Atlantis, the Mayan people of Osiris: the mysterious disappearance of the ancient civilizations


Archaeologist David Hatcher told what happened to the Mayan and Atlanta. Like Indiana Jones, archaeologist David Hatcher Childress loner made many incredible journeys in the most ancient and remote places on earth. Describing the lost cities and ancient civilizations, he has published six books chronicling the travels of the Gobi Desert to the Cougars-Punky in Bolivia, from Mohenjo-daro to Baalbek. He was preparing for another archaeological expedition, this time to New Guinea, and specially for "Atlantis Rising" wrote the following article.

1. Mu or Lemuria According to various sources, the first secret civilization

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Google has found Atlantis


New Project Corporation Google Ocean, in addition to the system of Google Earth allows you to engage in the study of the deep sea, as well as earlier it was possible to survey the land.

One of the achievements of the new program can be called the discovery of a strange object — crossing lines on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, reminiscent of urban development.

The researchers do not rule out the possibility that the newly discovered area at the

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Alien Pyramid ANTENNAS UNIVERSE. Part 3

Since its launch 22 October 2008 Indian space probe Chandrayaan-1 broadcast more than 40 000 images of different parts of the lunar surface. Specialists from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) argue that this — a record compared to the lunar missions of other countries.

According to estimates of ISRO, for the last 75 days did Chandrayaan camera and transferred to 235 photos each day, or about one photo per minute. It also reported that the resolution of some images up to 5 meters, providing crisp and clear picture of the surface of the Moon, while the lunar missions

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Atlantis found in the Spanish marshes


A group of researchers claims that managed to finally locate the fabled city of Atlantis. Atlantis, the researchers speculated, was buried under a layer of water as a result of the devastating tsunami that swept thousands of years ago in the south of Spain. Data obtained through the radar, digital mapping and other technical innovations have allowed experts to identify the whole city, hidden away under the swamps of Dona Ana Park — north of the town of Cadiz, writes Batangas Today. Complex of buildings built in the form of concentric rings —

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Crystal Atlantis

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato in his work entitled "Dialogues", wrote that the Atlanteans "themselves came in for trouble." But his story is cut off and does not reveal the secrets of the tragedy.

The first crystal was presented to representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, the Atlanteans, who warned that the need to treat it with caution, because therein lies the terrible destructive force. Perhaps it could unravel the American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, who, going into a trance, saw a vision of the long-vanished worlds.

According to him, "Atlanteans used crystals for worldly and spiritual goals." In his

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Unsolved mysteries of Atlantis.

Atlantis — the great island or continent that once existed in the Atlantic Ocean west of Gibraltar. The earliest upominatiya of Atlantis — the works of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. 12,000 years ago, Atlantis was a pretty big island, rich in minerals and a variety of flora and fauna.

Atlas was the head of the country (in Greek Atlanta, hence the name of the island of Atlantis. Atlanta owned a very good knowledge and unattainable today knowledge. Why leave the island in the ocean?

Many scientists think the cause was an earthquake that split the island into

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One nuclear war on Earth has already been


There is compelling evidence that a nuclear war on Earth had once been. It was a war for supremacy on the planet unleashed Antes against other Slavic-Aryan, which drove the development of humanity back …

A large number of geological, paleontological and archaeological evidence indicates that about 13,000 years ago on the planet something terrible had happened that destroyed not only many members of the animal world, but existed at the time of development of civilization, and almost led to the death of humanity.

The fact that the destruction of Atlantis, Plato attributed

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On the sarcophagus of Tutankhamen is an inscription on the Old Slavonic

According to Peter Oreshkin, author of "The Babylonian phenomenon" on the mummy of King Tutankhamun in the pyramid of Giza is an inscription on the Old Slavonic: "In the century bear living the truth that you are trying, that placing barriers."

Sarcophagus with the mummy of Tutankhamun, photo site

What kind of truth mean the creators of the pyramids and this line? It seems that it has solved the great American prophet Edgar Cayce. This man was a true sensation XX century. About him dozens of books, dispersed millions of copies, and countless articles in the press.

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Atlantis: In Search of a Lost Continent

A group of scientists are trying to prove that the legendary Atlantis is not a myth. To do this, they need to find it, and it turns out it is possible.

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Battle of civilizations. Find Atlantis

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