Crows learned to communicate by gestures

December 2, 2011 11:56

Manner specified for hand or hold it in your hand so far found only in humans and some higher primates, and then — in a rare case. Ornithologists Simone Pika from the Institute of Ornithology them. Max Planck and Thomas Bunyar of the University of Vienna made the list yet and ravens (Corvus corax), clearly showing that they are so-called deictic gestures in order to attract the attention of a potential partner or strengthen already existing between them.

Deictic gestures are characteristic of children aged 9-12 months, they actively use them until they learn to

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Who are the Indigo Children?


Now the world is actively discussing a new phenomenon: the indigo children. So what is it?

Doctors, psychologists, teachers around the world are more likely to say that the children have changed. How do you know whether they were better or worse? A lot of you will say, your kids and teenagers have become more demanding, restless, active, unruly and, even more offensive to us as adults, on every issue have their own, absolutely unshakable opinion. And is it bad? No! Simply they are different.

If we do not take into account

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Feng Shui is the guardian of business


There are different ways to treat the teachings and paraucheniyam that supposedly help a business thrive. However, it is difficult to find someone who had never heard of the "fen-Hive." It is believed that the signs work when people inspire self worth and their psychologically adjusted to the expected outcome, which, of course, brings its reality.

According, in recent years, many Chinese are paying attention to the teachings of Feng Shui — wisdom, its roots go back to the third century AD. According to legend it can affect the success of the

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A wave of suicides among teenagers worried Russians

MOSCOW. For Russia, a wave similar to each other teen suicide is so noticeable that President Dmitry Medvedev was forced on Thursday to warn the media not dwell too much attention to the subject, not to encourage other young people to follow these examples.

"The problem is really very disturbing and difficult, but it does not mean that it is a snowball, which every year becomes more and more — said Medvedev. — To this must be treated very carefully. "

Outbreak of teenage suicides began in February, two 14-year-old girls, hand in hand, jumped from the roof of a

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Alien visitors


In last Monday, 14 September, residents of Zelenograd observed an unidentified flying object near the 3rd district. "It was a pink-and-yellow ball of light, several times larger than the size of the halo lighting lanterns" — says an eyewitness UFO fifth-year student of MIET Denis.

"My friends and I paid attention to the object of unknown origin, which is a parabola down to the woods near the area of Youth, parallel to the Leningrad highway", — says Andrey engineer.

The appearance of a UFO over Zelenograd says is not the

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Amur several villages in flood would be at risk

Four villages in three districts in the Amur region will be at risk during the spring floods, said the regional government.

Questions about the upcoming flood and forecasts of flooding have been considered on Wednesday at the commission meeting on the prevention and elimination of emergency situations and fire safety.

"Special attention should be paid to the river near the village of Urca Ivanovka Zeya district. Blur There is gravel, which could lead to flooding of both the lower and upper parts of the village. Also dangerous areas are today the village Oatmeal Zeya district, Bolshoy Never Skovorodinsky area

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Grove: New morfozagadki Mars


First published images groves of tree structures on Mars, and other objects of complex and unnatural morphology of obscure origin.

On the eve of the approaching opposition of Mars, NASA research groups have presented a number of studies of morphology of Mars detected by the detector obtained by HiRISE orbital station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter images.

Together, these works are presented in a separate thematic issue of the journal Icarus. A wide variety of morphologies of Mars, including the entire complex with

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Remove apartment in feng shui


According to the ancient Chinese practice of cleaning the apartment should be done regularly every day and get rid of the clutter and piles of things that are a barrier to the passage of life-giving energy. Try to get rid of all the useless, old and unused items. They do not give into the house beneficial chi energy. It is not necessary to store the apartment cracked cups, vases, slippers, which have long no one wears, and torn clothing. If things are no longer used, but it is a pity to throw them,

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Pundits see a fly, but miss the elephant


Our vision of the world depends on the level of intelligence. This is the conclusion of psychologists at the University of Rochester (USA). They found that people with high IQ tend to pay attention to the little things, but ignore the larger objects. Conversely, the lower the IQ, the brain is more inclined to fix the "elephants" and ignore the "fly". In the study, 65 volunteers whose IQ ranged from 80 to 140, offered to see a video that appeared on the screen and disappeared moving black and white pieces. In this experiment,

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Expert advises to pay less attention to magnetic storms

People should pay less attention to solar activity and magnetic storms, to avoid problems with the well-being caused by auto-suggestion, deputy director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center for Science Gennady Eliseev.

"The activity of the Sun continues, magnetic storms quite regularly, but my opinion — here you need to pay less attention to avoid self-hypnosis" — Elisha said at a news conference at RIA Novosti.

According to him, magnetic storms, of course, affect the operation of electronic equipment, but the scientific evidence of a significant impact on the health and well-being is not enough.

"This may be more due to

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