis degrades. In the north Atlantis, in the terrible climate of its mountainous regions, a new tribe. These people are called themselves Aryans. Later, in the twentieth century, the legend will be the main German Nazi racial doctrine, proclaimed themselves the heirs of the old civilization. So a brand new theory about the patriarchs-Nazi super race, supermen, the Aryans, Germany. How old story acted on Hitler? Do you

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Found a way to communicate with aliens


In the area of the Atlantic Ocean in the area of closed U.S. military base "Dugway" was discovered a mysterious pyramid-shaped object that is a source of short gamma-radiation directed towards the star Sirius.

Put forward a theory that it is associated with extraterrestrial civilizations, and perhaps even the legendary sunken Atlantis.

First, U.S. researchers have paid attention to radiation anomaly, hidden under a layer of bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Once in the zone of anomalies were brought American and Russian space forces, it turned out that the radiation source is moved

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Lost Worlds — Atlantis watch online

It has been about 2-thousand years the imagination of scientists, geologists, archaeologists, occultists, poets and travelers do not leave thinking about where could divide magnificent continent Atlantis. In the future times, when the continent was the peak of prosperity, a highly civilization was destroyed as a result of a terrible natural disaster. Since then, scientists have studied almost every corner of the globe in search of some traces of this civilization. Some believe the legend of Atlantis merely descriptions, others give some evidence in favor of recycling.

Ancient buildings

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Lemuria, the Lost Continent


Their growth — almost three meters. Their skin changes color from green to blue depending on the season. Their faces — highly elongated eyes — huge, eyelids do not open up and to the side, as if the door to the single-wing lift. They breathe through the skin, without the aid of light. They are bisexual. But most importantly, their souls came from the stars, Sirius and the Pleiades, and already on the ground were corporeal shell …

Thus, according to one version, looked Mu, more commonly known as lemurs. Their

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Rule the world aspiring priests — Atlanta blazed trails lead to a repetition of the fate of the world was destroyed Atlantis

"… Meteors rain fell from the heavens, and the earth itself opened up beneath them. The waters rose and covered the valley from one end of the earth to the other … "

Atlanta — The ancient, very advanced civilization. Atlantis, which in one night was flooded completely. Poseydonis — the last of the once great island of Atlantis disappeared around 9500 BC After a disaster, the surviving Atlanteans came to Egypt and started a pyramid in memory of Atlantis. The first priests of Egypt were surviving Atlanteans. It is they who built the pyramids of Chephren, Cheops Mikkerina

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Under water — to the brothers on reason

October 13, 2012 16:48

For the umpteenth time before mankind the question arises: Are we the only masters of planet Earth? Maybe with our civilization in parallel there is another which is in the water column, and therefore unknown to us? And maybe they are wrong, they live there, in the abyss, and a secret from everyone on their military underground bases are preparing to colonize Earth.

All can be …

The well-known ichthyologist Patterson in 1948 argued that, from a depth of six or more kilometers under water can not be life, because under the pressure of 650 atmospheres

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Tibetan caches of Atlantis


Lobsang Rampa — known personality not only in his Tibet, but also throughout the world. It is this lame honored to be in the inner sanctum of Tibet — the circle under the temple dedicated to the Potala. Here he came in contact with live Atlanteans on the eve of 1927. Reached the highest levels of dedication, ramp for the first time in a mystical trance personally saw representatives of the legendary race to dominate the world, to a certain disaster. The fact that in those days was happening to our planet, and

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Scientists have found a sunken city near the Bermuda Triangle


A group of Canadian scientists have found an underwater city in the Bermuda Triangle. Special robot took pictures of the ancient ruins, which suggests the Atlantis — the legendary sunken continent.

Researchers led by Paul and Pauline Vayntsveyga Zalitski discovered the ruins of the city, 700 meters to the north of the eastern coast of Cuba. Photographs taken on the robot can see the monumental buildings — including the four giant pyramids. One of them even like structure made of glass. In addition, the researchers found a sculpture, like a sphinx, and several

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Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce on Atlantis Technology


Messages of Atlantis were read in the period between 1924 and 1944. They are the most fantastic, strange, incredible information in a number of reports of the famous clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce said that the people of Atlantis used planes and submarines, as well as possess advanced technology that exceed the level achieved in the XX century. Also, the people of Atlantis were experts on "remote photographing" and "reading inscriptions through walls, even at a distance."

Case said that "electric knife used for cutting metals have such a shape that it can

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The Chinese are urgently preparing for the end of the world



Many Chinese people do not seriously concerned about the inevitably approaching "fateful date" end of the world (21 December), the predicted are believed to be the ancient Maya. Some Chinese businessmen have spent hundreds of thousands of yuan to build or order "Noah's Ark", which they plan to successfully survive the coming apocalypse.


"Noah's Ark", designed by Lou Chzhenhaem

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