BAJ: state media have focused on one candidate

Society The basic scheme of illumination of the electoral process by the state media in Belarus remained unchanged. They focus on one candidate.

It is reported by the Belarusian Association of Journalists, summing up the monitoring of the coverage presidential election Belarusian media in the period from 21 November to 10 December. It was the most active period of the election campaign in which the candidates through newspapers, radio and television appealed to voters with their programs.

For example, in the program "Panorama" on the first channel of the Belarusian TV Lukashenko spends 51% of the time in the "Our

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The West does not respect human rights: report of the Russian Foreign Ministry

December 28 on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry was placed report the infringement Human Rights in some countries. The document criticizes the policy of the United States, the European Union states, Canada and some other countries in the area of compliance Human Rights. Working on the report, Foreign Ministry officials used the information of international human rights organizations: Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, «Reporters without borders", as his information.

The report of the Russian Foreign Ministry criticized the U.S. for the retention of the death penalty, interference in the private life of their own people, the violation of

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Decorations should be oberezhnuyu force

For social "protection" it is important that ornament caught the (confusing) view other people take him directly from the power centers. View has its own power and charge state of the individual forms, so there is glare, kind, jealous, etc. But from such a power and protect our jewelry.

Human energy that is contained in the potential (small) state has its own structure and components of which are known to us as the energy meridians and chakra system of man.

Person's energy potential always obvious though perhaps we do not realize that what we see, so we have a

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In Ukraine, because of the heat and fire forbidden forest visits

The Ukrainian government temporarily banned visits to forests and plantations due to the high risk of fire due to the steady hot weather, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov at a meeting of the pre-election congress of the ruling Party of Regions.

"In the next 10 days, the forecast meteorologist, develops fires. Government decided to close down for a visit woodlands, forests and so on. Necessary instructions given law enforcement bodies, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Civil Service Forest" — said Azarov.

He drew attention to the congress of leaders of local authorities to pay special attention to this issue. "We

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VTB outraged exposure

September 10, Monday, the site CIR, the structural unit of Henry Jackson Society, there was a report, "expose", VTB. Co-author of the document was made by the well-known Alexei Navalny. In particular, the document deals with the management of the bank questionable decisions in recent years. The document's authors pay attention to the story of the purchase of "Bank of Moscow" structural units of VTB Group, namely to repurchase its own shares from minority state-owned bank, what was installed during the IPO in 2007. Also draws attention to the scandal that has arisen around the acquisition of drilling rigs between

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Military history museums in Russia

While on location in Moscow, certainly need to look at the most famous historical monuments. Visit the Red Square and the Kremlin Capital behold. Visit famous temples and monasteries. As a place of residence, you can see the hotel next to the Municipal History Museum.

Tourists pay huge attention Military Historical Museum, which Moscow has several 10-s. Some of them can brag a rich history and a long period of existence. For example, the Central Museum of the Armed Forces was launched in the 20s of the twentieth century. In the middle 60's the museum's exhibits are

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