Instructions from the Americans

Subject idiotic instructions that accompany the producers and sellers of the goods in the consumer market in the U.S. is quite well known. When you read the label on the box with the American products can not help feeling that the product is intended solely for the insane.

On the one hand, in America, there is really insane — target destinations idiotic warnings. Still, the main goal of these instructions do not help the fool, and protection from lawsuits. Dreaming to get rich overnight, the Americans made a real terror manufacturers and covered them with lawsuits for providing incomplete information

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Deutsche Bahn chose INFOTRANS supplier of diagnostic systems for a new generation of diagnostic trains RAILab. Our company is the winner of the tender for the supply of DB control the geometry of rail track.


As a control INFOTRANS offered well-established operation in high-speed multi-function contactless inertial measurement system MIBIS. This innovative high process speed, accuracy and range of measurement, provides a number of control parameters (geometry of the rail track in all ranges of D1, D2, D3 on emission class EN13848, parameters rails, slopes in the ski tracks, poduklonki equivalent taper, etc .).

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Battle KAMAZ. He’s rally

Well, comrades. How do civil KAMAZ, on this site we have seen, what are the army KAMAZ also learned about a sports KAMAZ heard a lot, but the details do not know enough. I will try to restore the gap.

Center KAMAZ-master

And therefore propose a photo report about what are the most powerful, fast, strong and reliable trucks in the world.

Before the car is born it is necessary to design. At KAMAZ is engaged in designing Science and Technology Center (STC), which in the recent past has been loss-making division of the company,

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Russian YotaPhone became a star CES-2013

Smart phone with two screens — the front and rear panels — has attracted the attention of the international exhibition of electronics. The developer of the "half smartphone, half-Clean you Windows" is a Russian company Yota Devices.

Development of the Russian company Yota Devices (at the end of 2011 stood out as a separate company from "Skartel") — a smartphone with two displays YotaPhone, was presented in Las Vegas at the international Consumer Electronics Show CES-2013.

The device, the main feature of which is the presence of two screens, was announced in December last year and

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On-board menu of Aeroflot in third place in the ranking of American Huffington Post

JSC "Aeroflot — Russian Airlines" took third place in the world ranking of airlines with the best on-board menu. Rating was an influential American Internet edition Huffinggton Post. This resource, combining the functions of the online newspaper and blog, which attracts 25 million unique visitors each month, is one of the leaders in attendance in the United States, and also has versions in other countries.

Composing mentioned rating, Huffington Post set out to help readers "in the choice of airlines, which fed a great lunch." First place in the ranking compiled by the

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Nilov deputy found a bug in the image on the 500-ruble banknote


State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party Yaroslav Nilov discovered a historical mistake in the image on the 500-ruble banknote of 1997, where there are no crosses on the domes and called Elvira Nabiullina — a candidate for the post of head of the Bank of Russia — to pay attention to the images of banknotes.  

© Bank of Russia 500 ruble banknote of 1997


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Photos of critters




"I offer you a photo with the so-called Critter. Pay attention to the fact that the photographs are taken at different times (in 2 different years), different people, different cameras (Kodak soap holders and conic), respectively, for different films, printed photo paper at different points in different

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Attention everyone!


October 27, 2011 from 11.30 to 12.00 will be checking centralized alerting the public of Severodvinsk in emergencies.

Department of Civil Protection Administration Severodvinsk informs: check will be carried out with the actual inclusion elektrosiren (signal: "Attention all!"), Both voice on urban radio transmission network and on TV channel "Russia". The population of the city, he heard a siren and a message, please continue to take care of business.

© Administration of Severodvinsk

Source: Severodvinska.NET

On the dried bottom of the Aral Sea found someones mausoleum




For archaeological and ethno-cultural research in Kyzyl-Orda region in 2004-2006 within the framework of the state program "Cultural Heritage" from the regional budget will be allocated substantial funds. Serious attention, in particular, will be paid to the mausoleum "Kerderi", which was previously found in the dried Aral

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Scientists suggest that found a planet where there is life

Red dwarf star at a distance of 20 light years from the Sun (it is 1,892 e +14 km) again drew the attention of astronomers discovered a planet near a high probability of the existence of organic life, according to the scientific and entertainment portal

The planet, called Gliese 581d, as follows from an article published in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters, could have the options to sustain life.

The planet, which has attracted the attention of not only French, but other astronomers and scientists, is located at an optimum distance from the sun. It has a diameter twice

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