Allergy in children.

Allergy — Is disease, in which the body reacts inappropriately to the different, often quite harmless substances, called allergens. Show allergy may be in the form of skin rashes and irritation, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma, digestive disorders, etc. up to anaphylactic shock — a rapidly developing state of threatening the life of man.

Babies often arise conditions such as diathesisatopic dermatitis. Their main reason — the immaturity of the enzymes of the digestive tract. That's why most of the children on reaching 3-4 years when enzymes "ripen" atopic dermatitis passes.

In cases of suspected allergic disease must apply to the

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How to treat atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis — A chronic inflammatory disease of the skin allergic nature. In recent decades, the incidence of atopic dermatitis has increased many times. According to various sources, in Russia they are suffering from 10% to 30% of children under 7 years. So "diatezny child" (which is usually in the form of a diathesis manifested atopic dermatitis in children), literally, became a symbol of the XXI century.

One of the most common by far the hypotheses of a wide spread of the disease — hygienic. According to her, than the sterility of our life becomes, the smaller

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