The author spoke with Captain Jarret Stricker about his experiences of flying the AV-8B from Bagram AB, Afghanistan.

«FOR SOME reason or another, it seems that the bad guys knew when to hit our ground patrols. The worst times for us to fly were right before sunset and at first morning light. Our goggles and night sensors (pods) are slightly hindered during these periods. The enemy would launch hit-and-run attacks against the ‘friendlies’ when they were close to the Pakistani border. I remember a couple of missions in that area flown with Major Mike Franzak. One of these was when

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The mighty nimrod

IN THE LATTER HALF of 1942, German U-boats were sinking an average of 750,000 tons of Allied shipping a month — the Battle of the Atlantic was being lost. Not only were the vital cargoes not getting through but ships and merchant seamen were being lost faster than they could be replaced. Within a year the situation had changed and the U-boat ‘happy time’ was over as their losses rose dramatically.

This turnabout was in large part due to the increase in the anti-submarine capability of Coastal Command, air cover of the convoys in previously unguarded areas meant decreased losses

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Mapping the Cyberwar Battlefield

Every day, thieves, “hacktivists,” even nationstates, use the global network to steal information and compromise businesses. Organizations today have to rethink their defenses and move from reaction to anticipation – figuring out when, why, or from where the next attack is coming. The most effective way to do that, we’ve found, is semantic analysis.

We used this approach when U.S. financial institutions suffered a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks by a hacktivist group, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters, reportedly related to furor over an anti-Islam video on Youtube.

Starting in September 2012, we tracked internet chatter

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In his own words…

On the eve of yet another Middle East conflict, an ex-Iraq Air Force combat pilot in exile

THE EIGHT YEAR LONG war of attrition between Iraq and Iran, produced a generation of Iraqi pilots whose professional career developed mainly while their country struggled in a conflict which never seemed to reach an end.

Many fought, survived or died, but a small percentage started to oppose the waste of men and resources and the way their President handled everything. In a political system like Iraq’s, this kind of opposition has only one possible end, jail or the firing squad. Many ended

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Henry VII the warlord

In pursuing dreams of victory in France, Henry threw England into decades of war and the chaos of a Europe in conflict

Henry VIII was born dreaming of war. When he took the throne in April 1509, with his bride Catherine of Aragon at his side, Henry knew exactly what kind of king he wanted to be. His would be a glorious reign that would restore England to the magnificence it deserved. His father, Henry VII, had become unpopular by levying punishing taxes to restore the country’s finances, but the new king had no intention of focusing on matters as

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Flick-knifes vs Jungles

In response to the problems of policing the UN ‘no-fly’ zone over Bosnia, the Royal Navy and RAF have been playing ‘hunter’ and ‘hunted’ in the hill of central Wales. A report by Patrick Allen.

IN THE PAST, fast jets were not considered a major threat to helicopters. Air defence lighters were usually busy at higher altitudes, worrying about their combat air patrol (CAP) area and looking for enemy air defence aircraft. Close air support and low-level bomber/attack aircraft usually had their specific targets and were either time or fuel critical as they executed their specific missions. If these aircraft

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Avro Anson Gunships

Originally designed as a passenger aircraft in 1933 before being redesigned for military reconnaissance, by the outbreak of war in 1939 the Avro Anson was obsolete, slow and inadequately armed in comparison with the latest machines. This, of course, was not a problem as the Anson was a reconnaissance aircraft; it was not built for aerial combat. That was, writes Robin J. Brooks, before 500 Squadron got its hands on them.

It was early in 1939 that 500 (County of Kent) Squadron, part of the Auxiliary Air Force, exchanged its single-engine Hawker Hinds for Avro Anson Mk.ls. Powered by two

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Scorpion light attack aircraft made its first flight

Hopefully Scorpion light attack December 12, 2013 completed the first flight, said the South American consortium Textron AirLand. The plane took off from the airfield U.S. Air Force base, «McConnell» in Wichita Kansas. In total, the first flying gunship, a recognized best, lasted 1.4 hours, reports Lenta.ru.   Aircraft operated test pilot Dan Hinson, who said that, the flight was absolutely in accordance with the plan. The main purpose of the first flight was to test the Scorpion maneuvering characteristics and maneuverability at low speeds, especially when landing.   Other details not specified tests gunship. In the next test will

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A-10 — «the ugliest and the most beautiful plane in the world»

Pentagon’s decision to withdraw from the fighting strength of the U.S. Air Force A-10 attack aircraft is a painful but necessary step to save money, reports news.yahu.com March 14. Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force Gen. Mark Welsh (Mark Welsh) at a meeting of the Congress said that the decommissioning of the 283 «killers tanks» will allow save for 5 years 3.7 billion dollars plus 500 million will be saved from the cancellation of the planned modernization of the stormtroopers. Savings will be used to fund other programs the Air Force, including perfecting stealth fighter F-35, creating a new

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CONGRESSMAN SAYS PLANS TO WITHDRAW Assault A-10 out of service «shame»


South American congressman, member of the Committee on Armed Services Ron Barber (Ron Barber) and eight of his colleagues made a bipartisan group to counter the decommissioning of the U.S. Air Force attack aircraft A-10 Thunderbolt 2, reports aereo.jor.br. Barber said that the A-10 is the «workhorse, tested in battle, which provides critical basic combat abilities for our troops.» A-10 attack planes are the main combat aircraft based on Davis-Monthan, which is based 355 th Wing (82 gunship). A-10, nicknamed Warthog («Warthog») highly acclaimed Ground Forces for his great ability on a particular air support. Barber wrote a

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