The satellite has found Atlantis in a Spanish swamp




Number of versions about the location of Atlantis has long exceeded ten. The other day, added to them another job that places the legendary city-state on the coast of Spain.

He analyzed satellite images showing the drying salt marshes Marisma de Hinojos near the city of

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Atlantis will find in the next few days




Last spring, we wrote about how several major international expeditions are sent to different places to find there traces of the legendary Atlantis, which remains one of the most fascinating mysteries of the history of human civilization. According to legend, she went under the water for 10,000

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Open Crimean Atlantis

The Crimean peninsula never ceases to amaze researchers. Scientists have discovered yet another amazing historical site. In the Black Sea near Kerch became available flooded ancient city of Acre, which is now called Crimean Atlantis. More recently, this place is open for divers.

When the front of your eyes satellite map of Orel Russia or Ukraine's Crimea region, or any other country on the site, it is unlikely you are thinking about how many unsolved mysteries and puzzles have on our earth.

In the morning edition of TSN on

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Another place to Atlantis




Russian Emperor Alexander II sold to Americans Eden for seven million dollars Vladimir Pokrovsky

It may well be that there is displayed the current territory of Alaska. Lucas Cranach. "Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden"

This is the story of the series se non

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U.S. scientist found Atlantis near Cyprus




The American scientist claims to have discovered the legendary continent of Atlantis in the Mediterranean Sea, near Cyprus. A self-taught researcher Robert Sermast claimed to have conducted research ground to a depth of 1500 meters with sonar and found more than 70 matches with great descriptions of

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Discovered in the Mediterranean Atlantis is the mud volcanoes




Corr. The ITAR-TASS Smelov

Found in the 110 km off the east coast of Cyprus on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea hills that supposedly represent the "remains" of the ancient state of the mythical Atlantis, in fact, are the mud volcanoes.

This opinion was expressed by

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What? Atlantis again?




Prepare to be surprised, and perhaps even laugh: Atlantis found again! At this time, near the island of Cyprus, where the bottom of the sea …

Sonar … "spotted" some suspicious hills …

Here is their a U.S. researcher Robert Sermast and announced the very Atlantis that

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A resident of the Samara region found the legendary Atlantis

November 7, 2012 0:28


Samarets Anatoly Gulkov was in the expedition on board the research vessel "Vityaz", who took part in the search for the lost Atlantis. According to the researcher's expedition was able to track down the mysterious continent. Samara, November 6 — AIF Samara. Seventh mythical continent of Atlantis where just not looking at the time! And in Africa, and the Americas, and even Antarctica! But only at the end of XX century, the range searching by various studies oceanographers and paleontologists many countries narrowed to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. And

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Origin of life — Atlantis and Hyperborea

May 26, 2012 13:57

The origin of life in Atlantis and Hyperborea. gods. Apollo. Ocean. posseydon. prophet Elijah. pirate. saturn. Macedonian. Olympic Games. the good news. Number of the Beast. ioana.potop revelation. ark. jesus. Mother Mary. Jews. zulkarnay.sabantuy. Greeks. Bashkirs. Russian. Turks. atlanty.adam and Eve. gorynych.uran snakes.

Plato is my friend, but where is Atlantis?


A team of U.S. scientists led by Robert Sarmesta argues that far from Cyprus found strong evidence of the true location of the legendary Atlantis. Plato described the mainland, the researchers argue, is between Cyprus and Syria. This is indicated on the seabed found the remains of large buildings and high walls, whose dimensions match those specified by Plato. The expedition of Robert Sarmesta ultrasonic sonar used to create three-dimensional images of the seabed area at a depth of 1.5 km between Cyprus and Syria, where the detected flat hill, revived the old

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