Atlantis is no more

February 7, 2012 19:02

People believe that Plato did not invent Atlantis

Let me remind you of Atlantis supposedly sunk about 12 thousand years ago, discovered in 2009, an Englishman — a specialist in aerial photography of the seabed Bernie Bamford (Bernie Bamford). Specialist saw something strange in one of the pictures the Atlantic, which are then made available through the service Google Ocean. There, at the bottom at a depth of about 5 kilometers visible rectangle, consisting of a grid of intersecting lines. Which is very similar to the city streets. A very big city — an area

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Aliens lay on the bottom?

Our planet is the right to be called not the Earth, and the ocean, because it takes two-thirds of it is salt water. To penetrate the mysteries of the seas and oceans is extremely difficult — if only because a lot of pressure at the depth — of hundreds of atmospheres.

Only special submersibles which are in the unit, can now deliver a researcher at the bottom of the ocean to look there Atlantis, or in Chile trench to try to find where the true creators of the stone idols of Easter Island …

Not surprisingly, the truth

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End of the world of the unknown radiation. Atlantis — the ancient nuclear reactor.

September 7, 2012 12:42

End of the world promises to mankind recent find British geologists, Cambridge. Japan's "Fukushima-2?, Which continues to contaminate water oceans radiation, against the new discoveries by scientists, it may seem a low risk.

Another real threat to people today are the remains legendapnoy Atlantis. But the new Atlantis is so dangerous, that can bring about the end of the world? Discovered under a layer of silt in the North Atlantic Ocean, the remains of an ancient civilization is an island area of 10,000 square meters. km. However, this is not a simple island, ie is not

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Mysteries of ancient civilizations. Polar Atlantis



Scientists have debated whether there was Atlantis, and if so, where to look? The ancestral home of mankind, a symbol of the ideal state, whose residents possessed secret knowledge — that is what is meant by Atlantis. In the mythology of this country is opposed to Hyperborea — a civilization, whose name in Greek means "beyond the north wind." However, a number of scientists in the last century trying to prove that the legendary Atlantis before his death, was located

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Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce on Atlantis Technology



Messages of Atlantis were read in the period between 1924 and 1944. They are the most fantastic, strange, incredible information in a number of reports of the famous clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce said that the people of Atlantis used planes and submarines, as well as possess advanced technology that exceed the level achieved in the XX century. Also, the people of Atlantis were experts on "remote photographing" and "reading inscriptions through walls, even at a distance."

Case said that

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