Atlas ACE crash-landing

THE ATLAS ACE Turboprop trainer prototype ZU-AHE lost pitch altitude control during a test flight to evaluate a new avionics installation on February 14 at 1705hrs local time. Pilot Bob Masson carried out controllability tests at altitude, and found that sufficient control via power and flap adjustments was available to attempt a landing at Jan Smuts Airport. Crew ejection was considered as a last option — it was decided instead to make a wheels-up landing owing to concerns about the controllability of the aircraft during landing gear extension. A belly landing was also considered safer at the required high approach

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England will buy 22 modern transport aircraft «Atlas»

Royal Air Force gave the brand new military transport plane A400M Airbus production office name Atlas («Atlas»). These aircraft will replace older C-130 Hercules, and together with the C-17 and Voyager form the basis of future military transport aircraft of the United Kingdom. BBC wish to buy 22 aircraft of this type, the first should go into service in 2014. «Atlas» has the ability to transport cargo twice if «Hercules» — 32 tons per klm distancing 4500 — Royal Air Force by providing unparalleled opportunities for the transfer of troops and military equipment around the world. The airplane is

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Schools in Belarus on the brink of bankruptcy

In Minsk, about fifty of driving schools. One of the relevant — "Atlant-M", the Belarusian dealer of German concern "Volkswagen". Then learn from the 3-4-year-old German car, not on the old "Lada". Old "Lada" equated with the new "Volkswagen"The Council of Ministers defined dimensions monotonous fee learning process, regardless of the form of ownership and the criterion of learning. As the Director driving school "Atlant-M" Sergei Shubich, leveling in prices has not led to anything great:"When last year I wrote to the people in 2007, the guard was obliged to call the police patrol to calm mass. Since just begun

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Experts Fund Skolkovo aircraft type rated Atlas

Specialized experts Fund "Skolkovo" project evaluated the hydrostatic transport aircraft, a new type of "Atlas". As reported in "Aeronautical Center" Augur "," a composite aircraft that combines the best qualities of the airship, aircraft, helicopters and hovercraft. "In digging, the developer claimed that the commissioning of the aircraft again raise Russia in a number of the world's leading aircraft.

"Project" Atlas "received the highest positive score of expert advice. Initially, the state represented by the Fund" Skolkovo "takes over 75% of total expenditure on the project. At the final stage — testing and commissioning of a

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Environmentalists published the first atlas of the Far Eastern leopard

Environmentalists Primorye on the results of ten years of research, developed the first atlas "of the Far Eastern leopard in Russia", which collected information on 80 red-wild cats that lived and living in the southern province, said the deputy director of the Amur branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Relations Media Basil Solkin.

South of Primorsky Krai — Russia's only natural habitat of the Amur leopard, listed in the International Red Book. According to the last census, now in the Ussuri taiga live about 50 species of cats. Scientists from many countries and the WWF

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The mysterious Atlantis, the lost world of Atlantis.



Talking about Atlantis, the emergence of the legends associated with the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, told this island — the state in his treatises (written in dialogue form), "Timaeus" and "Critias". The inhabitants of Atlantis were fabulously rich, and their island is incredibly fertile. But over time, they are mired in sin than angered the gods, for the gods destroyed them with a series of devastating natural disasters. Destruction of Atlantis occurred more than 9,000 years before Plato.


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Compressed air will produce

Energy forging plant OJSC "KAMAZ-Metallurgy" implement a major project to reduce the cost of software production of compressed air. The enterprise is organized and put into operation a local compressor station, on the basis of compressors and air dryers Swedish concern Atlas Copco.


Creating a compressor station at the forge plant — is part of a larger project of "KAMAZ" to transfer the plants to the production of an autonomous air. Before the start of KAMAZ enterprises were on a centralized software. Thus the parent company hopes to reduce costs associated with the generation and transport of

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Africa has the snow

Africa has the heavy snow weather and climate

Severe winter snow and frost, recently fell on Europe, is not passed by the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. Eastern region of the Atlas Mountains in north-eastern Algeria and the north-west of Tunisia most affected by snow storms that have come from Europe. An unprecedented number of snow isolated several villages, forcing local officials to assist with air.

Massive Arctic cyclone in Mediterranean humidity caused especially heavy snowfalls. Unlike most of the countries of North Africa, which is dominated by the dry desert climate of the Sahara region of the Atlas Mountains

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On the Wagon successfully completed sea trials samopogruzhnoy barge Atlas

July 29, 2013 at Vyborg Shipyard completed sea trials samopogruzhnoy barge "Atlas". The test program running test was designed for two days and included checking the ship’s systems and performance boats in the process of descent and ascent.

Currently samopogruzhnuyu barge "Atlas" is prepared for operation, since August 5 at the berth-deck barges will begin the formation of the housing project icebreaker MA 21900

The largest portal of culture is gaining momentum

Karachay-Cherkessia historical, cultural and natural museum


Portal "Kultura.rf" — A unique web-based resource designed to promote the cultural heritage of our country. The portal offers a wide variety of materials formats — news, infographics, photos, videos. Access to the content as possible from fixed PCs, and mobile devices. Developed a version for the visually impaired.

On the portal you can watch live performances of domestic and foreign artists, a virtual tour of museums in different cities of the country, listen to short lectures and master classes by leading cultural figures.


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